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Friday, March 20, 2009

Who Knew?

Here's something I'll bet you didn't know: The biggest reason the Southern States store in Pulaski closed its doors a few years ago? The evolving local economy.

Well, duh, you say.

More particularly, there were at one time a whole slew of dairy farmers in Pulaski County - enough to support a huge feed and seed store there - and that industry has effectively disappeared in recent decades. Thus, Southern States' demise.

But, as it turns out, it appears the dairy farmers just picked up and moved to Franklin County:
Milk makers shaking
By Janelle Rucker, Roanoke Times

Boones Mill -- An economy that's taken a toll on the financial and auto industries is also putting a squeeze on one of Franklin County's largest industries.

If the price paid to dairy farmers for their products doesn't increase by midyear, some may have no option but to find a new occupation, said Beverly Cox, dairy specialist with the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

It's hard to keep their operations running when the production costs are higher than the revenue for an extended period of time. And that's what's happening.

Franklin County, the second largest milk producing county in the state after Rockingham County, has 1,043 farms, 66 of which are registered dairies. Dairy and other types of farming remain strong in Franklin County. According to the 2007 Census of Agriculture, the county gained 31 farms between 2002 and 2007. [link]
The dairy industry in Franklin County is growing. Who knew?

Let's hope conditions change such that it can continue to grow.

Otherwise those in charge will have to think about implementing "the tourism plan" there.

And there is already an abundance of McDonald's restaurants in the area.

I Think The Love Affair Is Coming To An End

We're not in the mood for it, Barry. You should have seen this coming.

In Lieu Of Legislating ...

... we get reprisal:

House Approves 90% Tax on Bonuses After Bailouts

Why not just line all of them up and shoot them?

Tomorrow expect a 90% tax on radio talk show hosts.

Then on Republicans.

"And then they came for the Jews ..."

- - -

The Washington Post:

"But elected officials have a responsibility to lead, not just to pander; to weigh what makes sense for the country, not just what feels good. The effective confiscation of legally earned and contractually promised payments may well be unconstitutional. It is almost certain to be unhelpful. The bonuses paid at AIG represent less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the bailout provided so far; recouping those funds will have no discernible fiscal effect. But it will help drive away the best talent at the firm, and despite all the glib messages of "good riddance," that is a strange action for an owner -- and the American public now owns AIG -- to take."

Quote of the Day

From Mark Steyn:

"But don't forget, folks: Somewhere in Texas a village has been reunited with its idiot, and we now have the whip-smartest administration of David Brooks' lifetime."

"Regional Power," National Review's, "The Corner," March 19, 2009

Put Down The Tar & Feathers

Here's what's been bothering me about all the mindless - and frankly quite scary - outrage over those A.I.G. bonuses: What if those who received them earned them?

A perspective to consider:
Inside AIG-FP, Feeling the Public's Wrath
By Brady Dennis, Washington Post Staff Writer

Wilton, Conn., March 18 -- A solitary flat-screen television hangs on the back wall of the trading floor inside the headquarters of AIG Financial Products here. Wednesday afternoon, the most-talked-about employees in America huddled around it to find out just how despised they have become.

They watched quietly as members of Congress referred to them as greedy and incompetent. They heard more than one demand that their names be released to the seething American public. They heard the chairman of American International Group, Edward M. Liddy, tell lawmakers that people, in e-mails sent to AIG-FP, suggested that the firm's leaders "should be executed with piano wire around their necks."

A sense of fear hung in the room -- the palpable, unsettling kind that flashes across people's eyes. But there was anger, too. No one would express it publicly, of course. Who wants to hear a wealthy financier complain? And yet, within those walls off Danbury Road lies a deep sense of betrayal -- first by their former colleagues, now by their elected leaders.

The handful of souls who championed the firm's now-infamous credit-default swaps are, by nearly every account, long since departed. Those left behind to clean up the mess, the majority of whom never lost a dime for AIG, now feel they have been sold out by their Congress and their president.

"People are trying to do the right thing," the same Financial Products executive said. "Guys have worked their [tails] off to try to get value for the taxpayer. This isn't money that's being advanced to us. People have performed the work and done it exactly as we asked them to do." [link] [my emphasis]
But, you say, how can these people expect to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars when their company produced the worst loss in human history? Perhaps because they didn't cause the disaster. Perhaps they performed as expected. Perhaps they met the obligations set forth in their contracts.

I know. You still want them all killed. It's the age in which we live. We have to have someone to hate and that woman who birthed eight kids out in California has fallen off the radar.

So go ahead. Hate them. Feel better.

Without a Shot Being Fired

I keep telling you, watch out for the Chinese:
China inoculates itself against dollar collapse
By W. Joseph Stroupe, Asia Times

There is mounting evidence that China's central bank is undertaking the process of divesting itself of longer-dated US Treasuries in favor of shorter-dated ones.

There is also mounting evidence that China's increasingly energetic new campaign of capitalizing on the global crisis by making resource buys across the globe may be (1) helping its central bank to decrease exposure to the dollar, while (2) simultaneously positioning China to make much greater profit on its investment of its reserves into hard assets whose prices are now greatly beaten down, while (3) also affording it greatly increased control of strategic resources and the geopolitical clout that goes with it. This is turning out to be a win-win-win situation for China as it capitalizes upon the important opportunities afforded it by the present global crisis. [link]
Why do I feel like a lamb being led to slaughter?

Express Your Outrage

From an email sent to Roger L. Simon:


Congressman John Murtha was recently awarded the Department of the Navy’s highest public service award for non-employees by the Secretary of the Navy. This is an outrage. As you probably know, John Murtha has been the worst of a bad lot in Congress who exploited those serving in combat for political purposes. He was the most outspoken member of Congress in aggressively attacking Marines as “cold blooded killers” who “murdered women and children” after the Haditha incident in November, 2005, BEFORE AN INVESTIGATION WAS EVEN CONDUCTED. In fact, he slandered the Marines to such an extent, and with such disregard for the truth, that one of them sued him for libel (rumor says there’s another libel suit to come soon). It is inconceivable that the Secretary of the Navy would give such an award to such a man, yet it happened not two weeks ago with muted response. I have created an online petition to express our outrage and disgust and I’m asking you to join me in signing it. Please use the link below to visit the petition and sign it; it will take less than two minutes. Additionally, please send it on to everyone you know who cares about the reputation of our active duty military and combat veterans, we can’t allow this to pass by unnoticed. Once we receive enough signatures, it will be noticed. It is essential that you forward on the link to others, it’s the only way this will generate momentum. Please take a few minutes to make sure that this petition doesn’t stop with you.

Fight Back

Semper Fi

Want to join those of us who are expressing our contempt for Murtha and disappointment in the Department of the Navy? Sign the petition here.