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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Living In a Vacuum

I have this vision of editorial writers for the Washington Post never leaving the comforting confines of the office and never venturing out into the real world. Why? They signal such a cloistered lifestyle by writing jaw-dropping, woefully detached stuff like this:
Bump Up the Gas Tax

One-third of the country's roads are in poor or mediocre condition, a problem that's particularly acute in cities.

The stimulus package approved in February will inject needed dollars into state transportation funds, but it's hardly a panacea. The package doles out $27 billion for highways nationwide, a fraction of the $166 billion the federal government should be investing. Maryland received $431 million for highways, Virginia close to $700 million. That sounds like a lot, but each state recently cut roughly $2.2 billion from its six-year transportation funding plan because of the economic downturn. The percentage of roads rated as poor in the Washington area rose from 25 percent in 2004 to 31 percent to 2007; stimulus spending will barely slow the deterioration.

The solution in the near term, as this page has argued, is to raise the gasoline tax. The 18.4-cents-a-gallon federal gas tax hasn't risen since 1993 ...

Hardly anyone welcomes higher gas prices. But Bob Chase, head of the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance, estimates that a 10-cent increase in the gas tax would cost Virginians an average of $60 a year. [link]
$800,000,000,000 in stimulus - the primary purpose of which was to invest in "shovel-ready" transportation projects - isn't enough. We need more. And more. And ...

Besides, that $60 is such a paltry sum. Hell, these guys spend that much at lunch each day.

But for the family in Southwest Virginia that has been thrown out of work because the economy went south and the factory went east, sixty dollars is a lot of money. An amount that could keep them from being able to obtain work. An amount that could take food off the table. An amount that will keep them off the roads that - these guys tell us - are in such need of repair.

As I recall, these jokers at the Post were for the SCHIP tax too, which is now the law of the land. (Thanks, Obama, for that tax cut you promised).

That one, so you know, hit the poorest among us hardest as well. Not that the elite snobs at the Post care. They have gainful employment. The poor? Let them eat cake. We are, according to a group whose sole purpose in life is to obtain additional funding for transportation projects, in desperate need of additional funding for transportation projects.

The world is in the throes of a severe recession. And the cloistered monks at the Washington Post hope to make it worse.


Dick Cheney Still Drives 'em Nuts

I've had the same reaction to all the hysteria over a couple of TV and print interviews with former Vice President Cheney that Bill O'Reilly had. Wow!
Unchaining Cheney

Dick Cheney is unleashed! After eight years of being nearly invisible to the media, the former vice president has come forth bearing wrath. He is a man on a mission, an angry messenger. Very simply, Mr. Cheney thinks the Obama administration is putting the United States in danger by dismantling the Bush anti-terror programs.

The reaction on the left has been just short of hysterical, with personal attacks on Mr. Cheney all day long. At the White House Correspondents' Association dinner last week, comedian Wanda Sykes said she advised her kids to get in a car with strangers rather than with Mr. Cheney.

Writing for the New York Times, Maureen Dowd spoke for many liberals when she called Mr. Cheney, among other things, "batty" and "jejune" (lacking value). Miss Dowd's disdain poured out as she described the former vice president's "Genghis Khan side," his "numbskull ideas" and his "nasty campaign of fear and loathing."

As best I can tell, the left is growing desperate because it is losing.

So the vengeance-minded far left is bereft. It wants to "get" former President George W. Bush and Mr. Cheney, but their dreams of revenge show trials are vanishing quicker than MSNBC's ratings.

To make matters even worse, Mr. Cheney may be the one getting revenge. [link]
O'Reilly singles out that Sykes buffoon and a New York Times columnist but he could easily have quoted a host of other leftists both at the Times and the Washington Post. Not to mention the loons in the blogosphere. To call it hysteria is to put it mildly.

The reaction from these reactionaries is rather startling. You'd think Cheney wields some kind of power or something, instead of his being a simple retiree.

To me, that reaction says a lot about the strength of their convictions. Or lack thereof.

Keep at 'em. Dick. Make 'em howl.

Behind Notre Dame's Obama Invitation

This, I suppose, shouldn't be a shock to learn. It is, but it shouldn't be:
Booing Notre Dame
Washington Times editorial

President Obama is speaking and receiving an honorary degree at the University of Notre Dame's graduation ceremony on Sunday. The university has been moving to the left for years but had managed not to isolate its conservative Midwestern alumni and the Catholic Church's hierarchy. That luck has run out for the Irish.

The Rev. John I. Jenkins, president of Notre Dame, remains defiant about honoring Mr. Obama and said last month, "We're just so proud to have him." The priest's own associations place him further at odds with his church. Father Jenkins is a member of the board of directors of Millennium Promise, an organization ostensibly organized to fight poverty. A closer look exposes a darker agenda. One of Millennium Promise's major initiatives is Millennium Villages, a joint project with the United Nations Development Program and Columbia University's Earth Institute that promotes "reproductive rights" as a solution to poverty in the Third World, especially in Africa.

In a chapter on "Maternal and Child Health" in the June 2008 Millennium Villages Handbook, one of the organization's "core interventions" is listed as "abortion services." Father Jenkins refused to comment to The Washington Times ..." [link]
So does Rev. Jenkins support the abortion industry? It's worth finding out. The Catholic Church is making a rebound these days and doesn't need to destroy itself from within with liberal leaders - a la the Episcopal Church USA - trying to take the congregation where it will not go.

What Are We Doing?

Well, I figured my job would eventually be exported to China ...

... but my tax dollars???
Chinese imports could bring GM political troubles
By Tom Krisher, Associated Press

Detroit (AP) - As thousands of General Motors workers await word on more U.S. plant closures, reports that the company plans to import Chinese-made vehicles to the U.S. have created a political problem for the automaker and the White House.

The reports, which GM will neither confirm nor deny, could mean trouble because GM is supported by $15.4 billion in U.S. government loans, largely due to the Obama administration's desire to preserve the company's 90,000 U.S. jobs.

The United Auto Workers charged last week that the Detroit automaker intends to almost double over the next five years the number of vehicles it imports to the U.S. from Mexico, South Korea, China and Japan.

"GM should not be taking taxpayers' money simply to finance the outsourcing of jobs to other countries," Alan Reuther, the union's Washington lobbyist, wrote in a letter to U.S. lawmakers. [link]
The folks at GM would have been smart to divorce themselves from the UAW long ago. But now, with millions of American tax dollars having gone into keeping the company afloat, only to find that money going to China, the question needs to be asked: What/Who are we bailing out here?