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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Republican Party Going After Boucher

It's been decades since Congressman Rick Boucher was considered by the GOP to be vulnerable to an upset. But that was before he stabbed his constituents in the back by supporting - enthusiastically - the cap-and-trade bill that the environmentalists in Washington wrote, the purpose of which is to target the coal industry for destruction.

(Go here to read more about the estimated devastation Boucher's legislation will bring down upon Southwest Virginia, particularly its coal counties.)

Now the Republican Party sees an opportunity for the GOP to drive the traitor out of office and send him home (to his permanent home in the DC suburbs, that is).

Starting immediately you'll be seeing and hearing radio, phone, and web ads that are focused specifically on Boucher's loyalties - to Obama and Pelosi - and on the fact that his vote has done us grievous harm.

The Republican Party wouldn't be doing this if the possibility didn't exist that Boucher could be driven from office in the next election.

Here's the web ad:

Here's a freeze-frame from the You Tube clip:

Boucher has been absent from his roots for too long. It's time we had someone in Washington representing us, rather than the liberal special interests.

Call his office if you choose.

I say, "Throw the bum out."

We Want Our Money Back

Obama's stimulus - the one that was supposed to jump-start the economy - is in high gear now. And we have much to show for it:
Jobless rate continues to rise across Virginia
By Duncan Adams, Roanoke Times

Jobless rates for all of Virginia's 10 metropolitan statistical areas, including the Blacksburg and Roanoke MSAs, increased from April to May, according to the Virginia Employment Commission.

Statewide, there were nearly 18,000 more unemployed people in May than there were in April.

The VEC reported that the increase in unemployment rates could be attributed, in part, to the continuing struggles of the auto industry and related effects on Virginia-based suppliers.

Predictably, the jobless rate increases this May were even more dramatic when compared with numbers recorded for May 2008.

Specifically, the Roanoke MSA's unemployment rate in May 2008 was 3.7 percent, compared with 7.5 percent this May. The Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford MSA's jobless rate in May 2008 was 3.9 percent, compared with 8.9 percent this year.

The Roanoke MSA includes the cities of Roanoke and Salem and the counties of Botetourt, Craig, Franklin and Roanoke. The Blacksburg MSA includes the city of Radford and the counties of Giles, Montgomery and Pulaski.

Martinsville, with a jobless rate of 21.9 percent, and Henry County, with a rate of 15.2 percent, had Virginia's two highest unemployment rates in May. The Danville MSA's jobless rate in May was 13 percent. [link]
Where'd that $800 billion go? Wasn't that supposed to alleviate this situation?

It did nothing, other than line the pockets of Democrats.

We want it back.

Prophetic Words

Spoken by someone who didn't mean one of them:
Taxes Or Growth?
Investor's Business Daily editorial

The White House now refuses to rule out raising taxes on the middle class. Meanwhile, a top finance official in the previous Democratic White House suggests a tax hike is all but inevitable. Are we being set up?

It sure looks that way. And if it happens, you can mark it down: The economy will slow to a crawl and may even relapse into a deep recession. This is a complete reversal of what was promised.

"In an economy like this," President Obama said at last summer's Democratic National Convention, "the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class." That, he said, included 95% of all families. He promised flat out that he wouldn't raise taxes on families with income of less than $250,000.

How times have changed. On Monday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, asked point-blank several times if the president's vow was still good, would say only that "we are going to let the process work its way through."

"Process"? Middle class, watch out. [link]
Somehow people keep forgetting that this snake has already raised taxes. Substantially. On 20% of the populace. Generally the poorest 20% of us. When he signed SCHIP legislation raising taxes on cigarettes through the roof.

But he's poised to go well beyond that.

And the country?

You have reason to be fearful.

A Worthless Position

One has to wonder what kind of person would accept this job with the federal government. It- shock! - serves no purpose:
An Advocate for Women
New York Times editorial

Domestic violence is a serious law enforcement and public health problem affecting as many as one in four women in this country. Yet Washington has devoted too little attention to reducing domestic violence and sexual assaults generally. We welcome President Obama’s decision to create a new post, White House adviser on violence against women, and his appointment of a seasoned advocate for victims to fill it.

Lynn Rosenthal is a former executive director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence. She will report to Mr. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, whose keen interest in the issue dates from his days in the Senate and his key role in enacting the 1994 Violence Against Women Act.

Ms. Rosenthal’s challenge, and the administration’s, will be to improve the carrying out of existing laws intended to protect women, starting with ... [blah blah blah] [link]
Most all laws relating to such matters reside on the state and local level, so this is just politics.

But can you imagine sitting down at a desk each day at some meaningless job and pretending to be of importance?

"An advocate for women." Government at its best, I guess.

Democrat Buffoon Wins

This somehow seems so fitting:
Franken: 'So thrilled' at Minn. Senate race win
By the Associated Press

Minneapolis (AP) — Democrat Al Franken says he's "so thrilled" to finally be celebrating a victory after nearly eight months of recounts and courtroom fights in Minnesota's Senate race.

Franken spoke in Minneapolis on Tuesday soon after Republican Norm Coleman conceded the election. Coleman's concession came after the Minnesota Supreme Court said Franken should be certified as the winner.

Franken says he's "thrilled and honored by the faith Minnesotans have placed in me." He says he can't wait to get started, and believes he'll be sworn in next week. [link]
Prior to being elected to the United States Senate, the Democrats' rising star played a clown on late-night TV.

Nothing else needs be said.

Hope & Change

We sure hope something changes soon. Cause Mr. Wonderful ain't gittin' 'er done:
Gloomy U.S. consumers clip housing recovery hopes
By Emily Kaiser, Yahoo Finance

Washington (Reuters) - U.S. consumer confidence took an unexpectedly steep slide in June, figures released on Tuesday showed, suggesting the 18-month-long recession had yet to loosen its grip on the economy.

Major stock market indexes fell after the Conference Board's consumer confidence index showed households felt gloomier about their current situation and less optimistic about what the coming months might bring.

Kevin Kruszenski, head of listed trading at Keybanc Capital Markets in Cleveland, said the confidence data "kind of took the wind out of things a little bit." [link]
It wasn't supposed to be like this.