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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Couple Of Tea Party Suggestions

Here are some suggestions being passed on to those putting the Abingdon Tea Party together. First, mine. An invitation be sent to the congressional representative from Virginia's 9th District to attend tomorrow's rally. It may be the largest in Abingdon history and it seems appropriate that he'd want to be there.

To Congressman Boucher: Announcing the arrival of the birth of Freedom!

Okay, that one is lame.

But I received another suggestion in the mail that is worth considering. It came from go-galt.org:
In coordination with the April 15th Tea Party rallies, a Send-a-Book-to-Politicians Campaign has been launched to take the message of protest directly to the legislators so that its presence can be felt in Washington DC and Governors' offices across the county. The book selected to be sent is Atlas Shrugged, because it demonstrates what comes when a government violates its citizens' individual rights instead of protecting them. Let the weight of the books received convey the measure of our displeasure with their policies.

Help get the word out that there is an organized effort to:

Be Counted ... by registering the number of books sent to the legislators.

Be Visible ... by sending these books to your politicians so that they can SEE that you do not support their current policies and proposals.

Be United ... in delivering the message that we want our individual rights and freedoms protected, not plundered.

Help insure that the April 15th protests are seen as more than just a "tempest in a teapot".
As you may know, there is an uncanny comparison to be made between the America of 2009 and that of the fictional America that Ayn Rand wrote of in 1957. An America where nothing seems to work properly any longer and all aspects of life are dominated by the politicians who made it so - the same politicians who keep promising to make things better by squeezing and squeezing the few remaining capitalists in the country, only to make it more and more ruinous.

So this is an interesting suggestion.

The most viable, though, comes from a man and wife who plan on attending the Abingdon Tax Day Tea Party tomorrow. The suggestion? That all the attendees bring a list of grievances with them to the Party and those lists be compiled into one, with everyone there being asked to sign the finished product. It would then be presented to our representatives in Washington (and Richmond), with the attendant request that the grievances be addressed.

Nice idea.

I've forwarded it to the Tea Party organizer, Ted Dingler (kingsmountainmen@gmail.com) for his consideration.

Great stuff.

Talk About a Stretch!

Follow the logic. If you can.

Omar Samaha bought ten guns at a gun show recently, to make a point.

Reema Samaha was killed by Cho Seung-hui on April 16, 2007 on the Virginia Tech campus.

Reema Samaha was Omar's sister.

Cho Seung-hui didn't purchase the guns he used from a gun show.

Therefore, we need to close the "gun show loophole."

Welcome to Washington Post logic.

Sloppy Or Calculating? You Decide.

Bob Herbert, New York Times columnist, has never been renowned for his depth of intellect or for his towering prose. Truth be known, he's simply the black guy on the Times editorial staff. Which is fine. We are in an enlightened era, after all.

Because he's a dim bulb, I rarely read his columns. When I have, most can generally be put into the file drawer marked "Standard Left-Wing Pap."

But today's offering - see "The American Way" - caught my attention with this startling non sequitur:
This is the American way. Since Sept. 11, 2001, when the country’s attention understandably turned to terrorism, nearly 120,000 Americans have been killed in nonterror [sic] homicides, most of them committed with guns. Think about it — 120,000 dead. That’s nearly 25 times the number of Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
As you might imagine, it's a column dealing with the subject of guns. Again. There are loads and loans of guns on the streets killing people on a daily basis. Blah blah blah.

I'm wondering, in reading that gem, how the editors let it go to print. 120,000 people, according to Herbert, have been killed in homicides in the USA since 9/11 (I should check that; it's probably a grossly inflated number). All of which were "committed with guns."

Oh, wait. That's not what he wrote. He used the word "most." "Most" of the homicides were committed with guns. Which means .. what?

Why use the 120,000 figure if some - many? 20%? - weren't "killed by guns"? Why not provide readers with an actual number of gun-related homicides? Because the number wouldn't be as dramatic?

How low can these guys go?.

- - -

On a related note, Bob, you've also made a gross error elsewhere in your column with this, about the horrific shooting in Pittsburgh that claimed the lives of three police officers:

"Police said they were met there by Poplawski [the murderer], who was wearing a bulletproof vest and was armed with a variety of weapons, including an AK-47 assault rifle."

Richard Poplawski didn't have an AK-47 assault rifle. Nor was one used in the incident. Nor was one confiscated from his home. Regardless what has been widely reported by similarly clueless members of your august profession.

Sloppy writing? Stupidity? Deceit?

If Bush Were President ...

... there would be howls of derision and/or condemnation coming from the mainstream press over this:

North Korea Vows to Restart Plant and Boycott Talks

Instead, the mainstream press sings Obama's praises for having finally acted against those four Somali pirates (the Washington Post goes so far as to call the rescue of that ship captain a "military victory," for God's sake) who, it turns out, were nothing more than teenaged gang members with automatic weapons.

While Rome burns ...

Ah, Yes, That'll End Their Nuclear Plans

This is so pointless, it's laughable:
U.S. May Drop Key Condition for Talks With Iran
By David E. Sanger, New York Times

Washington — The Obama administration and its European allies are preparing proposals that would shift strategy toward Iran by dropping a longstanding American insistence that Tehran rapidly shut down nuclear facilities during the early phases of negotiations over its atomic program, according to officials involved in the discussions.

The proposals, exchanged in confidential strategy sessions with European allies, would press Tehran to open up its nuclear program gradually to wide-ranging inspection. But the proposals would also allow Iran to continue enriching uranium for some period during the talks. That would be a sharp break from the approach taken by the Bush administration, which had demanded that Iran halt its enrichment activities, at least briefly to initiate negotiations. [link]
Ahmadinejad is playing for time so that he can get a few nuclear weapons built. And it's time that fools like Obama are willing to give him.

If I were an Israeli, I'd be digging a very deep hole about now. There'll be no help in stopping this madman coming from the Western world.