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Sunday, July 05, 2009

This Is Pathetic

We're told by a "reporter" that a "phone interview" took place.

What in this article that appeared yesterday in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph couldn't have come from a fax from Congressman Rick Boucher's office to the "reporter"?

Did the "reporter" even ask questions?

Did the "reporter" simply take notes as our congressman spoke lie after lie to him?

Did the "reporter" simply report that which Boucher wanted printed or did he bother to challenge some of the outlandish and indefensible trash that the Democrat was spewing? The word "journalist" should come into the conversation about now.

But it doesn't.

And won't.

Because the "reporter" failed utterly in his responsibility.
Boucher defends climate bill support
By Bill Archer, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Grayson County, Va. — U.S. Rep. Frederick C. “Rick” Boucher, D-Va., said he worked hard to craft the American Clean Energy and Security Act in such a way that people on modest incomes wouldn’t suffer, the coal industry would survive and ultimately flourish and to create a bill that doesn’t raise taxes. However, Boucher believes a campaign of misinformation has clouded the facts of the bill and is seeking to set the record straight.

When he addressed his colleagues in the House of Representatives on June 26, he explained what the bill will do in as succinct terms as he could find, but the opponents of the bill — according to Boucher, inspired by data that has been skewed by right-wing think tanks — had already kicked up a storm of controversy to surround the bill before he and his fellow congressmen passed the legislation on a narrow 219-212 vote, that does not reflect the Democratic party’s majority in the House.

“I said it in my floor speech,” Boucher said during a telephone interview on Friday as he prepared to enjoy Independence Day weekend with his wife, Amy, family and friends ... [blah blah blah] [link]
The rest of the article is more of the same. "Boucher said" this. "Boucher said" that.

This is a glaring example of that which results when newspapers become fax machines.

What do you want to bet, the only questions the "reporter" actually asked as the congressman was filling him full of propaganda to have reprinted as quickly as possible in the local "newspaper" were, "Hey, what are you and the little woman doing for the holiday" and "Hey, you cookin' wienies on that grill?"

A "telephone interview."

Give me a break.

- - -

For a dose of reality, Mr. Archer, go here.

And here.

And here.

And here.

Especially here.

And here.

And here.

And here.

- - -

Is it any wonder that a twerp like Boucher can be reelected over and over again when you see enablers who disguise themselves as reporters write crap like this?

New Business Comes To Bland

Filling a sorely needed niche? Guess we'll find out:
Computer shop to open in Rocky Gap
Jeffrey Simmons, Bland County Messenger

Bland County’s first computer shop is expected to open July 1 in Rocky Gap. The new business will be owned and operated by brothers Michael Lewis and Brady Lewis.

The Computer Shop will be located in the building across from the Rocky Gap Elementary School.

The shop will offer computer repairs. Some parts and used computers will be sold, too. [link]
I've always considered home computers to be pretty much a disposable commodity. And I buy accordingly. Three years and advancements have left existing technology in the dust. So I dispose of my machinery on a regular basis and get new stuff.

Computer virus? Meltdown? That's what the garbage can is for.

But I may live in a different world from most.

So I wish these guys lots of success.

Reporter Gets It Right

Copy editor doesn't.

From the Roanoke Times:
Attendance at second Roanoke Tea Party shows growing interest in tax movement
By Sharla Bardin

Hundreds of area residents were encouraged Saturday to voice their frustrations about excessive government spending to lawmakers and ... [link]
a) It's about so much more than just taxes.

b) It begins and ends with our government spending money - in ever increasing amounts - that the government doesn't have on extravagant and wasteful and damaging projects.

Get it straight, guys.

* I'm assuming some copy editor came up with the headline.

A Question for Bland Countians

If the position of emergency services coordinator is a full-time position, and that of county administrator is a full-time position, when the county is able to combine the two into one full-time job, did we need both in the first place?

Just askin'.

Now This Is Cool

Don't get the wrong idea. This won't ever replace fossil fuels but every little bit helps:
Va. company plans 200-tower central Ind. wind farm
Associated Press

Indianapolis (AP) -- The parent company of Indianapolis Power & Light Co. is planning a wind farm with 200 or more towers that could become the state's largest generator of the alternative energy.

AES Corp. plans to build the wind turbines in a 75,000-acre area along the Clinton-Tipton county line north of Indianapolis, The Indianapolis Star reported Saturday. The project would cost up to $1 billion and mark central Indiana's entry into the growing market.

Paul Burdick, a vice president of Arlington, Va.-based AES, said the company hopes the wind farm will produce 400 megawatts of electricity, or roughly the output of a midsize coal-burning power plant and enough to power about 400,000 homes. [link]

400,000 homes. We'll have to wait and let the experts decide if this is accurate or if this vice president is blowing wind up our butts. Of interest too is whether or not this project will ever be anything approaching cost-effective.

But, again, it will help in feeding this energy-starved land.

Go to it, fellas.

- - -

* A side note: I used to do a lot of pheasant hunting and bass fishing in Clinton County in a former life. Fond memories. Trophy bass.

