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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Seems Only Fair

Since I wrote rather disparagingly about a gaggle of liberal women the other day, it was suggested in an email that it was only fair if I let everyone know what I look like, so that they could return the favor.

Seems only right:

That's me, contemplating thoughtfully of my next "From On High" post.

Either that or I'm waiting for my Big Mac.

You may comment.

Photo courtesy of the From On High organization.

No Apologies. Now Or Ever.

On this day 65 years ago my father was battling for his life. A battle that brought him wounds, capture, starvation, and horrendous privation. A life that he was willing to - and nearly did - give for his country.

Even more than that, he was prepared to sacrifice himself - on D-Day, 1944 - for a principle. He was driven to save others' freedom and democracy. People he did not know nor would ever meet.

Impossible to grasp in this age, he didn't offer himself up to save the United States of America. His country - the country he loved to the day he died - was in no immediate danger. It was for the freedom of others - Europeans - that he nearly gave "the last full measure of devotion."

And not once in all his years did he ever ask for anything in return.

You see, he got what he wanted. He and millions of brave Americans like him secured freedom for Europeans from a tyrant who was attempting to lay waste to the civilized world. He and they secured that freedom. And hundreds of thousands of Americans died in the effort.

I'm reminded on this day of Colin Powell's powerful words:
We have gone forth from our shores repeatedly over the last hundred years and we’ve done this as recently as the last year in Afghanistan and put wonderful young men and women at risk, many of whom have lost their lives, and we have asked for nothing except enough ground to bury them in.
We ask for nothing in return except for enough soil in which to bury our honored dead.

U.S. cemetery Omaha Beach, France

Obama is in Europe on another of his "We're sorry for being who we are" tours. But let it be known and understood: He doesn't apologize for me. Nor my father. Nor all those brave men and women - Americans all - who gave that last full measure so that the president of the United States in the year 2009 could grovel before tyrants.

We will not apologize. Not now. Not ever.

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A Speech For All Time

Contrast Obama's pathetic obsequiousness that was on display in Cairo on Thursday with Ronald Reagan's inspirational tribute to Americans' "faith and belief," "loyalty and love."

A man who loved his country.

Such a startling contrast.

Boucher Wants To Increase Your Electric Bill?

I must have missed that. But the Roanoke Times advises this morning that that is the case, with a heads-up on an upcoming editorial:
'Clean' coal

We'll give him this much, Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Abingdon, is persistent. He failed in his effort last year to institute a small fee on electricity generated by coal, oil or natural gas to fund research and implementation of carbon capture and sequestration technology. But while brokering a compromise that helped move massive climate change legislation, he got the proposal inserted there.

In an editorial we're writing for next week, we'll suggest that, as part of a larger approach to energy and climate change issues, Boucher's proposal should be broadened. [link] [my emphasis]
The man has been in Washington far too long. Has he forgotten who it is that he's representing? Does he not remember how many struggle each month to pay the electric bill? Is that moronic carbon capture and sequestration foolishness more important than the well-being of his constituents? He may not know their pain, but must he inflict it?

Leave us, man. We can't take any more of you.

Vote McAuliffe. Vote Union.

America's trade unions want that message to go forth.

So do Virginians who see unions as being the root of all evil.

A vote for Terry McAuliffe for governor in November is a vote to empower the union movement. And all the baggage that comes with it.

If you love Obama, you're going to love this:
Unions Hope Patronage Translates to Leverage
By Amy Gardner, Washington Post Staff Writer

Organized labor is attempting to capitalize on Virginia's shifting political landscape by investing as never before in the race for governor, a gamble union leaders are hoping will bring them leverage in a state that has long resisted their influence.

After helping Barack Obama capture Virginia in last year's presidential race, trade unions are emboldened. They are pouring in millions of dollars and placing armies of volunteers on the ground in the run-up to Tuesday's primary. Union members are making phone calls and staking signs in all parts of the state.

Unions have injected $1.15 million into the Democratic Governors Association, which has financed an ad campaign designed to define McDonnell as an enemy of working people, even before Democrats have chosen a candidate.

Most of the direct contributions have gone to Terry McAuliffe, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee whose long-standing ties to national unions appear to be paying off. McAuliffe has collected $733,000 from unions, including an unprecedented $600,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. He has also racked up a half-dozen labor endorsements. [link]
Three quarters of a million dollars from organized labor. Kinda makes that five bucks that you gave to McDonnell look like chicken feed, doesn't it? With most of that pile of cash coming from government employees who see the opportunity for growth in government - and in government largesse - if a Democrat wins in November. Largesse that we can ill afford right now.

Moran, Deeds, and McAuliffe are in the pocket of Big Labor. Remember that when you go to the polls.

Creigh Deeds Voted To Increase Your Gas Taxes?


