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Friday, July 10, 2009

Constituents Speak Out

Congressman Boucher felt the need to sow the wind. Now he reaps the whirlwind. I can't think of a more deserving worm. A contributor to the Bristol Herald Courier lets it fly:
Writer Blasts Boucher For Energy Act Vote

Thank you Congressman Boucher – for nothing. Your incredibly calloused vote of “aye,” together with your comrades (in the best socialist sense) has enslaved present and future generations of our great nation by shackling them with the highest tax increase in the history with passage of the atrocious “cap and trade” bill.

You have failed miserably to uphold your oath of office to protect the people you represent, and instead, burdened them with a baseless, multi-trillion dollar debt.

This bill, an assault on prosperity by way of a repressive energy tax, will generate soaring inflationary costs on all goods and services, unbearable electricity costs, and a chaotic destruction of the economy. All to chase a meaningless 7/100 degree temperature reduction for planet Earth by the year 2050; maybe, but not really because both China and India – which together produce more than twice the CO2 of the United States – refuse to participate in this idiotic game. You could not sense 7/100 of a degree differential if you sat on it.

As with too many of your ilk, you have chosen to supinely follow the Democrat Party dictum like sheep, led by Nancy Pelosi who left her brains in San Francisco, rather than placing the USA first. You make a mockery of informed, representative government. [link]
You may be sitting back all smug there in the comfy confines of Washington D.C., Rick, but back home people are finally waking up to the fact that you do not represent them. That you represent Washington. And they are seething. You did wrong by us. And you'll not be forgotten for it.

That fact should scare the crap out of you.

You're not getting away with this one, pal.


Or face that whirlwind come November, 2010.

Coming To An Electric Chair Near You

How stupid can this pair of morons be?
Body found in van after Wythe Co. traffic stop
By Shawna Morrison, Roanoke Times

The body of a woman was found in the back of a van stopped for speeding in Wythe County on Thursday morning, Sheriff Doug King said, and her death has been classified as a homicide.

The woman appeared to have been shot multiple times, King said. He said the victim was an adult female, but he declined to release her name until her family has been notified.

Police believe the woman was killed in Taylorsville, N.C., where the van's driver, Lisa Church Damron, is from.

Wythe County Deputy Chris Coleman was on patrol on northbound Interstate 77 Thursday morning when he clocked the Ford Aerostar travelling 85 mph in a 65 mph zone, King said.

About 8:30 a.m., he pulled the van over near mile marker 30, two miles from the intersection of I-77 and Interstate 81.

The deputy determined that Damron and her husband, Jerry Wayne Damron, were under the influence of alcohol, King said. He charged Lisa Damron with driving under the influence and Jerry Damron with appearing drunk in public.

Because both of the van's occupants were under arrest, King said, the deputy was going to have the vehicle towed.

"As the deputy was taking an inventory of the van prior to having it towed," King said, "he discovered a dead body in the trunk." [link]
Since a van doesn't have a "trunk," I must assume the reporter means to say a dead body was found in "a trunk." Be that as it may ...

How stupid can you be? You've got someone in the back of your vehicle - full of bullet holes - so you go flying down the highway 20 miles an hour over the speed limit? Why not just spray paint the fact on the side of the van? (Especially in Wythe County where sheriff's deputies are always out pinching speeders on I-77.)

Murder Victim In Tow.

Or, as these two geniuses might have written it:

Merder Wumin in trunk

For the love of God. Just skip the trial and take 'em both out back to the trunk of their choosing.

The Sobering Truth

Investor's Business Daily on health care reform:
President Obama says a new public insurance plan is needed to keep private companies "honest." Well, to be honest, there's already a public plan, and it's hurtling toward insolvency.

The administration and congressional Democrats tell us they're working to reform health care in America. We'd be more inclined to believe them if they started by reforming a program that badly needs it. Instead, Medicare is the elephant in the room: Everybody knows it has huge problems, but few Democrats want to mention them. We can see why.

"Fix Medicare First," July 9, 2009

Never Fair. Never Balanced.

First, let me stipulate: John Ensign - the Republican senator from Nevada who couldn't keep his penis under control - deserves this, another exposé appearing in the New York Times. One of many.

Senator’s Parents Gave Mistress Thousands

He deserves every word of every one of them.

I can't help but wonder, though, when the Times will become as diligent about reporting the escapades of that other slimeball Republican, John Edwards.

