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Sunday, March 29, 2009

These People Are Weird

The Boy Scouts want to bring their national jamboree to Rockbridge County.


Or, not so sweet if you're an "environmentalist" living in Rockbridge County, if you have a steady income despite the fact that others may not, and if your head is stuck up your ass.

For the life of me, I don't understand what the big deal is:
Opponents of Scouts proposal speak out
By Courtney Cutright, Roanoke Times

The Boy Scouts of America set Rockbridge County abuzz last month when it announced that Goshen Scout Reservation is the top choice for its national jamboree -- an event that could bring 240,000 people to the region, ring up $100 million in investment and create dozens of full-time jobs.

But not everyone's doing a jamboree jig.

Since the Boy Scouts made the announcement, letters to the editor -- and paid advertisements -- opposing the project have appeared in the area's weekly newspapers. And an opposition group, Save Goshen Pass, has been formed.

A main question being asked: Can Goshen and Rockbridge County handle such an influx?

Jay Gilliam, a member of the opposition group, said the magnitude of the project would change the natural, rural character of the area and pose significant hazards to Maury River users downstream of the site.

One opponent, Linda Larsen, raised questions about whether the secondary roads leading to the area will be able to handle the traffic loads. Virginia 39 is "a scenic historic byway. It parallels the Maury [River]," Larsen said. "There are curves and twists and a couple of doglegs to it." [link]
Memo to Linda Larsen: Come up with a better whine. You're arguing that the jamboree should be banned from Rockbridge County because a road is twisty and curvy? And has a dogleg? Got a Complaint B?

And this Gilliam character is up in arms because some kid might pee in the river?

For the love of God.

There are a few facts one needs to consider here:

1) The jamboree is held only once every four years.

2) The jamboree is held over a 10 day period.

3) That's ten days out of every four years. Imagine the global chaos that will ensue.

4) The unemployment rate in Rockbridge County is up 141% from just two years ago (2.7% in 01/07 to 7.0% in 01/09).

5) Both environmental champions quoted in the article have gainful employment, it would appear, if 7% of their neighbors don't.

6) That 7% is no accident. From the story: "Opponents to economic development projects in the past have driven business away from the county. [O]pponents 'chased off' Nestle when the company wanted to build a water-bottling plant in the county a few years ago."

7) I wonder how these selfish twits would feel about jobs coming to their county if they were unemployed, their bellies were empty, and their children were crying out for food.

I wonder ...

I'm Not Impressed

A political reporter for the Washington Post characterizes a new biography of Ted Kennedy as being "insightful." The name of the book is "Last Lion."

One wonders just how insightful it is, knowing that the author didn't even have the insight necessary to come up with a unique title.

I Ain't Alone

David Rothkopf, writing in the Washington Post on the subject of our political leadership:
You wake up in the morning and once again the financial weather report calls for the Apocalypse followed by brief showers of despair. Seeking a ray of hope, you turn on the television and settle in to watch a Capitol Hill hearing. There in the hot seat is the man who holds the entire U.S. economy in his hands. And he looks like Harry Potter.

You listen, eager for new ideas, but somehow much of what he says seems dispiritingly predictable. Is this the best America can produce? Aren't great crises supposed to bring forth great men? Did President Obama really just compare Timothy Geithner to Alexander Hamilton? We need Roosevelt and Churchill. Even watching Obama at times, it seems that we've elected -- despite their smarts and earnestness -- a government of stumbling technocrats whose solutions either fall short or go too far. It's enough to make you want to pull the covers back over your head.
Obama has a great jump shot, though. We still have that.

Business 101

There are two things you must grasp about America's efforts to switch to some as-yet failed "alternative energy source" to replace fossil fuels.

1) Cost Works Against Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources in Time of Recession.

2) Cost Works Against Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources in Time of Growth.

Senility Is In The Eye of The Beholder

Most of America now views the hapless Joe Biden as being nothing more than that crazy old uncle in the attic.

The New York Times sees something entirely different:

Speaking Freely, Biden Finds Influential Role

That's right. Biden is "influential."

God, I hope not. Or we're all in trouble.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Remember the fad of a few years ago when all the would-be environmentalists out there decided they'd do their part in saving the planet by, uh, foregoing the Olympic size swimming pool uh, canceling the vacation in Aruba uh, moving into an 800 square foot house, which is all any family really needs going out and buying a curlicue light bulb at Wal-Mart?

What exactly were they saving again?

A report, of sorts, from Glenn Reynolds:
RELIABILITY PROBLEMS WITH COMPACT FLUORESCENT BULBS. The first batch I bought — from Feit, as in the story — was no good. The Sylvanias were so ugly that I replaced them with better-looking GE bulbs almost immediately, so who knows how they would have worked out over time. The GE versions I bought produce nice light and haven’t had any failures. On the other hand, I’ve put in over two dozen bulbs in the house, and I haven’t noticed any drop in my electric bill. With weather, etc., it’s hard to really compare, but it’s about the same as last year. That’s kind of disappointing. If you made a shift, what’s your experience been?
They're ugly, they don't work, and they don't (perhaps) save on the electric bill.

But those who got caught up in the idiocy shouldn't bemoan their failure. They were doing their part to save the planet, right? Buying those screwy light bulbs was akin to buying war bonds back in the 40's. It was the patriotic thing to do.

Just because it was a shallow, misguided, cost-ineffective, environmentally hazardous (and let's not forget goofy) notion from the git-go shouldn't disturb those who got caught up in it.

Surprise. Surprise.

Didn't the mainstream press criticize George Bush for "going it alone" and for failing to obtain global (meaning European) consensus on an array of issues, issues involving global crises that needed to be confronted?

Could it be possible that the problem wasn't Bush at all?
Obama Will Face a Defiant World on Foreign Visit
By Helene Cooper, New York Times

Washington — President Obama is facing challenges to American power on multiple fronts as he prepares for his first trip overseas since taking office, with the nation’s economic woes emboldening allies and adversaries alike.

Despite his immense popularity around the world, Mr. Obama will confront resentment over American-style capitalism and resistance to his economic prescriptions when he lands in London on Tuesday for the Group of 20 summit meeting of industrial and emerging market nations plus the European Union. [link]
Notice how the press made it out to be the opposite when Bush was president. The world loved the U.S. but hated "the cowboy." Now the world loves Obama but hates our way of life. Yet the story itself plays out the same way. The rest of the world stands in opposition to us.

What does this say about the media?

As a side note, I should mention: At least Bush tried. Get a load of the way Obama's efforts to make his plans "multilateral" are being portrayed:

"The president will not even try to overcome NATO’s unwillingness to ..."

"He seems unlikely to return home with any more to show for his attempts to ..."

"Mr. Obama is unlikely to push for ..."

Why don't you stay home and save the taxpayers a few bucks, Barry?

Oh, and then we get the reason Obama's effort is already being characterized as a failure:

"The challenges stem in part from lingering unhappiness around the world at the way the Bush administration used American power."

It's all Bush's fault.

For the love of God.

We'll Not Go Quietly Into that DARK NIGHT

In opposition to the notion that we need to live in caves, provide our children no hope for the future, and pay homage to a silly fad called Earth Hour, today we celebrate Human Achievement Hour:

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

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