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Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking Pay-For-Play To a New Level

I received this via email from the National Republican Congressional Committee so you might think to question the source. But the link that was provided was to the Federal Elections Commission, and that source is irreproachable.

The email had mostly to do with Nancy Pelosi donating money ($4000) to the reelection campaign of a particular Democrat the day before he voted in favor of the cap-and-tax bill. Purely coincidental? Why would a politician be donating cash to other politicians?


Listed also were donations that the chief sponsor of the bill - Henry Waxman - made to other Democrats (11 in all), also on the day before the vote.


Then, finally, came a list of Democrats who were sent cash by Jim Clyburn, the Democrat House Majority Whip, 23 Democrats in all, on the day before the cap-and-tax vote.

The day before the vote.

Here's the list:
At the bottom of the list?

Southside Virginia's own 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello.


The day before he voted YES to Pelosi's and Waxman's and Clyburn's destructive climate bill.

From the Federal Elections Commission we see the donation provided by "Friends of Jim Clyburn":

Said Tom Perriello after his YES vote and after the receipt of cash:

“There’s got to be something more important than getting reelected. If I lose my seat, and that’s the worst that happens, I could live with that.”

Would that "something" include integrity?

Tom Perriello. In search of "something."

Click on the images to enlarge them.

If It Saves Money

Of course it won't. This is the same VDOT that bought land up in Eagle Rock so as to be able to preserve it as a mosquito breeding ground.

But if this is an attempt at saving the taxpayers of Virginia some money, than I'm all for it:
Despite pleas, state to shutter I-81 rest areas
By Jeff Sturgeon, Roanoke Times

In spite of continuing appeals not to do so, Virginia will close almost half of its interstate rest areas early next week, state highway officials said Thursday.

The Virginia Department of Transportation will close two facilities along Interstate 81 in Southwest Virginia on Tuesday morning, the first about an hour after daybreak and the second once crews get the first one sealed up.

Unless it lines up private businesses to operate them, an option Virginia is seeking federal permission to pursue, the shuttered rest areas are scheduled to be razed by 2011, state Transportation Commissioner David Ekern has said. [link]
So I'll find someplace else to pee.

If this is an attempt by VDOT executives to intimidate the populace (that pays their paychecks) into raising their budget, it won't work.

Now we demand more cuts!

Starting with that swampland.

The Truth About Global Warming

And global cooling.

Science - actual science - grounded in statistical data rather than in speeches proffered by pseudoscientists like Professor Al Gore, seems to be settling around the theory that the Sun is the big contributor to our planet's rising and falling temperature cycles.

Not human activity.

The latest:
Solar cycle affecting global climate, say scientists

Research led by scientists at the National Science Foundation-funded National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado, has shown that maximum solar activity and its aftermath have impacts on Earth similar to that caused by ocean currents La Niña and El Niño in the tropical Pacific Ocean.

The research, while establishing a key link between the solar cycle and global climate, may pave the way toward predictions of temperature and precipitation patterns at certain times during the approximately 11-year solar cycle.

The new paper, along with an earlier one by Meehl and colleagues, shows that as the Sun reaches maximum activity, it heats cloud-free parts of the Pacific Ocean enough to increase evaporation, intensify tropical rainfall and the trade winds, and cool the eastern tropical Pacific. [link]
Solar activity caused global warming.

As it's now causing global cooling.

Someone send a telegram to the world's really smart leaders.

ObamaCare Nothing But Smoke & Mirrors

What is the main reason Barack Obama gives for Congress rushing to pass his sweeping nationalized health care program?

To control costs.

What does his legislation - as proposed - actually do?
CBO Chief: Health Bills To Increase Federal Costs
By David Clarke and Edward Epstein, Congressional Quarterly Staff

The health care overhauls released to date would increase, not reduce, the burgeoning long-term health costs facing the government, Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf said Thursday.

That is not a message likely to sit well with congressional Democrats or the Obama administration, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi , D-Calif., said Thursday she thinks lawmakers can find ways to wring more costs out of the health system as they continue work on their bills.

The Democrats and President Obama have cited two goals in their overhaul proposals — expanding coverage to the estimated 47 million Americans who currently lack it and bringing down long-term costs because the growth in Medicare and Medicaid spending threatens to swamp the federal budget in coming years.

Under questioning from Chairman Kent Conrad , D-N.D., Elmendorf told the Senate Budget Committee that the congressional proposals released so far do not meet that second test. [link]
So, if their primary goal is not going to be met, why are they wasting their (our) time?

- - -

Powerline provides a graph that should frighten the soup out of you. It shows projections of federal debt as outlined by that same CBO, with Obama's "health savings" factored in:


Graph courtesy of the Congressional Budget Office.
Click on the image to enlarge it.

Lest We Forget

Environmentalists support only that form of electricity generation that comes from solar power, which, to date, has proven to be a highly effective source of energy for pocket calculators.

