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Thursday, March 05, 2009

VT Hires The Mentally Impaired?

This doesn't speak well for Southwest Virginia's premier institution of "higher learning." A Virginia Tech professor of communications (no less) writes in today's Roanoke Times (see "Go low to do the Limbaugh") that ... well, I'm not really sure what the dude is trying to communicate to us.

Interminable babble about doing the limbo ("limbaugh," get it?) forty years ago. Then, suddenly, the obligatory mention of Republicans' "blatant appeals to fear, ignorance and greed" (he's obviously never heard Obama talking about impending "catastrophe" or tried to decipher a Biden speech, not to mention Crazy Al Gore and his ongoing Apocalypse Now schtick). Then a mention of his military service way back when (what?), and on to Virgil Goode ads that attacked Tom Perriello (the latter being a saint who never attacked Goode at the same time in much the same TV ads), then, finally (there is a God) some weird drivel about Karl Rove and Michael Medved doing ... the limbaugh.

A communications professor.

At Virginia Tech.

Affirmative action on display, I'd bet the farm.

Aw Shucks

"On March 13th 1938 [Nikolai Bukharin] was, along with Alexei Rykov, Genrikh Yagoda, Nikolai Krestinsky, Arkady Rosengoltz, Vladimir Ivanov, Mikhail Chernov, Grigori Grinko, Isaac Zelensky, Akmal Ikramov, Faizulla Khodjayev, Vasili Sharangovich, Prokopy Zubarev, Pavel Bulanov, Lev Levin, Ignaty Kazakov, Veyamin Maximov-Dikovsky and Pyotr Kryuchkov, found guilty “of having committed extremely grave state offences covered by articles 58-1a, 58-2, 58-7, 58-8, 58-9 and 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the R.S.F.S.R. (...) and guided by Article 319 and 320 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the R.S.F.S.R. (...) to be shot, with the confiscation of all personal property.”*

Not just executed. "Shot, with the confiscation of all personal property."

How exhilarating those show trials Stalin put on must have been.

And I had such high hopes for Grand Inquisitor Patrick Leahy too. I was so looking forward to Show Trials, USA on MSNBC, with Chris Matthews hosting.

How disappointing, though. It looks like we may have no soviet-style trials after all:
Facing the Cold, Hard Truth
By Dana Milbank, Washington Post

Let's be truthful about it: Things aren't looking so good for the Truth Commission.

Chief Pursuer of Truth Patrick Leahy cut a lonely figure yesterday as he tried to persuade the Senate Judiciary Committee to endorse his plan for such a commission to probe the Bush administration's treatment of suspected terrorists.

The sparse attendance and the jocular opposition were solid signs that the Truth Commission was foundering on the shoals of indifference. [link]
Too bad. The thought of the former heads of the CIA, the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff under Bush, Collin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, hundreds of Army and Marine officers, and the evil Dick Cheney being dragged in chains before this congressional Truth Commission (there's the oxymoron of the decade; Congress and truth?) to confess their sins, with Katie Couric providing live commentary, would have been such a hoot. MSNBC could have placed it opposite American Idol. The ratings!

And I was so looking to Show Trial III in a few years. I'm even preparing my list of Obama people who should be dragged - bound, bleeding, blindfolded - into the same Senate committee room to confess their sins.

Hell, we could make this a quadrennial extravaganza. Get the popcorn and Bud ready. This could be a hoot.

If only others in Congress besides Leahy would act on their baser instincts.

* From "The Case of Bukharin."

Like I Said

On Obama getting humiliated by the Russians his first time out, here's Charles Krauthammer:
This is smart diplomacy? This is a debacle. The Russians dismissed it contemptuously.

The Czechs and the Poles went out on a limb, exposed themselves to Russian pressure, and we have shown that Eastern Europe is not as sovereign as it appears if the Russian influence is there, and we will acquiesce in what they consider their own sphere of influence.

This administration has prided itself, flattered itself on deploying smart diplomacy. "Smart diplomacy" is a meaningless idea, but if it has any meaning at all, it is not ever doing something as humiliating, amateurish, and stupid as this.

It's Jimmy Carter all over again. I am not ready for this.

The Face Of An Abortion Provider

Thought you might like to put a face to the act of infanticide:

Oh, there is a story that goes with the mug shot. This particular "women's health provider" is in police custody on charges relating to her (allegedly) having thrown a live new-born baby in the garbage, where it quickly died.

And I can't let it go without reminding you, your tax dollars help fund this bitch.

Photo courtesy of Hot Air.