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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Survived

Hello to all. As you can see, I'm back from purgatory. It turns out that the power supply on my (once-) trusty Compaq went kaput. Circumstances and a lack of time prevented my fixing the thing before now. But now it's humming once again.

One thing that was learned in this ordeal that stretched into three days: Paula had expressed the thought over the years - on numerous occasions - that my concentrating so much on the weblog was jeopardizing our marriage. She felt that I wasn't devoting enough attention to her. She was being shortchanged.

Well, with my computer being down and the weblog being inaccessible, all my thoughts and actions in recent days went, as a result, her way.

Having gotten really tired of me chasing her around the house, she is now a big fan of the weblog.

Thanks to all who were worried that I'd died.

Warm hugs go out to those who were hoping I'd died.

And a special thanks to my daughter Jodi for stepping up and ... providing fashion tips ... in my absence.

I'm back! Let's rock!

This Land, Our Land

How wonderful it is.

My Beautiful America.

Have the sound up.

To Put It Mildly

Analysis: July has been disaster for Obama, Hill Dems

To Mark Warner & James Webb:

This one goes out to you.

From the National Right To Work Committee:

"Union bosses are counting on your Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb to join President Barack Obama in support of their radical agenda. Number One on Big Labor's list? the Card Check forced unionism bill."

Knowledge is a powerful weapon. Use it.

In Remembrance

He will not be mourned by many, just his children and his wife,
For he lived an ordinary and quite uneventful life.
Held a job and raised a family, quietly going his own way,
And the world won't note his passing, though a soldier died today.

If we cannot do him honor while he's here to hear the praise,
Then at least let's give him homage at the ending of his days.
Perhaps just a simple headline in a paper that would say,
Our Country is in mourning, for a soldier died today.
(A Soldier Died Today)
by A. Lawrence Vaincourt

You read here not long ago of the passing of a true American hero - Dickenson County's Darrell "Shifty" Powers. If you lived close by, you would even have been able to read of his relatively small funeral and memorial services. On June 17 Powers received his "just a simple headline ..."

Well, there is a story - another true story - about Darrell Powers making the rounds on the internet.* It is told by one Mark Pfeifer:
I met Shifty in the Philadelphia airport several years ago. I didn't know who he was at the time. I just saw an elderly gentleman having trouble reading his ticket. I offered to help, assured him that he was at the right gate, and noticed the "Screaming Eagle," the symbol of the 101st Airborne, on his hat.

Making conversation, I asked him if he'd been in the 101st Airborne or if his son was serving. He said quietly that he had been in the 101st. I thanked him for his service, then asked him when he served, and how many jumps he made.

Quietly and humbly, he said "Well, I guess I signed up in 1941 or so, and was in until sometime in 1945 .. . . " at which point my heart skipped.

At that point, again, very humbly, he said "I made the 5 training jumps at Toccoa, and then jumped into Normandy . . . . do you know where Normandy is?" At this point my heart stopped.

I told him "yes, I know exactly where Normandy is, and I know what D-Day was." At that point he said "I also made a second jump into Holland, into Arnhem." I was standing with a genuine war hero . . . . and then I realized that it was June, just after the anniversary of D-Day..

I asked Shifty if he was on his way back from France, and he said "Yes . And it's real sad because, these days, so few of the guys are left, and those that are, lots of them can't make the trip." My heart was in my throat and I didn't know what to say.

I helped Shifty get onto the plane and then realized he was back in Coach while I was in First Class. I sent the flight attendant back to get him and said that I wanted to switch seats. When Shifty came forward, I got up out of the seat and told him I wanted him to have it, that I'd take his in coach.

He said "No, son, you enjoy that seat. Just knowing that there are still some who remember what we did and who still care is enough to make an old man very happy." His eyes were filling up as he said it. And mine are brimming up now as I write this.

Shifty died on June 17 after fighting cancer.

There was no parade.
No big event in Staples Center.
No wall to wall back to back 24x7 news coverage.
No weeping fans on television.
And that's not right.

Rest in peace, Shifty.
- - -

Not gold, but only man can make
A people great and strong;
Men who, for truth and honor's sake,
Stand fast and suffer long.

Brave men who work while others sleep,
Who dare while others fly --
They build a nation's pillars deep
And lift them to the sky.
-- Walt Whiman --

To you, Mr. Powers, our profound and unremitting thanks.

* In the email version I received, the story and email were attributed to war hero Chuck Yeager. The truth is - according to Snopes - Yeager had nothing to do with it. That doesn't take away from its poignancy.

Where ObamaCare Will Take Us

I fear for the elderly in this country. They'll be the first group of citizens to be cut loose when "universal" health care kicks in and the government tries - in the only way it can - to control costs.

I'm not alone in my fears:

"Experts predict medical care will be rationed, even denied to the elderly. So ask yourself this: Would you be willing to put your own family into the hands of Barack Obama's socialistic health care plan?"

Not in America. Not now. Not ever.

Like I've Been Saying

When it comes to ObamaCare, Mr. Hope&Change is promising everything to everyone, including reduced costs across the board. And that cannot be.

Robert J. Samuelson:
If you listen to President Obama, his "reform" will satisfy almost everyone. It will insure the uninsured, control runaway health spending, subdue future budget deficits, preserve choice for patients and improve quality of care. These claims are self-serving exaggerations and political fantasies. They have destroyed what should be a serious national discussion of health care.

The health-care conundrum involves a contradiction that the administration steadfastly obscures: In the short run -- meaning four to eight years -- government cannot both insure the uninsured and rein in health spending.

Judged objectively, "reform" may do exactly the opposite of what Obama says. But because the president is so well-spoken, he has the ability to make misleading statements sound reasonable or sophisticated. Still, they're misleading.
He has no choice. If Obama comes clean on the issue and admits that his proposals will make health care more expensive for the average consumer, why "reform" it at all?

So he lies. Through his teeth. Daily. And hopes and prays his legislation passes before most Americans wise up ans apply heat to Congress to stop it.

A new way of governing? I'll say.