And not much more.




Even wind.

Even hydro.

They oppose 'em all.

Oh, yeah, there's also, by anyone's standards, the most environmentally-friendly form of power generation ever devised by humankind. Well, they oppose that too:
Groups oppose second nuclear reactor at Watts Bar
By Kristen Letsinger, KnoxNews

Several environmental groups are banding together in petitioning the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to stop TVA from operating a second reactor at Watts Bar nuclear plant.

The Sierra Club, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, the Tennessee Environmental Council, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and We the People Inc. on Wednesday asked the NRC for permission to intervene against TVA's bid for an operating license at the Rhea County site.

The groups contend the Unit 2 reactor could harm water resources, including the Tennessee River, and risk public health and safety because of ... [blah blah blah] [link]
In case you hadn't heard, it's Republicans who are deemed to have no answers beyond NO.


We Play Into Their Hands

We curb greenhouse gas emissions (for reasons unknown anymore).

American industry suffers (even more than it has been).

India and China ignore their (ever-increasing) greenhouse gas emissions.

They pick up the slack, crank up their factory output, and they're on the road to prosperity (a long road it will be, for sure).

Is it any wonder that both China and India are big supporters of our getting our greenhouse gas emissions under control?

Why Poor Countries Won't Curb Emissions

We're idiots (and we deserve the third-world status that will soon be ours).

Judgment Is Hereby Rendered

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is deemed "not that smart" after all":
Rosen Was Right
By Jennifer Rubin, Commentary maganzine

After two days of Sotomayor testimony I thought of Jeffrey Rosen’s piece on Sotomayor back in May (before he had to backpedal and support her so as not to embarrass the “team”). I don’t think much of his temperament criticism, but his analysis of her legal and intellectual capabilities seems exactly on the money.

[lengthy Rosen quote snipped]

Has she said anything to dispel these concerns? Whether examining her verbal skills, her command of the law or her intellectual acuity, I come away thinking she is one of the least impressive Supreme Court nominees to come along in recent memory. Judge Robert Bork was obviously not everyone’s ideal judge, but the man’s intellectual prowess was undeniable and he refused to lie about his views. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was frankly charming and sharp-witted in her testimony and could march the senators through the evolution of a number of strains of jurisprudence.

Whether you agreed with their philosophy or not, you had the sense with the Clinton, Reagan, and George W. Bush nominees (yes, I leave Souter off the list) that there was good reason to put them on the Court. You listened for a day or even and hour and said, “Yes, that’s a Supreme Court Justice.” It was hard to dispute, even if you disagreed with one or another on his or her judicial methodology, that the nominee was bringing some intellectual heft.

Does anyone really have that sense from Sotomayor? And all of this is made worse, much worse, by her ham-handed efforts to distance herself from her own speeches and deny her own involvement with PRLDEF.

Rosen was trying to warn his liberal compatriots that they could do “better” than Sotomayor. He was right and should get some credit for his effort. [link]
How did the USA sink this low?

I Love Beautiful Women

A warning: This may offend some of you (but it's already Friday and I haven't done that yet this week).

I saw a young (overweight) gal (in shorts) yesterday evening with some grotesque tattoos on her shins/calves. Both shins/calves. Tattoos of howling wolves or some damn thing. Tattoos that had to measure - top to bottom - 14 inches. Tattoos that looked to be seriously permanent. Big, blue, and bold.

Beyond belief.

She looked like she was wearing soccer shin guards.

I thought for a moment that I was going to puke.

She looked like she belonged in the circus.

I was reminded of that soon-to-be forgotten incident when I read this article in today's New York Times:

Femininity, Salvaged

It's about a photographer who took beautiful pictures of beautiful women posing in beautiful settings.

A long time ago.


She'd probably reject the freak show in favor of photographing lilies.

I wouldn't blame her.

Democrats Are Wienies

How else to explain the whining that is coming from the party that made the jackass famous:

"An aide to one conservative Democratic lawmaker said the climate bill was 'really rammed down our throats.'

Poor baby. Did that mean elderly grandma who runs your House caucus slap you into submission?

For the love of God.

Question(s) of the Day

If rich people are Obama supporters, and rich people are those who will be called upon to pay for (some of) his health care program through a surtax, and rich Obama supporters have been shown over and over again in recent months to not pay the taxes they owe, will rich Obama supporters be expected to pay Obama's surtax?

But if they don't, who will?

It's No Wonder The USA Is In Big Trouble

We have idiots like Joe Biden in charge.

The headline blaring the latest from our vice president on Drudge doesn't even warrant further comment.:

'We Have To Spend Money To Keep From Going Bankrupt'

My God.

You Decide

Is it a sign of the times? Or is it a matter of me being completely out of touch?

Here's a list of TV shows that were nominated for Emmy awards the other day.

I've never heard of half of them.

I've not watched 90% of them.

Is it me or is it TV?