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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This Is An Argument?

In a letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times we get an argument in favor of gun control. And then a pretty darn good argument in opposition. In "America needs to be strict on gun control":

The fatal shooting last week at the Holocaust Museum in Washington illustrates again the falsehood of the National Rifle Association's and gun-ownership lobby's claim that restrictions on gun ownership are useless because criminals have access to the guns anyway.

I will readily stipulate that criminals always have access to guns, but ...
"Criminals always have access to guns."

So the NRA is right.

I think this dude readily stipulated his muddled thinking.

This Is Rich

A staff writer for the Washington Post provides us with a long list of jokes that have been told by TV comedians in recent months where Sarah Palin's children have been the targets of their "humor."

See "Palin Gag? Comedy's All in the Mis-Timing."

So who does Paul Farhi blame for this?

Jay Leno?

Conan O'Brien?

Jon Stewart?

David Letterman?

All of the above?

Any of the above?


He blames Sarah Palin:

"So why did Palin ask Letterman -- and only Letterman -- for an apology? And why did she wait until last week?"

A better question:

Why did Letterman and Leno and O'Brien and Stewart deem it acceptable to joke about little girls?


Why aren't Washington Post staff writers not disturbed by their seamy behavior?


Will we see such a Post piece if some comedian goes after Obama's two little girls (whose names I don't even know, or care about)?

Of course they'll blame Obama for it.

Of course they will.

Welcome To The Jimmy Carter Years

This is so reminiscent of American foreign policy in the Carter years, it's frightening:

The following appears in "Gunfire Erupts at Iranian Pro-Reform Protests, At Least 1 Killed":

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly told reporters Monday that the United States is concerned about allegations of ballot fraud.

Kelly described the U.S. government as "deeply troubled" by the events in Iran, taking a stronger stance than Vice President Biden did Sunday, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election.

When pressed by a reporter, Kelly declined to condemn Iranian security forces for their crackdown on street protesters. He said the U.S. knows too little about the conduct of the election to say for sure whether there was fraud. [link]

What does the conduct of the election have to do with students being shot and beaten in the streets of Tehran?


But we don't want to do anything that might jeopardize the tenuous relationship that Obama has with the cutthroats who run the country. We could, after all, be friends some day.

So his administration declines to speak out.

Meanwhile, Guantanamo is being shut down. And Obama travels the world apologizing for past American transgressions - both real and imagined. He has no problem speaking out about that.

Sound familiar?

Did we reelect the hapless and ineffectual peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia and nobody told us? I have to wonder.

Jerry Fuhrman - Patriot

Carl has a post up with a photo showing Russell County Commonwealth's Attorney Brian Patton sitting next to me at some function. See "Raising Kaine Original Brian Patton Running for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Russell County."

I bring this up for a reason. You'll notice in the photo I'm not drinking some sissy beer or a wine cooler. It's BUD.

A real American supporting real American workmen.

Just performin' my patriotic duty.

* Thanks, Carl. I hadn't seen that.

Did We Make Obama Emperor?

It certainly appears that he considers himself to be above the law.

This is shocking.

And probably illegal.

I Was Right

There's a reason why, when it comes to state and national politics, I've become over the years very cynical. It allows me to cut through the crap that we're tossed each day and get to the truth.

Yesterday, for some inexplicable reason, the New York Times rolled out a report that Obama was "entertaining" the idea that the government might step in and alleviate the massive problem that exists with medical malpractice lawsuits. Suits that are driving the cost of health care into the stratosphere.

I was skeptical, writing:
We've been given every reason to believe that there is no way that Obama will lift a finger to reduce malpractice lawsuits, even though they are a huge factor in the increasingly concerning cost of care.

Obama is "willing to entertain the idea." Swell. And I'm willing to entertain the idea that he's not an American citizen.

Both notions are ... entertaining. If completely preposterous.
It turns out?

Obama isn't entertaining any such notion. See "Analysis: Doctors' boos show Obama's tough road."

Call me cynical. And proud of it.

While Obama Works To Stem Global Warming ...

... the Earth experiences cooling like never before.

Are you a believer yet?
June Winter Wonderland In New Jersey?

Washington Township, N.J. (CBS)- Parts of New Jersey were pummeled by a massive hail storm on Monday afternoon, leaving it looking as if a June blizzard blew through with inches of dime-sized pellets piling up.

Washington Township residents were seen on their driveways breaking out the snow shovels and officials sent out bulldozers to act as snow plows to clear the streets after severe thunderstorms pounded the region. Children were seen forming hailballs.

CBS 2 HD's Christine Sloan was in Washington Township and spoke to stunned residents. This as the snow and ice piled up around them.

"Never in my lifetime, never," Karen Yates said. [link]
Never in our lifetime.

Our political leadership? Blind. Deaf. Dumb.