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Monday, March 16, 2009

Odd, Perhaps

The Charleston Gazette is on its high horse again:
West Virginia has Stonewall Jackson Lake, Stonewall Jackson Middle School, Stonewall Resort, Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park, a Stonewall Jackson statue on the Capitol lawn, and many others. Is it odd that so many tributes honor a general who fought against the United States in defense of slavery?
Odd? Maybe.

But not to those West Virginians who paid for and erected those monuments that honor one of America's most famous - and successful - generals in its history, one who happened to be a native West Virginian.*

I wonder: Do the holier-than-thou dunderheads at the Gazette find it "odd" that the nation's most profoundly venerated cemetery - Arlington - also has a memorial dedicated to those who fought "in defense of slavery"?

Maybe it would do them well to seek answers to such "odd" historical conundrums before passing judgment.

- - -

* I know. Clarksburg, WV was in Virginia when ol' Stonewall was born.


Unemployment in Williamsburg, Virginia, a city heavily dependent on tourism, hit 19.5% in January.

Martinsville, which often has the claim to fame of being number one in the state when it comes to layoffs and unemployment actually came in number two. At 18%.

Not good.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

According to the International Red Cross, as political an organization as any on the planet, terrorists were routinely tortured in those top-secret CIA prison camps.

See "Red Cross Described 'Torture' at CIA Jails."

Since no one from the Red Cross had never been in one of these mysterious prisons, how do they know?

They asked the terrorists in Gitmo.

And the Washington Post is aghast.

Well, so am I.

They Haven't a Clue

Noun: hyperbole hī-pûr'bə-lē
1. A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect
2. Extravagant exaggeration

- - -

The state of West Virginia ranks last of all 50 states in heart disease.

Last in a recent survey in terms of "well-being."

Last in median household income.

Last in population growth.

Last in college education rates.

Similar statistics apply to Southwest Virginia's coalfields - Wise, Dickenson, Buchanan, Russell, Tazewell - with relation to the state of Virginia:

Dead last.

So how do those compassionate souls at the New York Times respond to this heartrending situation?
Appalachia’s Agony

Mr. Obama promised to find better ways of mining coal “than simply blowing the tops off mountains.” The time to do so is now. [link]
"Appalachia's agony." Mining methods?

For the love of God.

Well, I've Got Good Taste In Movies

I participated in the Hot Air poll last night in which I was asked to name the worst "Best Picture" of the last 40 years. A list was provided to help the decision-making along. At the risk of spoiling things for you, should you wish to join in, I picked the one flick that came in number one, as chosen by all those who cast their ballots:

The English Patient.

It was boring beyond words. Interminably boring. Unwatchably boring.

There were some serious contenders, however.

Out of Africa was on the list and deserves honorable mention. If Meryl Streep ever tries to force a Dutch (German?) (Alaskan?) accent again, she should be locked up. Oh, and it was boring as well.

To my surprise, Titanic garnered a whole lot of votes. I have always rated it rather highly only because of its superb special effects (the hokey plot line notwithstanding).

Anyway, it's comforting to know that I'm not the only person who was standing in his seat, cheering for Ralph Fiennes quick demise, putting him - and many of us - out of our misery.

Were They Lying Then?

Noun: stimulus stĭm'yə-ləs
1. Something causing or regarded as causing a response.
2. An agent, action, or condition that elicits or accelerates a physiological or psychological activity or response.
3. Something that incites or rouses to action; an incentive.

- - -

Someone needs to ask Obama and his ilk in Congress: What happened to the "stimulus" plan?

Economic Advisers Warn of No Quick Turnarounds

Yeah. Yeah. I know. They "saved" 30 million jobs.

Gimme a break.

This Is Soon To Be Us

The state of Massachusetts instituted "universal health care" three years ago. Everyone there has to participate. Everyone's covered. The result?

From the New York Times:

"Alan Sager, a professor of health policy at Boston University, has calculated that health spending per person in Massachusetts increased faster than the national average in seven of the last eight years. Furthermore, he said, the gap has grown exponentially, with Massachusetts now spending about a third more per person, up from 23 percent in 1980."

And we're soon to enact a similar plan nationwide.


Chart courtesy of the New York Times

Obama Can't Be Trusted

Glenn Reynolds:

"So all this talk about U.S. gun shops arming Mexican gangs with bazookas was just gun-control propaganda, then?"

Does anyone doubt it?

A Gesture Of Love

Translation: Gesto de Amor:


Why Couldn't It Be Switzerland?

The Swiss are nice people. They mean nobody harm. They make their watches and stand on mountaintops and yodel to one another, while wearing those funny leather diaper things. They lead such innocent, non-challenging lives. Why can't we owe them $1 trillion?

But noooo.

We are in debt up to our eyeballs to people who are considered to be plotting our permanent retreat from their expanding sphere of influence. A trillion owed to the most powerful hegemon in all of Asia and the Pacific.

And the Chinese - our potential enemies - are threatening, subtly, to bring our house of cards down around our ankles.

What a mess.

John Hinderaker:
So far, China has been willing to lend us money to finance our debt--around a trillion dollars to date--and the Obama administration is counting on China to lend much more. This has been going on for a while, but for the first time, the Chinese are worried ...

Of course, what the Chinese are worried about is not that the United States government will default on its bonds. That obviously won't happen. The Chinese concern, now being expressed openly for the first time, is that the U.S. will adopt the standard debtor's remedy of inflating its currency and paying back its debts in shrunken dollars. Why are the Chinese worried about this? Because Barack Obama's budget proposes to borrow trillions of dollars, injecting them into the U.S. economy without any offsetting wealth being created. The inevitable result, as any economist not in the pay of the Obama administration or the Democratic Party will tell you, is inflation.

Barack Obama's budget contemplates that over the next five years, the federal government will borrow more money--run up more debt--than has been incurred during the entire history of the Republic, from George Washington to George Bush. It's easy to draw up a budget that contemplates debt if you're confident that someone is willing to lend you the money. In reality, though, the only plausible creditor is the Chinese. With their shot over the bow, I think the Chinese are telling Obama that they don't like his budget. It is obvious to them that it will cause inflation, even if Obama himself doesn't understand the problem.
Worst of All? There is absolutely no indication that we are going to change course, despite the misgivings of our largest creditor nation. We continue traveling down that road to oblivion, fat and happy.

May God have mercy.