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Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Abingdon Tea Party Is On!

Perhaps we shamed the town leadership into being more cooperative. Or perhaps the whole thing was one big misunderstanding/miscommunication. I don't know. And I no longer care.

The Abingdon Tea Party is on for April 15.

The following email communication went out from the organizer of the shindig - Ted Dingler - last night:
After the fiasco with the town, it has now been settled and we will be having the tea party on April 15th at 6:30 pm. It will be at the Farmers market pavilion off of Cummings Street.


If you are coming in from Rte 19, when you get to the intersection of Rte 19 and Rte 11 in Abingdon, turn left onto Rte 11 (Main Street). Stay on Main street. When you get to the post office (it will be on your right), turn right towards the old train station depot that is now the Washington County Historical Society and stay on this road. It will curve to the left and take you right to the farmers market pavilion.

Parking will be on your left.

I hope you can attend. If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me at kingsmountainmen@gmail.com. If you think you are going to attend, would you let me know just so we can get an idea of crowd size.

Hope to see you there.

Ted Dingler
Nice place to hold the rally, so you know. Lots of space for a large crowd.

If you live in the Abingdon area, your presence is requested. Your country deserves your being there. Your children, your grandchildren, as well. Let Washington County know how you feel about what the federal government is doing to their futures.

Unite. Let your voices be heard. I guarantee you, the local political establishment will be listening.

- - -

For those of you not familiar with this ongoing tale, go here for some background.

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Here's more information on the rally site.

Here's a map:

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* I'll provide photos from the event when they become available so that those who weren't able to attend can stay abreast of the events of the day.

* Map courtesy of Google Maps.

Perversion Gets Their Two Thumbs Up

Are pedophile rights human rights?

The Roanoke Times will be making the case soon, I have no doubt.


See "Gay rights are human rights."

But ... but ... but ... that's different.


It's not.

If Things Are Bad Now ...

I'm reminded this morning of a recent Bristol Herald Courier editorial about the plight of Southwest Virginia's poor as utility bills continue to climb into unaffordable territory:

Frankly, heat in the winter in Appalachia is not something anyone should do without.

Yet as hundreds, if not thousands, of customers struggle to pay their heating bills they are nearing that crossroad.

Come next winter, and under the prognostications that energy is only going to cost more, we expect many residents of the Mountain Empire will be going without, or turning to more-risky heating options.

That is an untenable formula, and certainly will lead to disaster.

Disaster? Perhaps.

But disaster for certain if Obama and his gang get their way on "climate change" legislation:

In Areas Fueled by Coal, Climate Bill Sends Chill
By Felicity Barringer, New York Times

Estimates of the effects of the proposed federal climate legislation on electric rates vary. The central thrust of the Waxman-Markey bill is to make carbon-dioxide emissions expensive by capping them and creating allowances that utilities must acquire to function.

Jaime Haro, AmerenUE’s director of asset management and trading, said his company paid $30 to produce a megawatt of electricity. The coal burned emits roughly a ton of carbon dioxide. If federal legislation effectively prices emissions at $30 a ton — estimates have varied from $20 to $115 — “my costs could double,” Mr. Haro said.

Those costs probably would be passed on to customers. [link] [my emphasis]
We have a looming "disaster" now because poor people can't afford to pay their heating bills. And Obama is hellbent on doubling everyone's heating bills. To solve a problem that doesn't exist, no less.

This goes beyond wrong. It's cruel. Cold and cruel.

Speak Into The Microphone

Why couldn't they simply accept the criticism as being deserved and move on?

But no. We now get a cockamamie response from the White House regarding Obama's shameful bow before that Muslim head of state in London last week:
White House: No bow to Saudi
By Ben Smith, Politico

The White House is denying that the president bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at a G-20 meeting in London, a scene that drew criticism on the right and praise from some Arab outlets.

"It wasn't a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he's taller than King Abdullah," said an Obama aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. [link]
Obama's taller so he had to bend completely over to talk to the king?

Please. I could have come up with a better response than that.

"Uh, yeah, the president was advised that King Abdullah likes to have people say hi to his penis before addressing him, so Obama was simply acquiescing to the monarch's wishes and was bent over addressing Little Ernie. It's customary."

Or how 'bout this?

"Because of the interference caused by the flowing headdress he wears, King Abdullah had his hearing aids installed in his penis. President Obama was simply saying hello."

"Obama's taller." They should have let well enough alone.


I think we all know that enthusiasm among the American people for more gun control has dropped in recent years. But the extent of the drop, to me, is startling. Here's a graph that plots the results of an ongoing poll conducted by the Gallup organization over the years:

The percentage of those favoring a ban on the possession of handguns has dropped from 60% (!) in 1959 to just 29% today? Remarkable.

How to account for this?

Certainly the news media haven't gradually become pro-gun and started - at some point - reporting on the private ownership of handguns in a positive way. In fact, the opposite has occurred, with the mainstream press doing everything it can over the last two decades to demonize guns and attempt to marginalize those who promote their ownership and use for defense, hunting, etc. If anything, the media are more radically anti-gun than they've ever been.

