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Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Come To This?

When the president of the United States has to resort to subterfuge and double-talk in order to push legislation past the American people, you know the man - and his legislation - are in big trouble.

Here's an excerpt from Obama's press conference on Monday. It was brought to my attention by a loyal reader because our congressman - more on that weasel in a minute - is mentioned by name. Boucher got a pat on the head.

Back to subterfuge. Tell me if you know what Obama is referring to here:

Now, the second issue I want to address is our ongoing effort to build a clean energy economy.

This week, the House of Representatives is moving ahead on historic legislation that will transform the way we produce and use energy in America. This legislation will spark a clean energy transformation that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and confront the carbon pollution that threatens our planet.

This energy bill will create a set of incentives that will spur the development of new sources of energy, including wind, solar, and geothermal power. It will also spur new energy savings, like efficient windows and other materials that reduce heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

These incentives will finally make clean energy the profitable kind of energy. And that will lead to the development of new technologies that lead to new industries that could create millions of new jobs in America -- jobs that can't be shipped overseas.

At a time of great fiscal challenges, this legislation is paid for by the polluters who currently emit the dangerous carbon emissions that contaminate the water we drink and pollute the air that we breathe. It also provides assistance to businesses and communities as they make the gradual transition to clean energy technologies.

So I believe that this legislation is extraordinarily important for our country; it's taken great effort on the part of many over the course of the past several months. And I want to thank the Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Henry Waxman; his colleagues on that committee, including Congressmen Dingell, Ed Markey, and Rick Boucher. I also want to thank Charlie Rangel, the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, and Collin Peterson, the Chair of the Agriculture Committee, for their many and ongoing contributions to this process. And I want to express my appreciation to Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer for their leadership.

We all know why this is so important. The nation that leads in the creation of a clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the 21st century's global economy. That's what this legislation seeks to achieve -- it's a bill that will open the door to a better future for this nation. And that's why I urge members of Congress to come together and pass it.

Perplexed? Scratching your head? Wondering what this business about a "clean energy economy" is? You didn't know that your government was working on a "clean energy economy" bill?

That's because it wasn't. And isn't. And never will be.

Obama is trying desperately to put lipstick on a pig, as the saying goes. The legislation to which he refers is/was intended to stop global warming.

It is global warming prevention legislation.

Or it was until the scientific community started coming to the realization that the globe isn't warming.

Until the American people got wise to the fact that Obama's legislation is nothing more than a massive environment tax. Certainly the costliest tax in American history and, perhaps, the most regressive ever devised.

Until Obama read the poll numbers and realized that his delusory little scheme to tax us into the Stone Age was failing in the eyes of the people.

Until some too-smart-by-half pollster told him that terms like "global warming" and "cap-and-trade" carried too many negative connotations.

So a global warming bill becomes a "clean energy economy" bill.

The gall.

Like we're that stupid.

But here's the good news: Obama's effort to lie about this brazen attempt at a Democrat power grab is doomed no matter what he calls it.

The globe is not warming and he and his ilk will not be seizing our grandchildren's college funds. At least not for this perversion. Not today.

Obama and this attack on the American way of life have failed.

And speaking of failures, there is also Congressman Rick Boucher (D-Asswipe) to deal with. He sold his soul to the devil and his most vulnerable constituency into the poorhouse in return for a few words of praise from his handlers when he signed on to this awful piece of legislation.

What's not mentioned in this presentation from Boucher's boss is the fact that this "clean economy" bill will do two things that will combine to have a devastating impact on the people and the economy of Southwest Virginia. Neither of which has to do with the planet's temperature.

1) Our utility bills are guaranteed to skyrocket. Obama's speech happened to occur on the same day that I posted Boucher's declared opposition to a proposed increase in our electric bills.


That's right. Boucher opposes Appalachian Power's proposed rate increase but is an enthusiastic supporter of a global warming tax that will send your utility rates into the stratosphere.

Stop laughing. It's not funny.

Not only will our bills skyrocket, but for many they will go well beyond their means to pay them. Home heating will then become a luxury many in this area will not be able to afford. Heat will be a luxury.

This to shave 0.02 ° off of the average annual global temperature fifty years from now.

I'd be calling it a clean energy bill too.

2) The coal industry will be annihilated if this were to pass. And Boucher knows it. And doesn't care. He signed on to it - saying it was somehow inevitable - inevitable! - and is now a key supporter of the legislation. As signaled by Obama giving him an attaboy at Monday's press conference.

