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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Age In Which We Live

If the victims were gay or black, this would be considered a hate crime. But no. They're only Jews:

Police: Wesleyan suspect targeting school, Jews

Suppose MSNBC's enlightened liberal Rachel Maddow will devote a show to this story?

Naaahhh. Only Jews. Only Jews.

I Don't Know

Can too much be made of a few local election results up in rabidly liberal northern Virginia? You decide:
What Republicans Can Learn From Last Night's Results in Alexandria
By Jim Geraghty, The Corner

As mentioned earlier, last night a Republican and a Republican-endorsed independent won two of six seats on the Alexandria, Va., City Council, the first ones elected to the city's governing board since 2000.

The city-council race was actually the fourth recent contest in which Northern Virginia Republicans overperformed, in a region that went heavily for Barack Obama last fall.

"People are fired up this morning — last night, they saw victory is possible," [Michael Ginsberg, chairman of the Eighth Congressional District Republican Committee] concluded. [link]
Read the whole thing.

I've always been of the opinion that much of the reason for Republican losses in the commonwealth in recent years has to do with the poor to mediocre candidates that the GOP put before us (Jim Gilmore being the exception).

But is there some tide coming back in to shore that will bring the GOP back to prominence and make Virginia red again?

Convince me.

Obama Opposes Child Literacy!

I had to chuckle the other day when I saw that commercial on television - put out by a union front group - that portrayed Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell as being unwilling to help the jobless in their time of need. A snippet:

"No gas, no relief for thousands of Virginia's unemployed because Bob McDonnell helped lead the fight to reject $125 million in federal unemployment."

Ya gotta love it.

Well, two can play that game:

From on High:

"Barack Obama is this day abandoning those most in need of our help - our children - many of whom have reading disabilities and are faced with the prospect of poverty and lifelong misfortune, Why? Because he's more concerned about the welfare of Wall Street bankers and speculators than about America's most at-risk population - our children. How low can this wicked man stoop?"

From today's Washington Post:
Obama's Budget Knife Yields Modest Trims
By Lori Montgomery and Amy Goldstein, Washington Post Staff Writers

President Obama has said for weeks that his staff is scouring the federal budget, "line by line," for savings. Today, they will release the results: a plan to trim 121 programs by $17 billion, a tiny fraction of next year's $3.4 trillion budget.

Administration officials said Obama ... wants to do away with Even Start, a program created in the late 1980s to promote literacy for young children and their parents. [link]
How heartless. How cruel. Obama, in order to save a few pennies that will be handed over to rich fat cats on Wall Street, is sentencing thousands of America's children to a life of illiteracy and doom. May he hang his head in shame.

This is kinda fun, isn't it?

If a Tree Falls In The Woods and ...

So how effective is that union/Democrat front group - "Common Sense Virginia" - at turning Bob McDonnell's wildly popular image against him? If a recent visit to Bristol is any indication, the AFL-CIO would do itself a favor and give that money back to the union members who could really use it about now.

From the Bristol Herald Courier a few weeks ago:
Video Crew Finds Few McDonnell Complaints in Bristol
By David McGee, Staff Writer, Bristol Herald Courier

Bristol, Va. – The reception to a campaign critical of Virginia GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bob McDonnell was as chilly Wednesday as the weather outside the Virginia Employment Commission office.

Armed with a video camera and plenty of questions, political operatives Yoni Cohen and Elliot Vice from Arlington, Va., are crisscrossing the state in a rented minivan, recording interviews with people looking for work or signing up for unemployment benefits.

Of about a dozen people the pair approached outside the local unemployment office, only one man agreed to speak on camera – and that occurred after the Bristol Herald Courier left.

The pair’s “Bob’s Not for Jobs, Bob’s Not for You Tour” criticizes the former attorney general and the Republican-controlled House of Delegates’ recent vote to reject $125 million in federal funds designed to bolster state unemployment benefits.

Their interviews are scheduled to be posted to a Web site run by Common Sense Virginia, a new political action committee.