Oh. Wait ...

It Figures

I wasn't alone in predicting this.

Now that the dust has settled, what do we have to show as a response to the 9/11 catastrophe?

Well, Saddam Hussein's neck is about six inches longer than it was on 9/10. And Osama bin Ladin finds himself eating beans & wienies out of a can in some cave somewhere. And there's a real pretty hole in the ground being kept nice and tidy where the Twin Towers once stood tall.

Oh, and there's this: Our government got a whole lot bigger.

First came the silly idea that we needed to create another bureaucracy. Thus was born Homeland Security, a department that files paperwork and maintains a bibliography of reports generated by the FBI and CIA. And does little else (now that that goofy terrorist alert system - color coding and all - has been put out of its misery). Thousands of new-hires were needed in order to tackle that critical process. Of course.

And then there was this gem. It was decided by the really smart people in Washington that we needed to fire every baggage handler at every airport in the country and replace them with ...

... you guessed it ...

... even more government employees.


Well, because they were the cause of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Washington and New York City even though they had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks that occurred on 9/11, it provided a great opportunity to throw a fat, juicy bone to the American Federation of Government Employees union.

So we fired thousands of Americans.

And America became safer for it.

When we hired and overpaid government proles.

But why bring this up now?

The final step in the process that began before the fires were even put out in that big pile of rubble in New York City we came to know as Ground Zero is being undertaken:

Airport Screeners a Step Closer to Bargaining Rights


To show they don't even need to mask the effort any longer, Democrats have come up with something called - get this - The Transportation Security Workforce Enhancement Act.

Key words being workforce and enhancement. As in enhancing the ranks of the 45,000-strong union membership in AFGE where once actual working Americans once toiled. And enhancing the ranks of the Democratic Party in the process.

A parting legacy passed down by Democrat ... er, Republican George Bush.

I feel safer. You?

The Good News In The Bad News

Well, it appears those 15 million Americans who are driving around looking for work today will be able to save on gas:

Oil Weakens as Recovery Hopes Dim

I think they'd rather have the recovery.

Bull 1, Idiot 0

Why am I not sympathetic to the plight of this poor schmuck who was gored to death by a rampaging bull in Pamplona, Spain yesterday?

Quote of the Day

Charles Krauthammer on Barack Obama's historic nuclear weapons treaty-signing ceremony in Moscow:
Obama says that his START will be a great boon, setting an example to enable us to better pressure North Korea and Iran to give up their nuclear programs. That a man of Obama's intelligence can believe such nonsense is beyond comprehension. There is not a shred of evidence that cuts by the great powers -- the INF treaty, START I, the Treaty of Moscow (2002) -- induced the curtailment of anyone's programs. Moammar Gaddafi gave up his nukes the week we pulled Saddam Hussein out of his spider hole. No treaty involved. The very notion that Kim Jong Il or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will suddenly abjure nukes because of yet another U.S.-Russian treaty is comical.
"Plumage -- But at A Price," Washington Post, July 9, 2009


No, it's not "green." Which means it doesn't run on a sewing machine motor or 9 volt batteries. And it only gets 22 miles per gallon in the city. And it's going to be made by the government so there'll be a plethora of reliability issues. But it still turned my head when I saw it for the first time yesterday in a bank parking lot.

The new Chevy Camaro is, in so many words, sweet.

And I'm not alone in thinking so:
A Muscle Car to the Rescue for General Motors
By Bill Vlasic and Nick Bunkley, New York Times

Detroit — Believe it or not, General Motors has a hit car on its hands.

Amid the gloom of bankruptcy and a miserable market for new vehicles, G.M.’s new Chevrolet Camaro muscle car is winning over consumers looking for a little excitement in a bland landscape of look-alike sedans and watered-down sport utilities.

G.M. sold 9,300 Camaros during the month of June — more than either its entire Buick or Cadillac divisions could muster on their own.

Its long hood, rakish grille and brawny fenders echo the powerful look of the Camaro in its heyday, when G.M., Ford and Chrysler turned out tire-squealing cars that defined Detroit.

While it comes with a big V-8 as an option, the base model has a 6-cylinder engine that gets 22 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving.

It is also priced for the mainstream buyer — about $23,000 for the base version, and up to $32,000 for the loaded V-8 model. [link]
If you can get past the fact that government employees are building the thing, the same ones who administer the digital TV converter box program that has gone so smoothly, this is a car worth looking at.