Inevitable? Only if cowardly, spineless representatives to whom we entrust our confidence to do right by us in Washington refuse to fight for our interests. Inevitable? That's the white flag of surrender waved by a man whose loyalties to Southwest Virginia were abandoned long ago, my friends.

Boucher, knowing that this global warming bill is aimed at the heart of the coal industry, should be fighting with his every fiber to preserve jobs here; to preserve the way of life of those still able to scratch out a living in Wise and Tazewell and Lee and Dickenson and Russell and Scott Counties - a way of life that is under assault by those who have Rick Boucher's first allegiance. He should be doing everything he can to prevent the citizens of the coalfields from slipping further into abject poverty. He should be thundering his hatred for those who are trying to do grievous harm to his - our - neighbors. He should be drawing a line in the sand and daring anyone who intends to bring hardship on his people to cross it. He should be defending us.

Not shrugging his shoulders and asking, "What's for lunch?"

Inevitable? Not in this life. Not by a damn sight.

Go home, Rick. Wherever home is these days. And let someone else take over. You've worn out your welcome. We need someone who will fight for us. Not someone who submissively says to the president, "Sure, we don't mind slipping further into poverty if that's what our environmentalist friends want. If that'll bring 'green' jobs to New York City."

Go home, Rick, We're tired of you. And we don't know you anymore. Go.

Or we're going to force you to go.

The hot winds of change are blowing, old man.

So What Is In Boucher's Global Warming Bill?

While he's working overtime to destroy jobs in the coalfields, Congressman Rick Boucher is - to his credit - making an effort to create jobs elsewhere.

In Brazil.

And Guatemala.

And Indonesia.

For the love of God:
Climate bill gives billions to foreign foliage
By Amanda DeBard, Washington Times

If a tree falls in Brazil, it will, in fact, be heard in the U.S. - at least if a little-noticed provision in the pending climate-change bill in Congress becomes law.

As part of the far-reaching climate bill, the House is set to vote Friday on a plan to pay companies billions of dollars not to chop down trees around the world, as a way to reduce global warming.

The provision, called "offsets," has been attacked by both environmentalists and business groups as ineffective and poorly designed. Critics contend it would send scarce federal dollars overseas to plant trees when subsidies are needed at home, while the purported ecological benefits would be difficult to quantify.

The offsets "would be a transfer of wealth overseas," said William Kovacs, vice president for environmental affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

"The international offsets market is not a huge or cheap market," said Joseph Romm, a climate expert at the center. "By 2020, the U.S. could be spending $4 billion on international offsets." [link]
$4 billion to keep trees from being cut down in jungles far, far away.

And who's paying for it?

You are, sweetheart. Through the doubling of your utility bills.

Madness? Is there any other name for it?

By the way, if you want to let Rick know what you think of his efforts to destroy us, give him a call. (202) 225-3861. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

And What Is That 'Clean Energy Economy' Really?

George Will:
The Spanish professor is puzzled. Why, Gabriel Calzada wonders, is the U.S. president recommending that America emulate the Spanish model for creating "green jobs" in "alternative energy" even though Spain's unemployment rate is 18.1 percent -- more than double the European Union average -- partly because of spending on such jobs?

Calzada says Spain's torrential spending -- no other nation has so aggressively supported production of electricity from renewable sources -- on wind farms and other forms of alternative energy has indeed created jobs. But Calzada's report concludes that they often are temporary and have received $752,000 to $800,000 each in subsidies -- wind industry jobs cost even more, $1.4 million each. And each new job entails the loss of 2.2 other jobs that are either lost or not created in other industries because of the political allocation -- sub-optimum in terms of economic efficiency -- of capital.
So Obama will create 1,000 jobs in California and kill 2,200 jobs in Southwest Virginia. And everyone will be deliriously happy. We've created a green economy.

For the love of God.

That's So Yesterday

Before we leave the subject, I should bring to your attention a Roanoke Times editorial this morning that attempts - if fecklessly - to give Boucher praise for his global warming prevention efforts. See "The Politics of Pragmatism."

I won't go after it in detail, except to mention the fact that the author brings up "greenhouse gas emissions" and "climate change." Someone at the Times hasn't gotten the fax.

Boucher's legislation isn't about CO2 any more. That was last month. Nor it it about the weather.

Obama's pollsters have told him that those terms don't sell. So we're to talk about "clean energy" and horse shit like that.

Memo to Roanoke Times: Read your faxes. Your message has changed. So says the boss.

