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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Tree Falls In The Forest ...

Patrick County has a new chairman of its Tourism Advisory Council.

The two individuals who were known to have been Patrick County tourists this year were unavailable for comment.

A Worthy Cause

As long as cash-strapped taxpayers in this crisis-engulfed state aren't paying for it:
Update expected on Va Freedmen Project
Associated Press

Richmond, Va. (AP) -- Gov. Tim Kaine is set to update Virginia's first-in-the-nation initiative to electronically compile the records of black Virginians whose family history was smudged by slavery and racism.

The Virginia Freedmen Project has collected microfilm from the National Archives and digitized them to make genealogical records more accessible to African-American families.

Kaine will make an announcement Thursday on the initiative at the Black History Museum and Cultural Center in Richmond. The center has worked with volunteers in the labor-intensive task of taking the National Archives materials and making them available electronically. [link]
I can find no evidence on the internet that we are providing funding for this project. It appears that the two professors who are working to compile genealogical data on descendents of slaves are using volunteers to make it happen.

I therefore am very supportive of the effort.

This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

I wonder how long before the rats in the Democratic Party start to flee this sinking ship:
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Rasmussen Reports

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 32% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-seven percent (37%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of –5.

The number who strongly disapprove inched up another point to the highest level measured to date and the overall Approval Index is at the lowest level yet for Obama. [link]
Here's Rasmussen's graph showing the trend line in Obama's job approval:
Not good, there, big fella.

And to think, except for that massive SCHIP tax on the poor (but that involved cigarettes and poor people, so nobody cares), Mr. Sunshine hasn't proposed any tax increases yet.

Wait till that hits the fan. And it's gonna hit the fan.

Is Obama on track to become the least respected president in history?

The course is set.

They're Still Being Found

Statistics are woefully lacking but it's fair to say that tens of thousands of soldiers - Blue and Gray - went missing and were never accounted for during the Civil War years of 1861 to 1865. Many were deserters. But others died and were buried in hasty, makeshift, unmarked graves outside campsites, along the routes of march, and on battlefields littered with the two sides' dead. Others had their last resting places marked - sometimes with wooden headboards - only to have their identities forever lost when the markers were lost and the sites turned back to nature.

It's interesting to note that after all these years, the missing are still turning up. Literally:
Soldier Remains Found In Franklin
By Gregory L. Wade, Civil War News

Framklin, Tenn. — Workers uncovered a partial skeleton at a Franklin construction site as a machine operator removed dirt in a trenching operation.

The recovery was made roughly 50 feet from the Columbia Pike about a mile from the town square. This corridor was traveled constantly by soldiers of both armies and was the main artery of the Confederate attack in the Nov. 30, 1864, Battle of Franklin.

Union uniform eagle buttons, a leg bone, jaw bone with teeth and several bone fragments were recovered after Franklin police were called to the site. Detective David Dixon said, “It was evident this was not a crime scene but an archeological finding.” The remains were turned over to the Tennessee Division of Archeology which issued a “stop work” order at the site.

“These are most likely the remains of a Union soldier who might have died during the December 1864 retreat action from Nashville,” said local historian Eric Jacobson. [link]
I remember touring a museum a number of years ago there in Franklin, Tennessee (the site of a particularly violent and sanguinary five-hour battle that took the lives of nearly 2,000 soldiers). On display in a cluttered showcase was part of a human jawbone with teeth still attached. It was uncovered in a street maintenance project (in the 1960's?) and had been turned over to the museum. It was suspected that it too came from a soldier hastily buried along the roadside.

How many more are out there waiting to be found? How many right here in Virginia?


And they will, one by one, continue to surface.

Fascinating stuff.

Where Are The Bush Haters Now?

Not long ago they were foaming at the mouth over the injustice.

Today it's, "Hey, did you see the daughter's speech at Michael Jackson's funeral?"

Where's that outrage?
Detainees, Even if Acquitted, Might Not Go Free
Obama administration said Tuesday it could continue to imprison non-U.S. citizens indefinitely.
The Wall Street Journal

Washington -- The Obama administration said Tuesday it could continue to imprison non-U.S. citizens indefinitely even if they have been acquitted of terrorism charges by a U.S. military commission.

Jeh Johnson, the Defense Department's chief lawyer, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that releasing a detainee who has been tried and found not guilty was a policy decision that officials would make based on their estimate of whether the prisoner posed a future threat.

Like the Bush administration, the Obama administration argues that the legal basis for indefinite detention of aliens it considers dangerous is separate from war-crimes prosecutions. [link]
Well, things are different now. Those who complained loudly about America turning into a fascist state are quite comfortable with it these days.

Odd how the indignation seems to come and go.

As Congress Pushes To End Global Warming ...

... the globe is in serious cooling mode.

This would be hilarious if it weren't so serious an issue:
Frost in July hits P.E.I.
CBC News

Temperatures dropped to a record low in Prince Edward Island overnight Tuesday, with reports of frost throughout the province.

An official record low of 3.8 C [39° F] was set early Wednesday morning at Charlottetown airport.

The previous record for that date was 5.1 C [41° F], set in 2005.

Bob Robichaud, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said that to his knowledge, frost has never been reported before in July in P.E.I. [Prince Edward Island].

"That 3.8 we got last night kind of sticks out as being lower than some of the other records for anytime in early July," Robichaud told CBC News on Wednesday. [link]
Another statistic to add to the pile already submitted showing the planet to be cooling.

Yet Obama and his pals are pushing legislation to stop that which might actually be a blessing if atmospheric temperatures continue to plummet.

To laugh or to cry ...

Beyond that ...

If the fact that the planet is cooling, making global warming prevention legislation seem like a bad joke, there's this that spells doom for the Democrats' efforts as well:

China, India reject climate change restrictions

Yet our leaders push on, oblivious, wandering, befuddled ...