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Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memoriam


There's a graveyard near the White House,
where the Unknown Soldier lies.
The flowers there are sprinkled,
with the tears from a Mothers eyes.

I stood there not so long ago,
with roses for the brave,
and suddenly I heard a voice
speak out from far beyond the grave.
"I'm the Unknown Soldier,"
the spirit voice began,
"And I think I have the right,
to ask some questions man to man.

Are my buddies taken care of?
Was their victory so sweet?
Is that big reward you offered,
selling pencils on the street?

"Did they really win the freedom
they battled so hard to achieve?
Do you still respect that Croix de Guerre
above that empty sleeve?
Does that gold star in the window
now mean anything at all?

I wonder how my wife now feels,
when she hears a bugle call?
And my baby who says
"Hello Central, give me no man"
can they replace her Daddy,
with a military band?

"I wonder if the profiteers
have satisfied their greed?
I wonder if a Soldiers Mother,
ever is in need?
I wonder if the kings who planned it all,
are really satisified?
They played their game of checkers,
and eleven million died.

I'm the Unknown Soldier,
and maybe I died in vain.
But if I were alive and my Country called,
I'd do it all over again."

-- Deborah Walker Kellie

It's a Cruel World

I've known Mike Huff for several years (mostly through our business relationship). I know of no one who loves his work more than he does. Nor anyone who cares more for his employees. Or his customers. And as for carrying on his father's legacy, Mike has - I have no doubt - made his daddy proud.

But Mike and his brother, having assumed ownership of the family business in Wytheville after the death of their father, Bob, are saddled with the misfortune of being tied at the hip to America's once-great corporate giant ...

... General Motors.

And so he gets the notice that no business owner ever wants to receive - a big chunk of his business is going out of business. By General Motors decree:
Dealership gets closure letter from GM
Jeffrey Simmons, Wytheville Enterprise

A dark cloud popped up over Wytheville’s General Motors dealership on May 15, but owner Mike Huff stressed Friday that the corporate closure flood threatening to sweep his business away hasn’t materialized yet.

Huff, like more than 1,000 other GM dealers around the country last week, received word by mail that his lot was slated to be shut down by October 2010 as part of a companywide [sic] restructuring.

“Shocked would be an understatement,” Huff said regarding his reaction to the news.

But the owner of Bob Huff Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac – a Wytheville mainstay since 1973 – said he’s not ready to accept that his dealership’s days may be numbered.

Huff said he broke the news of the closure letter to his employees on Monday. [link]
Such the shame. If for no other reason than the loss of the service department crew that Mike has assembled. They are (were) a great bunch of expert technicians. They'll be missed, believe me.

All is not lost for Mike though. Right next door to his doomed Chevy dealership is ...

... Huff Ford.

I will definitely be switching my allegiance going forward.

Global Warming Dogma Becomes Farce

Don Surber:
Scientists: Global warming will cool the Earth

Of course, it is from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, so who knows what they have been smoking.

Let’s see. They have been predicting for years that global temperatures would suddenly shoot up like a hockey stick.

They cited some sort of mythical “computer model.”

We waited.

Nothing happens.

It even seems to get a little chillier.

What do they do next?

This, as reported by Science Daily: “Results from satellite and ground-based sensor data show that sweltering summers can, paradoxically, lead to the temporary formation of a cooling haze in the southeastern United States.”

This cockamamie story continued: “The study, to be published the week of May 18 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that when man-made pollutants mix with the natural compounds emitted from forests and vegetation during the hot summer months, they form secondary aerosols that reflect light from the sun. Such aerosols may also contribute to the formation of clouds, which also reflect sunlight.”

In summary: We are having global cooling and global warming simultaneously. [link]
And Obama (with Congressman Rick Boucher's enthusiastic support) is going to tax and regulate us back into the Stone Age because of it.

"Global cooling and global warming simultaneously." And millions if Americans don't see the madness in it.

Now, This Should Break Your Heart

A bunch of lice-infested college kiddies on summer break are sitting behind bars and their parents won't bail them out.

Boo. Freaking. Hoo.
Group says coal protesters unable to make bail
By the Associated Press

Beaver, W.Va. (AP) -- Environmental group Mountain Justice says six people arrested on trespassing charges during a coal mining protest are still jailed.

The group said Sunday the six have been unable to raise $2,000 cash apiece to make bail.

All six were arrested a day earlier at Richmond, Va.-based Massey Energy Co.'s Marfork Coal mining complex in Pettus. Mountain Justice says they were protesting Richmond, Va.-based Massey's plan to blast at the mine. [link]
Actions have consequences, children. You want to save the planet by denying the only jobs those miners have available to them? You'll be doing it from a jail cell, sweetheart. Hopefully, for a long, long time.

Heck, if we're lucky, it'll keep you from going back to that badminton major you're pursuing over at Virginia Tech.

Now that's Mountain Justice.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I'm getting more than a bit annoyed at Colin Powell's efforts to convince the country that he's a Republican. Isn't this the same Colin Powell who endorsed the candidacy of the liberal Democrat over the “moderate” Republican in the last election?

With Republicans like him ...
Colin Powell Fires Back At Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney
By Jonathan Martin, USA Today

In the latest round of the increasingly heated intra-GOP feud, former Secretary of State Colin Powell Sunday defended his Republican credentials and fired back at radio host Rush Limbaugh and former Vice President Dick Cheney, saying the party had to expand beyond its conservative base.

Powell outlined his party bona fides, noting his votes for and services under a string of Republican presidents, and said it was not up to Cheney and Limbaugh – the radio host has kept up a steady drumbeat of criticism since Powell's cross-party endorsement last year – to determine who belonged in the GOP. [link]
Odd that he would bring up his votes. Who was his last vote for? And what party did he represent?

Look, Limbaugh and Cheney are right. The Republican Party doesn't need to be rebuilt in the image of the looney lefty party. We have one too many of those already. And, as mentioned, his way of thinking was tried in 2008.

By the way, how is President McCain (the most liberal candidate in a strong field of Republican primary candidates last year) doing, Colin?

Words Well Writ

C.K. Macleod on Colin Powell's refusal to do the right thing and become a Democrat:

Across the United States this morning, life came to a standstill, and all the hungry sheeple looked up, waiting to be fed.

Finally, time zone by time zone, the virtual red smoke belched forth from the Face the Nation chimney, and the cry rose up: Habemus Republicanum! We have a Republican! Gen Colin Powell has not left the party! Strong men fainted and brave women wept at the news, but, as the smelling salts took effect and eyes cleared, no one could figure out what it meant.

Read the whole thing. It's that good.

From my perspective, if Powell has his way, the GOP will lose again in 2012. And 2016. As John McCain proved, if you try to compete with the Democrat contender in the arena of overpromise on issues relating to all the neat things government can do for the people, you'll lose big time. The Democrats own that domain.