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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Sign Of The Times

And a powerful sign it is:

The story.

It's eerily reminiscent of another poster that first appeared back in 1949:

Just as impactful. Updated for the times. Expect the new Obama poster to gain a broad interest in a fearful land.

Deeds Prepares For Recession To Continue

He may have no solutions to Virginia's current economic problems, but he certainly knows how to mitigate them should they continue into next year. And the next. And the next ...
Deeds courts rural voters in Southwest, Southside Va.
By Michael Sluss, Roanoke Times

Blacksburg -- Democrat Creigh Deeds took his campaign for governor through parts of Southwest and Southside Virginia on Tuesday, vowing to lead another fight next year to accept federal stimulus money for unemployment benefits.

"I intend to start the process on my first day in office to accept those funds should our hard economic times continue," Deeds said at a news conference in Danville, where he started a daylong campaign swing that also took him to Hillsville, Floyd and Blacksburg. [link]
You know there's a problem lurking when a liberal Democrat running for office gets a vicious spanking from the liberal Roanoke Times editorial team for not providing any answers that will solve our economic problems. And answers Deeds hasn't.

Throwing money at the people who will have been unemployed here for two years might work, though.

Go, Creigh.

Stop The Presses

Why is Congress rushing to get that monstrously expensive cap-and-trade bill passed? Oh, yeah, so that global warming can be stopped in its tracks.

I wonder, can the Democrats in Washington, once they take into account the latest scientific evidence, simply declare victory and leave us the hell alone?
Scientific evidence now points to global cooling, contrary to U.N. alarmism
By: Kevin Mooney, Washington Examiner Commentary Staff Writer

Opponents of the Waxman-Markey “cap and trade” bill would do well to invoke recent scientific studies that show global surface temperatures have not increased since 1998, contrary to what climate models have predicted.

U.S. policymakers who cite “consensus” on man-made global warming as justification for anti-emission regulations are relying upon outdated and misleading material from the United Nations that deliberately omits the influence of natural forces, according to climate skeptics. In fact, a growing body of evidence now points to the emergence of another cooling cycle that could persist for decades.
Dr. Don Easterbrook, a geologist and professor emeritus at Western Washington University, has presented data that shows a cooler and wetter climate is in order for the next 25 to 30 years. The Pacific Ocean has a warm temperature mode and a cool temperature mode known as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation or PDO, he said in a recent study.

The shift away from a cooling cycle in 1945 triggered several decades of warming that ended in 1998, according to the study. However, the PDO has now reverted back over to a cool mode, Easterbrook has concluded. This data raises questions about the reliability of models used by the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Easterbrook has said. This U.N. prediction of global temperatures 1° F warmer by 2011 and 2° F by 2038 appear to be very much off track. [link]
Look. I'm willing to let the Democrats claim that they defeated the scourge-that-almost-was-but-wasn't if they'll just drop their efforts to ruin the global economy in the name of global warming prevention.

It Makes Some Sense

I suppose, if James Webb's candidacy was all about George Bush (it was certainly never about James Webb), Creigh Deeds' run for governor might be all about President Obama:
Is Race for Governor More About Obama?
By Sandhya Somashekhar, Washington Post Staff Writer

The coffee was still brewing when Chris Ann Cleland got her first reminder of the day that voting for Barack Obama might have been a mistake.

There is no empirical evidence at this point in Virginia's race for governor showing that huge numbers of voters think like Cleland and will respond by sending a message to Washington. But Obama's policies are nonetheless having immediate consequences in the campaign as the candidates adjust their strategies to account for the president's controversial domestic agenda, which has overshadowed many state issues.

The president will make his first appearance in the campaign Thursday, when he headlines a fundraiser for R. Creigh Deeds (D) in McLean, in part to try to help the state senator from Bath County win over wavering Democrats such as Cleland.

But Obama's entry into the race presents a challenge for Deeds: How does he continue the momentum created by Obama, the first Democratic presidential candidate in more than four decades to carry Virginia, without being saddled with the baggage the president now carries?

His answer has largely been to distance himself from the president's policies despite attempts by Republican Robert F. McDonnell to force him to take positions on issues such as unions, climate change and health care.

Deeds has declined to take firm stands, commending the administration's intentions to limit greenhouse gas emissions and expand health care but objecting generally to actions that would strain small businesses and families. He has also accused McDonnell of focusing too heavily on federal issues, declaring in a recent debate that "I'm not running for Congress." And he skipped two health-care town halls hosted by Obama in Virginia in recent weeks, saying it would be inappropriate to mix campaigning with White House policy initiatives.

Supporters of the president say his efforts will pay off for Deeds. But Republicans are gambling that many of Virginia's middle-of-the road voters, who have backed Democrats in recent races, will be up for grabs as people grow more skeptical of Democratic leadership. [link]
It ought to be clear by now that Virginia made a mistake by electing Barack Obama (and Tim Kaine; but we'll address that another day). That mistake won't be made again. We've had enough of ruinous liberal politics.

It's the dawn of a new day here in the Old Dominion.

So You've Been Out Of Work For a Year

Obama wants you to look on the bright side:

Obama Setting Out to Put Brighter Face on Economy

But you don't have to get up early in the morning.

And you qualify for food stamps.

It's not actually that bad.

The Truth About Cap-And-Trade

Despite what Congressman Boucher and his surrogates want you to believe, if his climate change bill becomes law, your electricity rates are going to jump.

And I mean JUMP:
Climate Bill to Raise Power Costs 20%, EIA Says
By Daniel Whitten, Bloomberg

Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Electricity prices would rise 20 percent by 2030 under climate legislation being considered in Congress, according to a draft study by a U.S. energy agency.

The report, to be issued by the Energy Information Administration, also says that polluting companies would initially meet most greenhouse gas reduction targets by sponsoring forestry and agriculture projects rather than cutting their own emissions. Even with the development of technologies designed to capture carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants, gas and nuclear-fueled power generation will take market share, the report says.

The measure, passed by the House and under consideration by the Senate, is likely to increase electricity prices to 12 cents per kilowatt hour in 2030, or 20 percent higher than the cost if there is no climate law, using 2007 dollars. Before 2025, the price would go up 3 to 4 percent, the study says.

The EIA is an independent agency within the Energy Department which analyzes energy issues without advocating administration policy. [link]

So don't listen to those who would have you believe that somehow Boucher's global warming bill won't hurt you in the pocketbook. The experts all agree: It will. Without doubt.

Well, This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

The whole purpose behind the government's "cash-for-clunkers" program was to keep the government employees at Government Motors employed (that business about gas guzzlers was a sideshow). But the scenario may not be playing out as planned:
Four of Top ‘Clunkers’ Model Purchases Are Foreign
By Angela Greiling Keane and Holly Rosenkrantz, Bloomberg

Aug. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Four of the top five models sold so far under the U.S. “cash for clunkers” program, aimed at boosting the auto industry, are made by foreign automakers, according to Transportation Department data.

Ford Motor Co.’s Focus was the top seller, followed by Toyota Motor Corp.’s Corolla, Honda Motor Co.’s Civic and Toyota’s Prius and Camry, data from the department showed today.

Vehicles made by the three largest U.S. automakers -- General Motors Co., Ford and Chrysler Group LLC -- were fewer than half of sales under the program through Aug. 1, according to Transportation Department data obtained yesterday. The companies accounted for 47 percent of the clunkers transactions. [link]
On the bright side, at least we gave a boost to the Koreans.