This Is As Good As It's Going To Get

I asked yesterday how Obama supporters were going to rationalize his change in position when it comes to Iran, his having gone from being an interested observer to having vociferously denounced the current regime in a matter of days.

The New York Times comes to his aid (in a "news" story, naturally):
Bit by Careful Bit, Obama Toughens Stance on Iran
By Helene Cooper

Throughout the Iranian crisis, Mr. Obama has tried to strike a difficult balance. On one hand, he has carefully modulated his response to minimize the chances that the Iranian government will cast the conflict as one driven by meddling from the United States, and to avoid closing off the possibility of talks with Iran over curbing its nuclear program, a signature element of his foreign policy since his election.

On the other hand, he has had to avoid appearing tone-deaf to the potential emergence of a democracy movement in Iran and to keep his political opponents from casting him as weak in foreign affairs.

The result has been a gradually evolving message that ... [link]
Translation: Obama was on the wrong side and reversed course.

A more cynical person might suggest that our inexperienced and woefully unqualified president hasn't a clue. But let's not be cynical. He brings with him a lot of hope and change, and all that, after all.

Anyway, here's how the rationalization business works. Marvel at its effectiveness.

For Whom Obama Toils

Much is made these days of those 46 million Americans* who have no health insurance. But who are they?

The Business & Media Institute enlightens us:
Fact: Nearly 10 million (9.7) of the 45.7 million uninsured are “not a citizen.” That makes every media claim of uninsured Americans higher than 35.9 million is wrong [sic].

Fact: More than 17 million of the uninsured make at least $50,000 per year (the median household income of $50,233) – 8.4 million make $50,000 to $74,999 per year and 9.1 million make $75,000 or higher. Two economists working at the National Bureau of Economic Research concluded that 25 to 75 percent of those who do not purchase health insurance coverage “could afford to do so.”

Fact: The National Center for Policy Analysis estimates that uninsured people get about $1,500 of free health care per year, or $6,000 per family of four.

Fact: An Urban Institute study found that 25 percent of the uninsured already qualify for government health insurance programs.

Fact: The Congressional Budget Office says that 45 percent of the uninsured will be insured within four months. CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin also said that the frequent claim of 40+ million Americans lacking insurance is an “incomplete and potentially misleading picture of the uninsured population.”

Fact: Liberal non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation put the number of uninsured Americans who do not qualify for government programs and make less than $50,000 a year between 8.2 million and 13.9 million. (The 8.2 million figure includes only those uninsured for two years or more.)

Fact: CBO analysis found that 36 million people would remain uninsured even if the Senate’s $1.6 trillion health care plan is passed.
Next time some sniveling newspaper editorialist plays on your sympathies about the plight of the uninsured (see photo above), understand who it is that he is using as a prop. More than likely it's the neighbor down the street with the plasma TV and the Sea Doo in the garage.

* A highly suspect number in itself. Go here for details.

Why I Love Dick Cheney

Because he's overweight and bald and no self-respecting woman would want to have an affair with him.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

He's At It Again

Didn't this genius learn anything the last time he took us down this path?

Deja Vu?…Barney Frank Urging A Relaxation Of Condominium Mortgage Standards

The man who single-handedly wrecked the U.S. economy by demanding - and getting - relaxed rules relating to subprime loans, is now working to destroy it again.

He needs to be spanked.

I Love These Guys

Not only is it the largest private employer in Southwest Virginia, and not only is it providing goods and services that the average person needs at everyday low prices, but it is doing the Lord's work as well:
Walmart Foundation Expands Hunger Relief Efforts, Donates More Than $7.8 Million to Support Summer Feeding Programs and U.S. Food Banks

Bentonville, Ark. -- The Walmart Foundation is donating $7.8 million to support food banks and provide healthy, summer meals to children who receive free or reduced-price lunches during the school year. Through partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Feeding America, and local non-profits in the 10 states where children are most at risk of hunger, Walmart and its Foundation will help assure that their neighbors and those in local communities have access to nutritious food.

"We continue to see the impact that the economy is having on our neighbors - they are stretching their budgets and looking to us for help in our stores and through our giving," said Margaret McKenna, president of the Walmart Foundation. "Hunger relief is a cause that enables our company's strengths to work for the greater good. From supporting summer feeding programs to donating food, we're committed to doing all we can to help end hunger for our nation's children, parents, homeless and all who have found themselves in need." [link]
Great people doing great things.