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Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Warm Your Heart This Morning

Check this out:


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Massive Turnout At Roanoke Tea Party Rally

Roanoke RnR has exquisite detail of the event that took place in Roanoke yesterday. Along with some great photos.

Check it out.

2000 concerned citizens in attendance. A sweeping success.

Hats off to you all. You make us proud.

Abingdon Tea Party Draws 400

Despite its shaky start, the Abingdon Tea Party protest drew an eye-popping 400 patriots yesterday, according to the Bristol Herald Courier:
Wasting Taxpayer Dollars?
By Debra McCown

Abingdon, Va. – The conservative backlash has begun.

About 400 people filled the green at the Abingdon Farmers Market and another 200 turned out at the Bristol Farmers Market Wednesday to protest massive government spending.

In the spirit of a 1773 protest during which American colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor to demonstrate their displeasure with British taxation, participants wore tea bags and talked about the sacrifices made for freedom; they said Congress and President Barack Obama’s administration are putting hard-won constitutional liberties in jeopardy.

“Today we’re sending a loud and clear message to our legislators, and our government. The message that we are sending today is that we are tired of your spending. This money comes from us … and we expect you to be frugal with every dime that you spend using our money,” said Michelle Jenkins, who spoke at the Abingdon Tea Party event to cheers and applause.

“The burden of debt is not only ours, but it is on the generations of children in our future. They have tax bills over their head before God even gives them the breath of life into their bodies. …Now that’s taxation without representation.”

The crowds in Abingdon, Bristol, Johnson City and Kingsport were among hundreds that turned out for “tax day tea parties” sponsored by a host of conservative organizations around the nation.

In Bristol, the TEA party acronym stood for “Taxed Enough Already.”

“This is taxation without deliberation, and we will not tolerate it,” said Bristol rally organizer Brian Rieck before throwing two Styrofoam coolers painted to look like boxes of tea into Beaver Creek. “We love our country, and we are here to take it back.” [link]

"This is taxation without deliberation." That's really the crux of it, isn't it? We're not anti-government. We're anti-waste and anti-corruption. And the federal government now, more than ever, represents both.

Great turnout. Great message.

Great day.

Why They Rallied

Some reactionaries yesterday dismissed the Tea Party mass protests around the country as being anti-tax, and therefore off the mark since nobody's taxes have risen appreciably - yet. But that analysis is in itself off the mark. It's not just about tax increases - those will most assuredly come later - it's about an out-of-control federal government writing checks that can't be covered, now or ever.

Tom Blumer:
On Good Friday, just ahead of Tea Party Wednesday, the Treasury Department delivered the latest news concerning Washington’s ongoing crucifixion of future generations’ financial well-being.

f spending continues at the rate seen during this year’s first six months, the government will exceed last year’s outlays on July 6.

There’s little reason to believe the spending spree will slow down.

Even in supposedly routine areas, outlays have ballooned. Here is a short list of how some departments have been hemorrhaging dollars in comparison to last year:

  • The Department of Agriculture is up $9.9 billion, or 18%.
  • Defense (which, despite its importance, is in need of serious cost control) is up $23.5 billion, or 8%.
  • Health and Human Services is up $40.6 billion, or 12%.
  • Labor Department spending has more than doubled to $52.7 billion from $25.1 billion, largely reflecting its open-wallet approach towards bailing out state unemployment insurance funds.
  • The Social Security Administration is up $24.4 billion, or close to 8%.

Then there are the new spending monsters on the block. The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) has disbursed $293.5 billion out of the $700 billion Congress authorized in early October. Much of it was “given” to banks with a (figurative) gun pointed to CEOs’ heads. There is strong evidence that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and President Barack Obama are refusing TARP repayments from larger banks that want to get out from under the government’s current and imminent onerous terms. Does anyone want to bet against the remaining $400 billion-plus being forced out to either the willing or unwilling?

Remember Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Those were the government-sponsored enterprises Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and other Democrats said were in ship shape not too long ago. Through March, Frank, Waters, et al. have “only” been wrong to the tune of almost $60 billion the Treasury has spent to shore up whatever remains of those two entities. This amount, by the way, roughly matches the worst estimates of the total losses from Enron, with one important difference: Investors and employees primarily ate Enron’s losses. Taxpayers are on the hook for Fan and Fred. Does anyone seriously think those two entities are done draining the Treasury?