The pair works for the PAC, which claims to be independent but has as its stated goal to educate citizens about the “real” McDonnell. [link]
This pair of paid whiners couldn't find anyone willing to complain about Bob McDonnell. Sweet.

Its stated goal [is] to educate citizens about the 'real' McDonnell"? I think it would be of service to a better informed electorate if we found out who the "real" Common Sense Virginia is and why its operatives are down here pestering the good citizens of Southwest Virginia.

6th District Candidate Does Have a Resume

A commenter yesterday brought to our attention the fact that A. Carol Pratt, 6th District challenger for the House of Delegates has a somewhat impressive background (if not in government). I was led to believe that she was simply a retired dentist. Here's what Blue Commonwealth tells us about her background (one I'll be doing some checking on, of course):
• 57-years old;
• Retired Pulaski Dentist;
• Served on Board of Directors of Cardinal Bankshares in Floyd, VA;
• Served on the board of directors of Pulaski Community Hospital;
• Served on the Virginia Small Business advisory board;
• Served on Virginia Economic Development Partnership Board of Directors;
• Served on the Commonwealth's Board of Health;
• Works currently with the National Rural Health Association.
There you have it.

Now, let the games begin.

Goodbye. Good Riddance.

Tears are being shed this morning over the defection of Arlen Specter to the Democratic Party.

Tears of joy.

Quote of the day: "I conclusively misspoke.”

It don't get better than this.

Bush Is An Idiot. Yada. Yada.

There was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including several from France and the U.S. During a break, one of the French engineers came back into the room saying "Have you heard the latest dumb stunt that Bush has pulled? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intend to do, bomb them?"

A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly: "Our carriers have three hospitals on board that can treat several hundred people; they are nuclear powered and can supply emergency electrical power to shore facilities; they have three cafeterias with the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day, they can produce several thousand gallons of fresh water from sea water each day, and they carry half a dozen helicopters for use in transporting victims and injured to and from their flight deck.

We have eleven such ships; how many does France have?"

You could have heard a pin drop.

Quote of the Day

From George Will:

Obama overflows with advice for Americans who he thinks need admonitions such as "wash your hands when you shake hands" and "cover your mouth when you cough." He also advises that this is a good time for Americans to put their hygienic hands on the steering wheel of a new car. He hopes buyers will choose American cars. A sensible person might add: Buyers should choose cars made by the Ford Motor Co.

This is so because Ford has, so far, avoided becoming an appendage of the government. And because the national interest will not be served by GM and Chrysler flourishing. It might cost taxpayers more in the short run, but in the long run it will be less costly for the country if the government finds its confident plunge into industrial policy so unpleasant that, sadder but wiser, the incumbent professors and others will flee from such adventures in extracting sunbeams from cucumbers.

"Sunbeams From Cucumbers," Washington Post, May 7, 2009

Life. Liberty. Property.

"Guns don’t kill murderers, people kill murderers."

As One Might Have Guessed

The people who demand that you believe the globe is warming - despite all evidence to the contrary - are the same people who want you to believe that a Toyota Prius hybrid can get 100 miles to the gallon.

We should have known. As it turns out, preliminary data are rolling in and the jewel in the crown of alternative fuel automotive technology might get half that.

The not-exactly-startling news:
Plug-In Hybrids: More Hype Than Hope?
By Scott McCredie, Wired.com

Seattle has outfitted more than a dozen Toyota Prius hybrids with new plug-in technology to squeeze even better fuel efficiency from the eco-wonder.

City officials were intrigued by data suggesting they could cut their fuel consumption in half by using batteries charged directly from the grid. If claims are to be believed, drivers would routinely see 100 mpg using readily available battery packs installed in the trunk.

Just over a year after performing the conversions, the city says it is thrilled with the cars. The plug-in Prius hybrids have used less gas and emitted less CO2 than their conventional counterparts. But the tests also have put a big dent in the plug-in promise.

Having racked up some 17,000 miles, the plug-in Prius hybrids are averaging just 51 mpg. That's raising uncomfortable questions about the value and effectiveness of plug-in technology, even as President Obama pledges to have 1 million of them on the road by 2015.

