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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Perriello, Man Of The People

As long as the people keep a respectful distance from him, don't bother him, and don't make any noise.

Otherwise he calls the cops on them.

"Them" being the voters of the 5th Congressional District of Virginia.

I quote extensively - and with my thanks - from The Schilling Show Blog:
Perriello’s office calls police to halt health care rally?

More than sixty concerned United States citizens and residents of Virginia’s 5th Congressional District gathered in the parking lot immediately outside Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello’s Charlottesville office today. Organized by Bill Hay and the Jefferson Area Tea Party, the rally’s purpose was to allow attendees a forum in which to express their concerns over the prospect of nationalized/socialized medicine directly to Congressman Perriello (who chose not to attend), or in close proximity to his office.

While respectful in tone and content, citizen upon citizen passionately articulated apprehension over the potential negative impacts of socialized “health care” on their families, their businesses, their finances, and their own personal health.

Approximately forty minutes into the event, Charlottesville police were called to the parking lot area. Unconfirmed reports from the scene tie at least one of the complaining phone calls directly to Congressman Tom Perriello’s office staff. While the attending police officers (professionally and politely) compelled the gathered crowd to disperse, rally attendees grumbled at the prospect of their own congressman’s office terminating their first amendment, free speech protest. A protest that was peaceful and non-invasive in contrast to prior leftist assaults on the office of former 5th District Congressman, Virgil Goode.
What's Perriello afraid of?

That word will get out about the $2,000 that he took from a man he barely knew, maybe?

Making Fools of Themselves

It's come to this:

Voters laugh out loud at Democrat’s promise that ObamaCare will save money

Why are they following Obama off the cliff so willingly?

Two Birds With One Stone

Who knows, Virginia may finally exit the Prohibition era. And garner necessary funds for its transportation needs in the process:
McDonnell Roads Plan Privatizes ABC Stores
By James Hohmann, Washington Post Staff Writer

Robert F. McDonnell, the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, proposed Tuesday handing over about 330 state-run liquor stores to private operators to pay for road improvements -- a novel way to fund fixes but one that confronts many of the same obstacles that have stalled previous efforts.

Standing on a parking deck in Arlington County overlooking Interstate 66, McDonnell announced a lengthy plan to pay for Virginia's growing list of traffic woes without raising taxes, including adding tolls on Interstates 85 and 95 and setting aside a portion of sales tax collections in Northern Virginia to pay for regional road projects. McDonnell said his proposal would generate about $1.5 billion a year over 10 years.

"The current administration has been too slow and made too many excuses for why we can't get things done," McDonnell said. [link]
This coming from the Democrat-controlled Washington Post, there follows a lot of "but ... but ... but ...," but this proposal has promise.

I say we elect Bob McDonnell and give it a chance.

He Is Not Building Confidence

The one man we are supposed to trust with our lives:

Obama Says Health Plan Won’t Add to Deficit

Obama Admits He’s “Not Familiar” With House Bill

My God.

Another Real Confidence Builder

This comes from my congressman:

Boucher pleased with climate bill

This comes from someone who's NOT certifiably insane:
Dem congressman calls cap-and-trade 'worst' bill he's ever seen
By Michael O'Brien, The Hill

The cap-and-trade climate bill before Congress is the "worst piece of legislation" in recent years, one centrist Democratic lawmaker said Monday.

"The cap and trade bill is really the worst piece of legislation I've seen since I've been there," Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.) told the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce. "It raises energy prices on businesses, raises electric bills on families, and it even raises gasoline prices in the middle of a recession. And, it makes America less competitive in the global economy."

Boren was one of 44 House Democrats to vote against the American Clean Energy and Security Act, crafted by Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.), in a razor-thin vote last month. [link]
And you might compare his words to those of Virginia's newest congressman, Tom Perriello, also a Democrat.

Perriello: The measure is "pro-market, pro-innovation, pro-nuclear and biofuels and pro-job creation."

Boren: "It raises energy prices on businesses, raises electric bills on families, and it even raises gasoline prices in the middle of a recession. And, it makes America less competitive in the global economy."

How did Southside and Southwest Virginia get these two clowns to represent us?

Another Day ...

... another global warming cooling record set:
Coolest July 21 recorded in Nashville as cool wave continues in Tenn.
By Associated Press

Nashville, Tenn. (AP) — Cool weather has broken a previous low temperature for July 21 in Nashville that was set when Rutherford B. Hayes was president.

When the temperature at the National Weather Service station dipped to 58 degrees at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, it wiped out the previous record low for the date of 60 degrees, which was set in 1877.

NWS forecaster Bobby Boyd noted it was the third consecutive morning when Nashville either tied or broke a daily low temperature record.

Temperatures were cool, but did not break records at several Tennessee cities.

Knoxville dropped to 59 degrees Tuesday morning, Chattanooga had 60 degrees, Tri-Cities recorded 58 degrees and Memphis was 69 degrees. [link]
I was out on Sunday morning in a sweatshirt. In the middle of July.

This just ain't right.