Oh, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better (if it ever does). Not only has spending rocketed, but ... receipts have also fallen precipitously.

Can it be any clearer?

And these madmen haven't even begun tallying the spending they are going to be doing on nationalized health care and climate control.

The Tea Party movement is in reaction to the insanity that has gripped Washington D.C., resulting in our potential ruin if these people aren't stopped and things don't turn around.

On The Roanoke Tea Party

The Roanoke Times has the story, if not the purpose of Tea Party Day:

Hundreds protest taxes in Roanoke

It goes beyond taxes, pal. You'd do well to get with the ... times.

Still, the Times didn't trash the event or its organizers. So it's a good and fair write-up.


There Is No Alternative

As we race to develop alternative sources of energy to replace that scourge of the planet - fossil fuel - we are finding that the alternatives are as bad - ina different way - as the scourge. Got a Plan B?
Renewable Energy's Environmental Paradox
By Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson, Washington Post Staff Writers

Renewable-energy development, which the Obama administration has made a priority, is posing conflicts between economic interests and environmental concerns, not entirely unlike the way offshore oil and gas development pits economics against environment. But because of concerns about climate, many environmentalists and government agencies could find themselves straddling both sides, especially in Western states where the federal government is a major landowner.

As the push for renewable-energy development intensifies across the United States, scientists and activists have begun to voice concern that policymakers have underestimated the environmental impact of projects that are otherwise "green." [link]
Read the whole thing.

Environmentalists are tying themselves in knots trying to come up with an energy source that doesn't kill plants and animals on a large scale or doesn't take up vast swaths of real estate that, until now, belonged to the planet's little creatures that will be driven out by our infernal wind and solar machinery.

This would be entertaining if it wasn't so distracting from the hard decisions that really need to be made about oil exploration and coal reformulation.

We're hell bent on going green. May God have mercy.

'Let Them Eat Cake'

I'm looking this morning for coverage in the New York Times of the massive Tea Party rallies that took place yesterday around the country. 200,000 people demonstrating against the federal government has to be Big News, right?

Well, I guess not.

It must have gotten crowded out by the story (the second in the Times this week) about Obama's new dog.

And we're to take these people seriously?

For the love of God.

While Congress Prepares To Debate ...

... climate control, China prepares to control Planet Earth:
Deals Help China Expand Its Sway in Latin America
By Simon Romero and Alexei Barrionuevo, New York Times

Caracas, Venezuela — As Washington tries to rebuild its strained relationships in Latin America, China is stepping in vigorously, offering countries across the region large amounts of money while they struggle with sharply slowing economies, a plunge in commodity prices and restricted access to credit.

In recent weeks, China has been negotiating deals to double a development fund in Venezuela to $12 billion, lend Ecuador at least $1 billion to build a hydroelectric plant, provide Argentina with access to more than $10 billion in Chinese currency and lend Brazil’s national oil company $10 billion. The deals largely focus on China locking in natural resources like oil for years to come.

China’s trade with Latin America has grown quickly this decade, making it the region’s second largest trading partner after the United States. But the size and scope of these loans point to a deeper engagement with Latin America at a time when the Obama administration is starting to address the erosion of Washington’s influence in the hemisphere. [link]
Washington's influence is eroding? Could it have anything to do with the priorities that we've established?

Blind As A Bat

Can Obama be any more obtuse?

How does he react to yesterday's 500 protests that took place around the country that brought together perhaps hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans?

ABC News has a quote from White House press spokesman Robert Gibbs:
At the White House Tuesday, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he wasn't sure if Obama was aware of the tea parties but said the president would be using the April 15 tax filing deadline to make a point of his own.

"I think the president will use tomorrow as a day to have an event here at the White House to signal the important steps in the economic recovery and reinvestment plan that cut taxes for 95 percent of working families in America, just as the president proposed doing, cuts in taxes and tax credits for the creation of clean energy jobs," Gibbs said. [link]

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Utterly clueless.