"Getting 51 miles per gallon sounds fine compared to most gas cars," railed Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat. "But it's a black eye for a technology that trumpets it will get twice that."

Greentrepreneurs routinely cite 100 mpg as the new benchmark for eco-conscious drivers, and even Wired magazine touted the figure in a cover story last year. But it's more than a psychologically comforting number. It's a figure we can achieve with current technology, proponents argue. Even President Barack Obama became a cheerleader when he recently told Jay Leno on the Tonight Show that "it's spectacular what is being done now with plug-in hybrids. And potentially we could see cars getting 150 miles to a gallon of gas."

Such claims are not exactly false: Careful drivers have achieved 100 mpg behind the wheel of plug-in hybrids. But the Seattle fleet test, and others like, suggest that "real world" may be far smaller. [link]
So how do proponents explain this? According to the article, Seattle drivers are accused of stomping on the gas too often, like teenagers, driving the mpg numbers down. I kid you not.

And they also tell us that the globe is warming ...

President Or Generalissimo?

Who gives Obama the right to abrogate legal contracts? Not the voters. And certainly not the Constitution. So where does he get off trying to force Chrysler creditors to forget what's contractually owed to them and to accept the terrible union-backed deal?
Obama Policy as Bankrupt as Chrysler
By John Berlau, Human Events

As Tom Lauria, an attorney representing some of the creditors, said in an interview on Detroit radio station WJR (transcribed by the Media Research Center’s Newsbusters.org): “My clients bought a position in the Chrysler capital structure that entitles them to be paid ‘first dollars out.’ That is, they're to be paid 100 cents of what they're owed before any junior creditors get a penny.”

But forget these contracts, Obama says, because these creditors were "a group of investment firms and hedge funds” and “I stand with Chrysler’s employees and their families and communities."

But even if it is now permissible in Obama’s America to ignore valid contracts if they only benefit rich folks, the president’s logic still fails in this situation, because many of these investment firms and hedge funds manage money on behalf of other ordinary “families and communities.” As Financial Times columnist John Gapper explains, “[S]ome of these “speculators” inconveniently manage money on behalf of pension plans and endowments, rather than rapacious rich people.”

Indeed, one of the holdout creditors is Colorado-based Oppenheimer Funds, which manages 401(k)s, IRAs, and colleges savings vehicles such as 529 plans. In a statement, Oppenheimer explains that it “rejected the Government’s offers because they unfairly asked our fund shareholders to make financial sacrifices greater than those being made by unsecured creditors.”
As the light of day shines down on the Obama-UAW deal, as we learn the particulars of their proposal and the tactics being used to force it down investors' throats, expect to see a growing amount of resistance. Defiance even.

No president is granted the authority to create law or set rules that violate existing contract law. This one may, by looking at magazine covers each week, think he does. But he doesn't. He's a citizen, just like us. Just a citizen. No more. No less.

The World Turned Upside Down

It's always the conservatives who are accused of pushing their social agenda down our throats, right? But do they really? Or do they forever find themselves responding to liberals' efforts to reform our society and, having done so, get accused of ... pushing their social agenda down our throats?

With the country in the throes of economic recession and the government spinning out of control, what are the latest hot-button political issues to hit the news?

Gay marriage in Maine.

Marijuana legalization in California.

"Yeah, but those are different. Those social issues are good social issues ..."

It would do you well to remember this next time some idiot accuses us of shoving anything down anyone's throat.

I'm Sure I Saw His Lips Move

This is Obama's brain on drugs:
Details thin on stimulus contracts
By Matt Kelley, USA TODAY

Washington — Although President Obama has vowed that citizens will be able to track "every dime" of the $787 billion stimulus bill, a government website dedicated to the spending won't have details on contracts and grants until October and may not be complete until next spring — halfway through the program, administration officials said. [link]
Oh, whatever. So he did promise. I trust the government to spend that money wisely. Don't you?