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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meet The Next Governor

Anne B. Crockett-Stark wanted me to post an invitation to her constituents in the area:
Dear Friends,

If you are free today and looking for something fun to do, come to the Bland County Fairgrounds May 23 at 3:00 p.m. and visit with me and Bob McDonnell, Candidate for Governor.
I'm going to try to make it but I'll be cutting it close. Today's a work day.

Could be fun indeed. I've not met either of these two and it's time I did. I'll let you know how it goes.

Well, Boucher Did It

He voted to kill jobs and destroy the coal industry here in Southwest Virginia:
Climate bill clears House committee'
By Lisa Lerer, Politico

A controversial climate-change bill cleared a key hurdle on Thursday night, passing the House Energy and Commerce Committee by a 33-25 vote.

The 932-page bill imposes dramatic cuts on greenhouse-gas emissions and creates a cap-and-trade system requiring power plants, manufacturers and other polluters to buy emissions allowances.

Rep. Rick Boucher, who represents Virginia coal country, said he planned to vote for the proposal last week, a signal that the bill would be backed by a geographically diverse coalition of Democrats. [link]
To their credit, four Democrats on the committee voted against this job killer. None of whom are in districts that will be affected as greatly as Boucher's.

What to think? Our congressman has been in Washington too long, likes his smooth digs, and has written off Southwest Virginia.


Maybe this is why Boucher caved.

Political intimidation from the whacko environmental left:

These people useful idiots blocked his Congressional office on Thursday and forced Capitol police to arrest fifteen of them. Intimidation is their game. On Boucher, it seems to be working.

Maybe the next Abingdon tea party should be held outside his office if the organizers want to get his attention. He seems to be cowed easily.

- - -

To see where this "climate change" bill is headed and to glimpse the future if these people aren't stopped, the sign behind the large banner says it all:


- - -


Boucher Isn't The Only One Willing To Kill Jobs

Is this climate tax scheme so alluring that it spans continents and knows no borders? Seems so:
How to kill 66,000 jobs
By Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

Mitch Hooke, head of the Minerals Council of Australia, is amazed the Senate is voting on the Rudd Government’s emissions trading scheme without knowing how many people will lose their jobs where and when:

While the Government describes its Treasury modelling as the most comprehensive ever attempted, the analysis provides no forecasts on the sectoral or regional employment impacts over the first decade of the CPRS. None at all.... This is economic policy-making with a blindfold on…

So we asked Australia’s most experienced economic forecaster—Brian Fisher—to assess the impact on employment in the sector that produces about 50per cent of Australia’s exports. Fisher—a former executive director of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics—used the same Treasury assumptions and the same data sources used in the Treasury modelling. Unlike the Treasury, he took into account the global financial crisis…

The CPRS scheme will shed 23,510 jobs in the minerals sector by 2020 and more than 66,000 by 2030. These are direct jobs. All minerals sectors will be affected… No state, or the Northern Territory, will be spared…

You can add to these numbers the jobs of the council workers, the school teachers, the nurses, gardeners, and employees in the hundreds of small businesses in the towns and communities that service these mining regions. Not surprisingly, I consider these numbers should prompt a Government re-think of its CPRS legislation. [link] [bold in the original]
Maybe the politicians do, in fact, know how many jobs will be killed by the legislation and they just don't want the people who will be affected to know.

66,000 jobs destroyed in a country with the population the size of Australia's is staggering.

White House Knows Boucher Is In Trouble

There is no clearer indication that Washington politicians know and appreciate the fact that Rick Boucher abandoned the people of Southwest Virginia to its fate and sided with environmental special interest lobbyists and tax enthusiasts by voting in favor of that anti-coal, anti-jobs "climate change" bill than this.

Obama had one of his boys call the Roanoke Times yesterday to try to cushion the blow that is surely - and deservedly - going to come down on him like an avalanche:
White House lauds Boucher
By Mason Adams, Roanoke Times

No one in The Roanoke Times newsroom could remember a time that the White House called, unsolicited, to offer comment.

That happened on Friday morning, sending several signals: There is a new media relations/political strategy on Pennsylvania Avenue, and the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 is a big deal.

After the story broke in Friday's edition about the House Energy and Commerce Committee passing the bill, a White House spokeswoman called The Roanoke Times to set up an interview with a Cabinet member, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

LaHood quickly gave praise to U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Abingdon, whose 9th Congressional District is coal-rich with much at stake with the legislation. It would create a national "cap-and-trade" program to require power plants, oil refineries and manufacturers to obtain allowances for the pollution they emit. Those who need more or less could turn to a Wall Street-like market in the allowances.

"I want to give a shout out to Rick Boucher," LaHood said. "It was unclear going into the hearings how Rick was really going to vote on this. His support means a lot to the administration. [link]
Boucher wins praise in Washington. Like the good lapdog that he's always been.

I guess it is at this point that we are supposed to be in awe.

If only he were as interested in serving the people back home as he is in serving his masters, maybe we would be.

Just Go Away

Look. Colin Powell had his way. The Republican Party nominated a mooshy, moderate Republican for president in 2008. Just as he and the press demanded. And the GOP got its ass kicked. (Oh, wait, Powell stabbed McCain in the back and supported radically liberal Obama instead; there's a lesson to be learned there somewhere).

So now Powell, at the enthusiastic urging of that same press that still rejoices over Obama's victory, and like that hemorrhoid that just won't go away, decides he can foul things up even more:

In TV Appearance, Powell Plans To Answer Right-Wing Critics

Answer, if it gets you some jollies, old man, and then go away. They took your advice. They lost.

A Flaw In The Rationale

New York Times columnist Charles Blow says there is no more visible evidence of serious fault with the Republican message than the fact that the Northeast U.S. has virtually been abandoned by the GOP and has been taken over by ... "moderate" Democrats. See "The Land That Republicans Forgot."

But things are so bad in the Northeast that even northeasterners don't want to live there.

Let's see. No Republicans. Democrats rule. Hell hole.

And the South? Heavily Republican. Thriving.

Maybe there's another analysis called for here, Chuck.