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Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Broken Record

Every time our governor comes down here and visits an unemployment office, and talks about the tough times the area is experiencing, and tells us that he's there to support us, and that the government is going to make it all better, he gets glowing praise from the local press.

Every time.

From the Bristol Herald Courier:


Seeing the pain firsthand

On Wednesday, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine visited an unemployment office opened in response to the prolonged recession. He traveled to Danville to talk to residents at the Virginia Unemployment Commission’s Unemployment Express Office, one of six sites formed by the so-called economic crisis strike force. The new offices were opened to expand services and reduce wait times for unemployed Virginians.

Of course, hard times are nothing new for residents of Danville, who long have struggled with unemployment and underemployment. Virginia’s unemployment rate is 7.5 percent, but in Danville, it has topped that since September 2008. Danville’s unemployment rate as of February is 12.3 percent, down from 13.9 percent the month before. We support Kaine’s in-person visit to Danville, along with the additional unemployment resources for that region. [link]

Kaine is there with a government handout. Paid for by the people recently unemployed and who are now in need of it.

[Words of toadying gratitude go here].

Who Would Have Ever Guessed?

So we can come out of our bunkers now?
Outbreak in Mexico May Be Smaller Than Feared
By Denise Grady and Liz Robbins, New York Times

The swine flu outbreak in Mexico may be considerably smaller than originally feared, test results released there on Friday indicate. [link]
And now this from the Washington Post:

Mexican Officials Say Flu's Ability to Spread May Be Low

Really ...

It seems like just yesterday that we were being told:

Pandemic 'Imminent': WHO Raises Swine Flu Pandemic Alert Level to 5

Uh, well, it actually almost was yesterday. That bit of hysterium was issued by the World Health Organization just Wednesday.

But never mind. We can reopen all those hundreds of schools. And we can turn away the tens of thousands of frightened old people from our emergency rooms. And Biden can crawl out from under his desk.

Easily frightened government officials just got carried away.

As I suspected.

Obama's Doing What?

I get really confused about this whole hope and change thing. I thought Bush's (Cheney's!) military-courts-for-terrorists thingie was a really bad idea. At least that's what Barack Obama told us not long ago.

So it ain't bad anymore?
U.S. May Revive Guantánamo Military Courts
By William Glaberson, New York Times

The Obama administration is moving toward reviving the military commission system for prosecuting Guantánamo detainees, which was a target of critics during the Bush administration, including Mr. Obama himself.

Officials said the first public moves could come as soon as next week, perhaps in filings to military judges at the United States naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, outlining an administration plan to amend the Bush administration’s system to provide more legal protections for terrorism suspects.

Continuing the military commissions in any form would probably prompt sharp criticism from human rights groups as well as some of Mr. Obama’s political allies because the troubled system became an emblem of the effort to use Guantánamo to avoid the American legal system. [link]
But this will be Obama's "unconstitutional" tribunal. So most leftists, including those on the Supreme Court, and at the Washington Post, will be just fine with it.

I'm trying to understand why ...

So Obama Was Going To Take Us Beyond 'Race'

Regarding the soon-to-be vacant seat on the Supreme Court, did anyone ever doubt that this would be the case?

White Men Need Not Apply

Obama. Hope. Change. Yada. Yada. Yada.

Let It Be Known

Barring circumstances that suggest that Obama has nominated a subversive or a fugitive from the law, I support his nominee to replace David Souter on the Supreme Court, whoever he or she will be. He won the election, after all. And it comes with the territory.

Oh, and I'm not like all those whining, sniveling Democrats who blindly opposed anything/everything a president from the opposition party proposed.

An unqualified racist sexist? Fine by me.

You wanted 'em. You got 'em.

I Don't Know

While the Obama administration and his press want you to believe that the recession is showing signs of bottoming out, I'm having great difficulty finding those signs. They sure aren't in these numbers:
Factory orders drop 0.9 percent in March
Factory orders tumble larger-than-expected 0.9 percent in March with shipments also down
By Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer

Washington (AP) -- Orders to U.S. factories fell a larger-than-expected 0.9 percent in March, while factory shipments dropped for a record eighth consecutive month. The report was further evidence of the severity of the recession.

The Commerce Department's reported decrease exceeded the 0.6 percent fall that economists had predicted. Shipments of manufactured products tumbled 1.2 percent, an eighth consecutive decline. It marked the longest such stretch of declines on records dating to 1992. [link]
Couple that bit of wonderful news with this:
Consumer spending down 0.2 pct in March
Associated Press

Washington, D.C. - Consumer spending fell for the first time in three months while income growth slipped for a second straight month, indicating that the economy is still struggling to emerge from the recession.

The Commerce Department reported Thursday that consumer spending dropped by 0.2 percent in March, worse than the 0.1 percent decline that economists had expected.

Incomes, reflecting the continued massive wave of layoffs, dropped by 0.3 percent, worse than the 0.2 percent dip that had been expected. [link]
Incomes are down. Consumer spending falls. Factory orders continue to tumble. And Obama finds a light at the end of that tunnel? I don't see it.

Would You Buy A Car From These People?

There's a story in the news this morning that made me think of something. The story:
Auto sales plunge to near 30-year lows
By Ben Klayman, Reuters

Chicago (Reuters) - U.S. auto sales fell 34.4 percent in April as the industry held near the lowest levels in nearly 30 years and closed out the month with Chrysler LLC filing for bankruptcy protection.

The talk of bankruptcy surrounding Chrysler and General Motors Corp, which faces similar pressures, only spooked consumers last month and led to weaker-than-expected industry results, executives and analysts said. [link]
Ah, yes. Consumer confidence.

I can proudly tell you that, over the years, a good 90% of the vehicles that Paula and I have purchased have been made in a GM factory. Right now I own three GM products. And I've been pleased with most every one of them.

But I'm wondering: If the plan that seems to be taking shape goes into effect, with the UAW and the government owning the lion's share of the company, would it be smart to ever purchase one again?

Cars made in factories that are run by unions and the government.

How much do I value my life?