No, it's not going to save the earth from fiery destruction.

But you'll sure enjoy the ride to hell.

A Time Gone By?

There was a time when newspaper photo contests were kinda fun. When photographers were judged on their abilities to ... photograph.

Now their success depends on their ability to photoSHOP. The latest scandal in a long line of photo manipulation scandals:
New York Times Magazine Withdraws Altered Photo Essay

The New York Times has published a new editors' note about the altered photo essay that was published in Sunday's Times Magazine. The newspaper says "most of the images did not wholly reflect the reality they purported to show." The note does not address which photos were altered, or whether the photographer misrepresented them to the editors. PDN has tried to reach Edgar Martins, the photographer, but has not heard from him. Here's the Times' note:

"A picture essay in The Times Magazine on Sunday and an expanded slide show on NYTimes.com entitled 'Ruins of the Second Gilded Age' showed large housing construction projects across the United States that came to a halt, often half-finished, when the housing market collapsed. The introduction said that the photographer, a freelancer based in Bedford, England, 'creates his images with long exposures but without digital manipulation.'

"A reader, however, discovered on close examination that one of the pictures was digitally altered, apparently for aesthetic reasons. Editors later confronted the photographer and determined that most of the images did not wholly reflect the reality they purported to show. Had the editors known that the photographs had been digitally manipulated, they would not have published the picture essay, which has been removed from NYTimes.com." [link]

It is time for newspaper editors like those at the Times to get with the times. Rather than get involved in a photo essay or photo contest, knowing that the chances are real good that the pictures they're viewing have been doctored, run a photoshop contest instead. That, at least, truly represents what their readers are viewing as well as the creativity of the submitting "artist."

This can be fun too. In a legitimate sort of way.

As one might expect, they haven't learned a thing.
"Photo" courtesy of Freaking News

Where Do You Draw The Line?

There was a day, not that long ago, when respectable members of the press would have summarily declined this kind of heavy-handed offer.

No longer. Now it's: Let's party! The rubes need not know!
White House Press Corps Happy to Attend Barack Obama's Off-the-Record BBQ
The Gawker

Reporters from roughly 30 television networks, newspapers, magazines, and web sites celebrated the Fourth of July with Barack Obama at the White House last weekend. Why didn't you know that? Because they were sworn to secrecy.

Gawker has learned that the White House gave tickets to virtually every major news organization that covers the president—the New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, ABC News, NBC News, CNN, CBS News, and so on, about 30 in all. The reporters were invited to attend on the following condition:

"You are being invited to attend this event as a guest. Blogging, Twittering or otherwise reporting on this event is not permitted. If you feel that you cannot agree to abide by these ground rules, please don't claim a ticket."

These are the same people who just a week ago were whining in the press briefing about Obama's malicious and dastardly attempts to "control the press." [link]
I don't fault Obama for this. Every president has worked to accomplish that which he's getting away with. I blame the press. The members thereof are being played like pawn shop fiddles and are enjoying every minute of it. And they're oblivious to the implications.

Obama smiles.

As did Joseph Goebbels before him. He too was a man who knew something about manipulation of people of weak mind and no character:

Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.

Play 'em, Barack. They don't seem to care.

- - -

Some of you may not see the source referenced here as being "legitimate." The Gawker is little more than a gossip blog. Unfortunately the news relating to this incident wasn't reported by the mainstream press. Go figure.

Don't Get Me Started

Didn't we hear the same people making the same contention about cap-and-tax?

Consider me more than a bit skeptical:

House Dems rebel against health-care reform

Yeah, whatever. They rebelled against Obama's climate bill too, until the day came that they had to vote on it. Then they quickly fell in line.

Protestations mean nothing, fellas. It's where the rubber meets the road that counts.

Global Warming, Yada Yada

Here's more evidence that we've made a huge mistake about the planet getting hotter:
Tasmania as cold as ice
Brett Dutschke, Weather Zone

Bitterly cold weather has been gripping Tasmania as temperatures plummet as much as eight below average.

Widespread frost has affected much of the state in the last few mornings and has been severe in central and eastern parts. Liawenee has had minimum temperatures of minus seven degrees in the last two days, six degrees below average.

Some valley locations, such as Bushy Park and Ouse, which dipped to minus four on Wednesday morning, failed to get within seven degrees of the average maximum. [link]
As Congress prepares legislation intended to combat warming ...