As Was Predicted Here

Stimulus? Well, it certainly stimulated more than a few Democrats in Washington. But in the real world ...
As Stimulus Fails, It's Time For Plan B
Investor's Business Daily editorial

Recall that, at the time, the main selling point for the $787 billion stimulus package was that it would rapidly inject massive amounts of money into the economy through thousands of "shovel ready" projects just waiting to start up.

Nothing of the sort has happened. It's been a slow, grinding, bureaucratic mess, with few results.

So far, just $43 billion in stimulus money has been spent. As we've noted, that's nothing in a $14 trillion economy, and certainly not enough to account for the modest signs of recovery we're seeing.

The official government Web site, recovery.gov, said right after the stimulus was passed that it "will save or create good jobs immediately." And the chief White House economist in January predicted that unemployment would top out at 8% if the stimulus were passed. Well, we've lost 1.5 million jobs since the package was signed, while unemployment has hit 9.4%, a 25-year high. Enough said. [link]
Obama's response will, no doubt, be a call for another 800 billion dollar stimulus, to give stimulus to the stimulus.

Get the idea that he doesn't have a clue?

Where were you in November?

Quote of the Day

The Wall Street Journal to Obama:

"Following the defeat of California's tax increase, the Illinois revolt is more evidence that voters are rejecting tax-and-spend politics. Beltway Democrats, take note."

Don't even think about it, pal.

Can He Be This Obtuse?

I want a show of hands. How many of you think the Iranians give two squirts about the Israeli settlements in Gaza. Or the Syrians. When Hezballah gathers for their rallies in Beirut, and chants of "Death to Israel!" are shouted, are those settlements prompting the anger? Are they really screaming "An end to home modifications!"?

And if the settlements were to completely disappear tomorrow, do any of you think the Middle East conflict will change in any way?

If so, congratulate yourself. You're a loyal Obama supporter. A blind, stupid Obama supporter:
Obama Pins Mideast Hope on Limiting Settlements
By Ethan Bronner, New York Times

Jerusalem — Iran seems to be hurtling toward nuclear weapons capacity, Hezbollah could win Sunday’s election in Lebanon and Hamas is smuggling long-range rockets into Gaza again. So why is President Obama focusing such attention on the building of homes by Israeli Jews in the West Bank?

That, in essence, is the question being angrily posed by the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and underscores one of the biggest shifts in American policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in three decades. While every administration has objected to Israeli settlement building in occupied lands, the Obama administration has selected it as the opening issue that could begin to untie the Gordian knot of the conflict.

American officials hope that by getting Israel to freeze settlement building on land where the Palestinians expect to build their future state, they can then press Saudi Arabia and other regional powers to offer Israel concessions like low-level trade or tourism. In addition, stopping the construction would remove a major concern of the Palestinians that their land is slowly disappearing under settler housing. In his Cairo speech on Thursday, the president again called for an end to the settlement building. [link] [my emphasis]
Getting Israel to freeze settlement building will prompt Arab concessions.

That's not hope. That's idiocy.

Is this the best ya got, Mr. Messiah?

לעולם לא שוב

Israeli youth respond to Obama's call for more Israeli concessions:
New Outpost Named “Obama Hilltop”
by Hillel Fendel, Arutz Sheva, Israel National News

(IsraelNN.com) Jewish youths in Judea and Samaria, refusing to accept Obama’s “no Jews” decree, have built yet another neighborhood outpost – and named it “Obama Hilltop.”

The few against the mighty? With U.S. President Barack Obama having told billions of people across the world that a Palestinian state will happen, and that Jews have few if any rights in Judea and Samaria, several dozen Jewish youths in Israel continue to build more outpost neighborhoods in those very areas.

When Israel’s armed forces come to raze the structures, the youths rebuild them once more.

This pattern has repeated itself several times just this week. On Tuesday, youths who had been thrown out of Ramat Migron – outside Migron, north of Jerusalem – set up camp in an abandoned army base near Shilo. Army forces arrived the next day on the scene, named Pnei Shilo, and destroyed the lone wooden hut. The youths say they will return – or rebuild somewhere else. [link]
With young people like these, tomorrow's leaders, guardians of the faith, Israel will always have a bright future.

* Title translation: Never Again!

Give 'Em The News!

Look, Obama will fill them with hope.

Your job, New York Times and Washington Post, is to give them the facts.

Hints of Hope Even as Jobless Rate Jumps to 9.4%

Jobless Rate Rises, but Pace of Losses Slows

That's cheerleading.

It requires a British newspaper to give us the unvarnished truth:

US unemployment rate jumps to 25-year high

Where once America's leading newspapers could be counted on to give us "who, what, when, where, and how," we now get "Yes, but."

Shameful. Simply shameful.