And it can't be because crime is down, although it is. Throughout much of the polling period, particularly in the 70's, crime was on a dramatic rise, yet opinions favoring a ban on handgun ownership steadily fell.

If I were to guess, I'd say it's because the American people are pretty darn smart. They were willing, in 1959, to support this type of gun control legislation if it would make a difference. But over the years, 10,000 gun laws were passed (really starting with the 1968 gun control act), laws that had no appreciable impact on the crimes they were intended to mitigate, and we began to accept the notion that - to coin a phrase - guns don't kill people, and gun laws don't stop people from killing people. Otherwise, with 10,000 laws on the books, we'd be living in Nirvana right about now.

Recent news stories in Pittsburgh, Binghamton, and parts beyond only reinforce the notion.Tthe killers who are wreaking havoc are now breaking all kinds of laws in doing so, yet the laws on the books aren't preventing them from perpetrating their evil acts. And gun control proponents playing that broken record - "We need a gun law" - find their pleas increasingly falling on deaf ears.

Take the typically hysterical editorial that appeared on Monday in the Charleston (WV) Gazette:
America's gun slaughter is worse than any other advanced nation's. Other countries have workable control laws protecting people - but not America. That's because U.S. politicians fear the powerful right-to-bear-arms lobby, and try to ignore the death toll.

[B]eing armed didn't help the three officers at Pittsburgh or the four in California.

After the latter were killed, the San Jose Mercury News said Congress should restore the ban on 19 types of assault weapons which existed in the 1990s, but was "sunsetted" by conservatives pandering to the gun lobby.

Now that the right-wing Bush mentality has lost control of Washington, we hope it's possible for the new Democratic majority to revitalize the assault weapons ban and impose other safeguards against the daily gun gore.

The "assault weapons" ban. Had it been in place, the Oakland, California police officers wouldn't have been savagely murdered, according to these geniuses. The thing that most people recognize - that these halfwits at the Gazette don't - is that despite the fact that the federal "assault weapons" ban is no longer in effect, California has the most draconian one in the country. Plus, the killer broke all sorts of other laws, including existing federal gun laws, in committing his heinous act. Plus, this asshole was an habitual offender (he was out on parole). Laws meant nothing to him.

"Gun gore." Stupid people reciting inane mantra. Because they have no other response in such situations. The American citizenry has come to understand that. And has, in large measure, rejected it. Been there; done that. It failed miserably.

- - -

For more on the most recent Gallup survey, go here.
Click on the image to enlarge it.

In Response To Calls For "A Gun Law'

Dave Workman in The Examiner:
Before the hand-wringing and whining, the hysteria and shrill demands that “somebody has got to do something,” in the wake of a particularly brutal three days that involved a mass killing in Binghamton, NY; the triple slaying of police officers in Pittsburgh, PA and the despicable murder-suicide in Graham, WA of five children by their father, it must be noted for the record that somebody already did something.

Credit all of the state legislatures around the country that made it a crime to murder people.

Richard Poplawski of Pittsburgh fatally ambushed three good cops who came to his home to investigate the disturbance that erupted after Poplawski’s dog urinated on his mother’s carpet. Somewhere during this knucklehead’s education he must have been advised that shooting people because your dog takes a squirt on the rug is not legal.

And, of course, there have been ample suggestions over the past few days that if we took all the guns away, nobody would get killed.

Somebody better tell that to Yang Xin, the 22-year-old Beijing student at Virginia Tech who was beheaded at a campus restaurant by another foreign student this past January. Didn’t hear about that one? Probably would have, had she been shot.
"We need a gun law." Yeah, that would have made all the difference.

Worth Noting

Don Kates on those who are committing all the crimes in this country, and those who aren't:

Arguments for gun control rest on deceptive claims such as National Coalition to Ban Handguns’ allegation that “most murders are committed by previously law-abiding citizens.” Americans are deluged by literally dozens of supposedly scholarly articles asserting such falsehoods — but with no supporting references. For there are none.

Notably, only 15 percent of all Americans have criminal records, yet more than 90 percent of murder suspects have a history of crime. Their criminal careers average six or more years’ length, including four major adult felonies, in addition to their often extensive juvenile records.

In sum, guns or no guns, neither most murderers nor many murderers — nor virtually any murderers — are ordinary, law-abiding, responsible adults. This conclusion is so invariably reached by homicide studies that the 1998 study by David Kennedy and Anthony Braga describes the fact that murderers are almost invariably veteran criminals as a standard “criminological axiom.” [link]

Guns don't kill people. Habitual offenders kill people.

Here's another axiom: We built more prisons in the 90's (and passed "Three Strikes and You're Out" laws) around the country and violent crime plummeted.

Gun laws? We've got plenty. We need lots more of that which actually has proven to work - prison cells.

- - -

Tellingly, the Charleston Gazette, while calling for more gun laws that have proven over and over again to fail, also calls for fewer criminals being locked up in prison. How wrong can these nitwits be?