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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ya Think?

This seems so obvious that I'm rather bemused by the fact that someone thought it necessary to be put to paper:
McAuliffe's Background Could Prove A Liability
By Amy Gardner, Washington Post Staff Writer

Terry McAuliffe has a simple message for Virginia: Elect him governor this year and he will bring jobs, because he has more business experience than anyone else in the race.

Yet McAuliffe's business pedigree is not so simple. He is a dealmaker who made millions from investments. And many of his biggest deals came in partnership with prominent donors and politicians, creating a portrait over the years of a Washington insider who got rich as he rose to power within the Democratic Party.

McAuliffe is, at his core, a salesman -- and even called himself a "huckster" in his autobiography. [link]
Virginians know this "huckster" all too well. He's the kind of slimy politician that nearby Washington D.C. reeks of. The kind of politician who wants to bring into our fair commonwealth that which represents the worst that national politics has to offer - backroom deal-making, sleaze, unearned wealth, a too-slippery-by-half autobiography, low friends in high places, thriving off of the misery of others, an unquenchable thirst for power.

This slimeball thinks we need him as our governor. Right. Like we cry out for a hemorrhoid.

Birds Are Singing. Flowers Are Blooming.

What a difference one election can make:
Voices Reflect Rising Sense of Racial Optimism
By Susan Saulny, New York Times

In dozens of interviews in seven states over the last several days, black men and women like Mr. Sallis said they were feeling more optimistic about race relations than even a year ago, when Mr. Obama emerged as a serious presidential contender after a string of primary and caucus victories. Many whites said they were feeling better, too, expressing an invigorated sense of openness toward people of other races. [link]
How heartwarming.

Of course, when Obama loses his bid for reelection in 2012 - solely because he ceded the world to the terrorists and made a shambles of the American monetary system - we'll all become racist, redneck, knuckle-dragging, white sunsabitchas again.

As sure as the grass will grow, as sure as the Sun will rise ...

How Disappointing

THE PANDEMIC. There are government-types around the country - and the world - who make a sweet living off such things. That being the case, I'm sure they are not appreciating the latest swine flu news:

No Signs of Sustained Global Spread of Swine Flu

Too bad. They were so hoping for a devastating global pandemic that would make their otherwise useless existences worthwhile.

Stirring The Hornet's Nest

Dennis Miller, talking with Bill O'Reilly, gives Obama a tongue-lashing for having heaped scorn (in a town hall meeting in Missouri) on the people - concerned Americans all - who joined in the tea party protests that took place across the country a few weeks ago.

"Listen, you don't have to make fun of them, man. If you want to think us the fools, and if you want to look at me and look at those people and think us the fools, trust me, my friend, you're not bringing anybody together. I sit there and I see that and I say, What's that all about, pal?"

In Miller's own words:

Barack Obama, the uniter. I'll bet some people still believe that.

Click on the triangle to activate.

Bush '41 Couldn't Have Made a Worse Pick

While we have concentrated over the years on the utterly awful recommendation made by New Hampshire Senator Warren Rudman to then-President George HW Bush, a recommendation that led to the seating of extreme liberal David Souter on the Supreme Court, there is another side to the story that is just as regrettable. Souter had no business being there.

Ed Morrissey:

Conservatives love to aim ire at Souter for being a liberal after George H. W. Bush’s appointment, but that’s much less Souter’s issue than Poppy’s, and John Sununu’s. Liberals love his reliable vote. Other than that, what has Souter added to the court? The rest of his colleagues have written memorable, quotable opinions, in the majority and the minority. Even John Roberts, who just joined the court, has established a track record of intellectual heft, and Alito has begun to do so.

In reviewing almost two decades on the Supreme Court, David Souter appears to have carved out a career as a Supreme non-entity. Even in the decision that created the most personal attention for him, the Kelo eminent-domain decision, the attention didn’t come from any brilliant Souter erudition on the topic but from an effort to have his home confiscated under Kelo by people in New Hampshire in order to make a point.

Can anyone point to anything significant done by David Souter over the last 19 years, other than show up?

A fitting epitaph: He showed up.

While the mainstream press tries mightily to sing his praises, in truth Souter was a gross mediocrity. Thanks - again - President Bush and Senator Rudman.

And sayonara, Da ... What was his name again?

A Good Man. A Good American.

God didn't make a better conservative:
Jack Kemp, football star and politician, dies
By Matt Apuzzo and Carolyn Thompson, Associated Press Writers

Washington – Jack Kemp, the former pro quarterback who turned fame on the gridiron into a career in national politics and a crusade for lower taxes, has died of cancer at age 73.

Family spokeswoman Marci Robinson said Kemp died shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday, surrounded by his family. Kemp died at his home in Bethesda, Md., in the Washington suburbs, friends said.

Kemp's office announced in January that he had been diagnosed with an unspecified type of cancer. By then, however, the cancer was in an advanced stage and had spread to several organs, former campaign adviser Edwin J. Feulner said. He did not know the origin of the cancer. [link]

Something of a wonk who could put you to sleep when he got to expressing his beliefs, Kemp was still a great champion of fiscal conservatism.

Its a sad commentary that the tenets he espoused and lived by are so incompatible with that which is playing out in Washington these days. Had the small-minded politicians there heeded his admonitions, we might not be in ever-worsening peril.

Jack Kemp, dead at 73. May God be good to him.

On This We Agree

I couldn't agree more with the thrust of this article in the New York Times:
Seeking to Save the Planet, With a Thesaurus
By John M. Broder

Washington — The problem with global warming, some environmentalists believe, is “global warming.”

The term turns people off, fostering images of shaggy-haired liberals, economic sacrifice and complex scientific disputes, according to extensive polling and focus group sessions conducted by ecoAmerica, a nonprofit environmental marketing and messaging firm in Washington.

Instead of grim warnings about global warming, the firm advises, talk about “our deteriorating atmosphere.” Drop discussions of carbon dioxide and bring up “moving away from the dirty fuels of the past.” Don’t confuse people with cap and trade; use terms like “cap and cash back” or “pollution reduction refund.” [link]
"Cap and cash back." Right. That'll sway the masses.

Trying my best to get beyond that bit of idiocy, I agree that a name change is in order.

I have a better idea than "Pollution reduction refund." Let's call it what it is: An effort to transfer wealth from those who produce to those in government.

It is that and nothing more. A tax. The sooner you get your arms around that concept, the quicker you'll be able to understand what this global warming shakedown is all about.

So why do these scammers want to get away from "global warming"? Because it isn't warming. And they know it.

Frightened Children

On any given day there are thousands of cases of the flu arising somewhere in the world.


Every day.

That's why this New York Times headline is both laughable and pathetic at the same time:

Spain Hits 20 Swine Flu Cases, Most in Europe

In the length of time that it has taken me to post this weblog entry, more than 20 people somewhere have come down with other forms of influenza. Some more serious. None connected to pigs. None, therefore, that'll make the New York Times.

For the love of God.