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Monday, June 29, 2009

This Must Be One Bad Guy

Were you aware of the fact that a husband (here in Virginia anyway) can be convicted of raping his wife? Seems so.

And if half of this story is true, this particular husband deserves that and more:
Coeburn man guilty of raping his wife
By Jodi Deal, Coalfield Progress

A Coeburn man has been found guilty of multiple charges of raping and abusing his own wife over a span of 25 years, and a Wise County jury has recommended that he be sentenced to life in prison plus 377 years.

According to special prosecutor Tim McAfee, sentencing is set for Aug. 25.

“When you first hear about this, that he’d been raping her for the entire marriage, you might be a little dubious. But when you hear the details of what happened, and the testimony from the wife and daughter, it becomes readily apparent that this was a lifetime of torture,” McAfee said.

The indictment also alleged that the man’s adult daughter acknowledged that he sexually abused her as well between 1983 and 1989, and she witnessed many acts of abuse against her mother.

All the charges stem from an investigation launched after a June 2008 domestic dispute turned violent, with the wife shooting the man three times — in the left shoulder, in the left arm and in the stomach — with a .38-caliber handgun.

In the indictment, McAfee alleged the husband physically and sexually abused the wife, including forced acts of vaginal, oral and anal intercourse, forced sodomy and assault and battery “on a regular and continued basis throughout the marriage.”

McAfee confirmed that the malicious wounding charges are a result of bleeding from the wife’s eyes and ears, injuries he says she sustained while being choked during the incident that alerted authorities to the ongoing abuse. [link requires paid subscription]
All I have to say is this:

Give him the chair.

Give her a medal.

And some more ammunition.

Are There Two Charleston Gazettes?

Today we read this on the Charleston (WV) Gazette editorial page:
Veterans Don't deserve miscare

[jf: I know. "Miscare" is not a word. But journalists aren't expected to be able to spell or communicate a lucid thought. Ahem.]

"At the very least, service members and veterans are owed adequate medical care -- not slipshod bungling." [link]
For those not familiar with the story, it's about government-run health care at its finest - the Veterans Administration hospital system.

On that subject, we have no argument.

But wait. This is the same Charleston Gazette that wrote just 12 days ago:
Medical mess: Universal care needed

Obama's universal care vision fits well with goals sought by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., state Sen. Dan Foster, D-Kanawha, and other reformers.

As we've said many times, a single-payer, government-run system is the wisest approach. It eliminates profiteering by billion-dollar medical, pharmaceutical and insurance industries, saving taxpayers a bundle. We hope West Virginia's members of Congress support this concept. [link]
Hmmm. A government-run system is a wise approach.

Earth to dimwits:

Rockefeller and Obama do support a government-run system. It's called the VA. The one you say "miscares" its patients and provides slipshod service to those it is assigned the duty to nurture.

You geniuses who write the editorial page of the Charleston Gazette are so enamored of a government-run system? I'd suggest you start reading the editorial page of the Charleston Gazette.

Consider The Source

Couple this from last Saturday ...

Obama praises House on climate bill, urges Senate to act

... with this from last year:

Barack Obama: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket."

What's going on in Washington is more easily understood once you grasp that.

Irony Of Ironies

Just as Congress is poised to pass sweeping legislation to reduce CO2 emissions, we learn that CO2 may be a great source of fuel in a fuel starved world.


Algae Farm Aims to Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel
By Matthew L. Wald, New York Times

The ethanol would be sold as fuel, the companies said, but Dow’s long-term interest is in using it as an ingredient for plastics, replacing natural gas. The process also produces oxygen, which could be used to burn coal in a power plant cleanly, said Paul Woods, chief executive of Algenol, which is based in Bonita Springs, Fla. The exhaust from such a plant would be mostly carbon dioxide, which could be reused to make more algae.

“We give them the oxygen, we get very pure carbon dioxide, and the output is very cheap ethanol,” said Mr. Woods, who said the target price was $1 a gallon. [link]
A dollar a gallon. Cool!

Now that's the way to bring to market new sources of energy and alleviate the world's energy crisis. Research. Innovate. Develop. Market an affordable, efficient product.

We don't need the heavy hand of government forcing us into caves and riding bicycles to reach our goal.

We will make this happen, if government will just not meddle.

Upon Deeper Reflection ...

... I feel the need to modify a position I took the other day. Based on what I know about her, I think I could easily support Jenny Sanford for governor.

However ...

... she needs to dump the loser.

We Are On The Wrong Track

You read of the widespread ravaging of the economy here in Southwest Virginia and across the country that is to be brought on by government heavy-handedness and one response some of you will have is: Thank God we have a safety net to protect those who are going to be thrown out of work in order to reduce the planet's atmospheric temperature by 0.2°.

But you need to understand, the same government that is throwing thousands of us out of work is jeopardizing that safety net as well. We no longer have the money to maintain it:
The Debt Tsunami
Washington Post editorial

Now comes the CBO with yet more news of the sort that neither Capitol Hill nor the White House is likely to welcome: its freshly released report on the federal government's long-term financial situation. To put it bluntly, the fiscal policy of the United States is unsustainable. Debt is growing faster than gross domestic product.

This huge mass of debt, which would stifle economic growth and reduce the American standard of living, can be avoided only through spending cuts, tax increases or some combination of the two. And the longer government waits to get its financial house in order, the more it will cost to do so, the CBO says.

Like his predecessors, Mr. Obama is aware of this issue. Like them, he has promised a plan to deal with it. And like them, he has not come up with anything credible yet. It's time for that to change. [link]
For causes and effects, read the whole article.

But understand this: The country is on the wrong path. An unsustainable path to collapse.

And we have all the wrong people in Washington to stop it.

My God.