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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee

The Washington Post editorial page this morning questions the House Democrat plan to tax the living hell out of rich people in order to pay for Obama's misguided health care plan. See "The Deep-Pockets Mirage."

The Post thinks it unwise.

The editorialists there would rather Congress tax the living hell out of America's wealthier people in order to pay down the deficit.

We're doomed.

As Obama Pushes For Universal Health Care ...

... the state that has come the closest to providing it is now imploding and is forced to retreat:
Massachusetts Takes a Step Back From Health Care for All
By Abby Goodnough, New York Times

Boston — The new state budget in Massachusetts eliminates health care coverage for some 30,000 legal immigrants to help close a growing deficit, reversing progress toward universal coverage just as Congress looks to the state as a model for overhauling the nation’s health care system.

Gov. Deval Patrick has proposed restoring $70 million to the program, which would partly restore the immigrants’ coverage. But legislative leaders have balked, saying vital programs for other groups would have to be cut as a result. The cut, which would affect only nondisabled adults from 18 to 65 years old, would take effect in August unless the legislature approves Mr. Patrick’s proposal.

Because of its three-year-old law, Massachusetts has the country’s lowest percentage of uninsured residents: 2.6 percent, compared with a national average of 15 percent. The law requires that almost every resident have insurance, and to meet that goal, the state subsidizes coverage for those earning up to three times the federal poverty level, or $66,150 for a family of four. [link]
"The state subsidizes coverage." Let's be clear, the state does no such thing. The taxpayers have to foot the bill. And the taxpayers of Massachusetts, like those in the rest of the country, are tapped out.

You think universal health care is a neat idea? Be prepared to pay for it, sweetheart. Out the nose.

The rest of us aren't. Even the famously liberal people of Taxachusetts are learning the painful lesson that there's no such thing as a free ride.

Wake Up, Fool

How many more stories like this must we read before we give up on that silly notion that the planet is warming:
Record Low Temperatures Hit Northeast
Now! Hampshire

As politicians in Washington, DC debate what to do about global warming, the Northeast has been hit with record low temperatures this morning.

According to ABC News, the cities of Binghamton and Rochester in New York and Hartford, CT experienced record lows for July today.

Meanwhile, here in the Granite State, temperatures in Concord fell to 47-degrees this morning, the lowest since 1940. Temperatures in Portsmouth came within one degree of the lowest ever in July. [link] [emphasis in the original]
Congress and Obama still cling to the notion that the planet is warming. They're blind. Totally blind.

The Affirmative Action Candidate

The boys and girls over at The Corner have been savaging the performance of Sonia Sotomayor at her confirmation hearing. Much of it is arcane legal stuff, but it all makes for a fascinating read. A good example can be found here.

Even those at the Associated Press seem confused at times by the answers she's given to relatively simple questions. See "It's a good thing Sonia Sotomayor speaks Sotomayoran."

It appears to be the case that this woman of impeccable résumé has never in all her years been challenged on an intellectual level and she's coming across like a first-year law student with a muddled understanding of fundamental concepts that she should have learned decades ago.

How do we explain the fact that this untalented, unqualified Latina female rose to such high office and is now poised to sit on the highest court in the land?

It's a complete ... mystery.

- - -

It's rather telling, I think, the America's most famous ditze - New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd - thinks Sotomayor is doing just swell. She thinks the hearings are more about white men being afraid of extinction.


Sotomayor must be cringing. Such friends she doesn't need.

What $2 Trillion Deficit?

Does he even have a clue?

Obama Attacks on Economy and Seeks Billions for Community Colleges

For the love of God.

Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth

Sotomayor calls abortion rights 'settled law'

You Knew How This Would Play Out

The mainstream press and every Democrat in Washington (there is a distinction here; the big guns in the press are New York Democrats) went absolutely apoplectic last weekend when it was "revealed" that then-Vice President Dick Cheney had "ordered" a "top secret" CIA plan that involved ... well, we're not sure ... be kept from Congress. That would be the reviled Dick Cheney circumventing the Constitution (that the press and the Democrats occasionally adore) during the just-as-reviled Bush years.

And what a story it was! Every news channel. Round the clock. Breathless reporters telling us what they didn't know about the scandal that their experts didn't seem to know anything about either. Pundits! Shouting their indignation! How dare Cheney ... do ... whatever he did! Keeping top secret stories from Congress. Fry his ass!

Throughout the firestorm - maelstrom! - I looked on in abject disinterest.



Why? Because I knew, without knowing any of the particulars that those in the know didn't know either, that the whole thing would be found to be a complete fabrication. In a matter of days. I had no doubt.

A few days have now elapsed since the scandal broke and ...
Former CIA Director: No One Told Me Not To Tell Congress
By Mark Memmott, NPR

The man who ran the CIA from 2006 through January says he wasn't told by then-vice president Dick Cheney not to brief Congress about a covert program aimed at members of al-Qaida, NPR's Mary Louise Kelly reports.

Gen. Mike Hayden's statement is at odds with a New York Times report Sunday that said the CIA:

"Withheld information about a secret counterterrorism program from Congress for eight years on direct orders from former Vice President Dick Cheney, the agency's director, Leon E. Panetta, has told the Senate and House intelligence committees, two people with direct knowledge of the matter said Saturday."

Hayden tells Mary Louise that "I never felt I had any impediment in briefing Congress." [link]
It's all bullshit. As I had no doubt all along.

There have been dozens of calls for investigations. I think one is in order too. We need to find out how seemingly intelligent people can become Democrats and members of the mainstream press and immediately lose their freaking minds.

I will give them this: They are an entertaining bunch.

- - -

I'm not alone in being impertinent with this story. Jonah Goldberg:

It’s hard for me not to see it as a ploy by Democrats to distract from the fact that the stimulus bill is a dud, health care is going badly, and cap-and-trade looks like a disaster. The base always enjoys beating up on Cheney, and the press likes that stuff, too.

But, again, let me make sure I'm not missing something. Cheney ordered the CIA to look into sending out squads to kill al-Qaeda leaders after 9/11. Call me crazy, but that’s what I assumed they’d been doing all along. I’m far more scandalized that such plans haven’t been up and running for eight years than I am by the fact that Congress wasn’t briefed on a plan that had never been put into action. (I can only hope the plans were tabled because it was determined that cruise missiles and UAVs worked better than CIA assassins).

So what exactly is the fuss about? Cheney, with the backing of Congress, looked into killing people — who were very much in need of being killed — but the program was never operationalized and Congress is P.O.’d that they weren’t briefed further on a program that wasn’t operational?

Please don’t look at the socialized medicine in the corner; we’re hunting Cheneys.

Great stuff.