Where We Are Headed

To Europe!

Mark Steyn:
In 1993, government spending averaged 52.2 percent in Europe, and 70.9 percent in Sweden. The Swedes have reduced government spending (as a fraction of GDP) by almost a third in the past 15 years. Their corporate tax rates are lower than ours. And that's before Obama's raised them. Last week, the doughnut chain Tim Hortons, which operates on both sides of the border but is incorporated in the state of Delaware, announced that it was reorganizing itself as a Canadian corporation to take advantage of Canadian tax rates.

"To take advantage of Canadian tax rates"? What kind of cockamamie phrase is that? And who'd have thought any columnist south of the border would ever have cause to type it?

The Europeans have figured out you can be too European for your own good, and are trying to reacquaint themselves with the real world. But not Obama. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! Male unemployment has hit 10 percent? The stimulus is a bust? It's stimulating nothing but non-jobs like Executive Stimulus Coordinator for Community Organization Stimulus Assistance Programs? Hey, let's spend even more, even faster, even less stimulatingly!

What have we done to ourselves?

This Is Rich

The mainstream press attacks Sarah Palin and her children relentlessly until the sleezeballs therein drive her from office.

Then they criticize her for being driven from office.

For the love of God.

Said Laurel to Hardy ...

... Another fine mess you've gotten us into, Ollie.

Remember not long ago all the Democrat outrage over terrorists being kept at the resort community of Guantanamo against their will?

Now those same Democrats are outraged that Obama might remove them from Club Gitmo.

You gotta love these geniuses:
Hypocrisy on the Hill
Washington Post editorial

For years, Democrats clamored for the closing of the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, using the prison to pummel President George W. Bush for abusing his authority, violating domestic and international law, and tarnishing the reputation of the United States. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) felt so strongly about the issue that she sponsored legislation in 2007 to force Mr. Bush to shutter the facility.

Now lawmakers are making it nearly impossible for President Obama to close the notorious prison by year's end, as he promised to do.

Ms. Feinstein, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) and 88 other senators -- including every Republican -- voted to attach to a must-pass, supplemental war spending bill several provisions that tie the president's hands.

As a result of the vote, the president is prohibited from using taxpayer funds to order the release of any detainee into the United States, including those cleared by the Bush administration and the federal courts; he is likewise forbidden to bring any Guantanamo prisoners to the United States for preventive detention. [link]
It's easy to justify the Republicans' position. They don't want the terrorists brought to the U.S. because they want the assholes kept at Guantanamo.

But the Democrats? Where are they on this?

Bouncing off the walls.

As usual.

But you wanted 'em. I'm more than pleased to now demand that you live with 'em.

Fact Checker!

I wonder how this got past the editors of the New York Post.

In a story appearing this morning on Michael Jackson's family taking advantage of his death to earn a few bucks, the one New York newspaper that usually gets it right got this one wrong.

Actually, it's not the story but the accompanying photo and caption that's a problem. Get this:

You might need to click on the image and enlarge it.

1) The "teen" Michael Jackson isn't second from left. He's third from left.

2) Jackson, when this photo was taken, was hardly a teen. The year was 2005, when he was somewhere around 46.

Other than that, the caption works just great.

Is The Globe Warming?

Don't forget. Congressman Boucher's entire reasoning for his support of that crushing cap-and-trade climate bill has as its foundation the fact that the planet is warming and humans are causing the warmth.

If only he had researched the premise before he dove headlong into his rash contrivance ...

Anthony Watts:
There was a lot of speculation last year that our global temperature would recover from the huge drops last spring. While there has been some recovery, the overall global temperature trend since 1999 has been the subject of much debate. What is not debatable is that the current global temperature anomaly, as determined by a leading authority on global satellite temperature measurements, says we have no departure from “normal” this month. Given the U.S. Senate is about to vote upon the most complex and costly plan to regulate greenhouse gases, while the EPA suppresses earlier versions of the chart shown below from a senior analyst, this should give some pause to those who are rational thinkers.
That leading authority on global satellite temperature measurements is Dr. Roy Spencer, PHD. Here are his latest findings.

And below is his chart showing the June global average temperature anomaly to be 0.00° C. Or, in terms the rest of us can understand:

Temperatures across the planet in June were normal.

And on a downward trend.
Do you see a warming trend here?

Do you see cause for concern?

Do you see any reason for Congress to pass that sweeping tax bill that Boucher helped create if the planet isn't warming?

Here's some interesting analysis from Dr. Spencer, using the same chart as seen above. This one may be a bit harder to read:
What does it show?

Two of the three greatest anomalies in the last three decades were caused by Nature, not humans. The Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruption (and its aftermath) in the Philippines in 1991 and the El NiƱo event of 1997-98 (with the third, occurring in 1984 not being identified).

Natural occurrences.

In the end, what does all this mean?

This: Temperatures go up; they go down. Naturally.

And in June, they were normal.

Mr. Gore.

Click on images to enlarge them.
Graphs courtesy of Dr. Roy Spencer.