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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Think He Got The Message

Congressman Boucher came to Southwest Virginia to gauge the mood of the electorate. He'll go home to Washington D.C. with a pretty good understanding thereof.

We the People are upset about how he and his buddies in the capital are screwing this country up.

The news from yesterday's town hall meeting in Dublin:

Boucher hosts town hall meeting in Dublin
Mark Sage, Southwest Virginia Today

Southwest Virginia joined in the raucous national health care debate Tuesday as U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-9th, hosted a town hall meeting in Dublin to answer his constituents’ questions on the divisive issue.

Hundreds of area residents were undeterred by the 9 a.m. weekday start time for the gathering as they showed up in droves to pack the expansive auditorium in Edwards Hall on the campus of New River Community College.

Although the dozens of questioners were polite in presenting their queries to the congressman, the three-hour meeting also featured more outbursts, shushes and call-on-me waving hands than a rowdy kindergarten classroom.

One woman used markers and crayons to criticize “Obama care” by drawing a tombstone with the words “Here lies granny” next to a flower and a mound of dirt. The sign also had the word “deaf” crossed out next to the statement that “Senior citizens views fall on a DEATH ear.”

As Boucher took the stage, a group of people sitting in the middle of the room also rose in unison and sang a stanza of “God Bless America.”

“I have detected … a deep-seated concern,” he said in calling for the meeting to serve as an “information exchange.”

Although Boucher drew his share of boos and catcalls throughout the meeting, he drew applause when he began the meeting by saying he felt the push for health care reform was moving too fast.

“We need to give this process time,” he said. “It should not be rushed. It’s far more important that we do a good job.”

People eager for health care reform were present for the town hall gathering, but they appeared outnumbered by people wary about the proposals for change floated in recent weeks.

Boucher said that with five bills on the table between the Senate and the House of Representatives, it’s still too early for him to take a stance on any specific proposal.

“At the end, I think this measure needs to be bipartisan,” the congressman said, drawing another round of applause.

He did, however, express reservations about a government-provided health care insurance option and said he was intrigued by the recently broached idea of insurance co-ops as an alternative option to private insurance. [link]

It's interesting that the meeting was promoted in advance to liberal members of an organization called Health Care for America Now, a front group for the powerful AFSCME union, and yet those union attendees were far outnumbered by ordinary citizens worried about the direction Obama is taking this country.

You guys rock!

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The Roanoke Times puts the attendance at 1,200.

- - -

Some commentary from someone who was there.

- - -

Some video of the event.

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Think the people of Southwest Virginia aren't concerned? Check out the crowd.

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WDBJ7 has more video. And a fair assessment of the mood of "the mob."

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My take:

Read all the info provided above. You'll come to the same conclusion I did. Boucher danced. He said nothing. He straddled. What will he vote for? What will he vote against? Will he be there to vote?

What solutions does he bring to the debate?

We don't know.

This pretty much sums up that which Boucher brought to the meeting, as best I can tell: "Boucher unconvinced on 'government option' ." That's all well and good. But the people who came to hear him speak were probably wanting to know what he IS "convinced on."

A polished politician. I'll give him that.

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An interesting side story. I don't know the author so take it for what it's worth.

Photo courtesy of the Roanoke Times.

Blind, Deaf & Dumb

I wonder if the open-minded folks at the Washington Post are really open to all considerations.
Cap and Rage

If Congress fails to pass cap-and-trade legislation, it will rapidly approach a fork in the road in addressing global warming. Members can sit back while unelected bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency follow through on their moves toward regulating greenhouse gas emissions as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. Or they can entertain a carbon-based tax designed to reduce emissions and give the money back to taxpayers in an equitable manner. A decision on which path to take is bearing down upon us. Not only are the global warming dangers facing the planet reaching the tipping point, but there will also be no climate agreement in Copenhagen without strong leadership in words and deeds from the United States. As the Senate forges ahead, nothing should be off the table. [link]
Nothing should be off the table.

Does that include a discussion about whether the premise for this exercise in idiocy is necessary at all?

The planet is not warming, fools.

Change We Can Believe In

White House appears ready to drop 'public option'

Well, This Is Going To Be Painful

In the "This must be a joke" category:

Tom Delay is going to be a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars."

Said Delay: "This is going to be so much fun."

My God, no. It won't.

We Ain't Alone

Time magazine's Joe Klein has decided that the Tea Party protests that are taking place around the country each day are nothing more than a “celebration of ignorance and misinformation.”

Well, he should include among the masses of the ignorant and hopelessly ill-informed the good folks at ...

... the New York Times:

Alternate Plan as Health Option Muddies Debate
By Robert Pear and Gardiner Harris

Washington — The White House has indicated that it could accept a nonprofit health care cooperative as an alternative to a new government insurance plan, originally favored by President Obama. But the co-op idea is so ill defined that no one knows exactly what it would look like or how effectively it would compete with commercial insurers.

And as the White House signaled its flexibility, a contentious debate over the merits of a public plan versus co-ops began playing out in the Democratic Party. Aides to Mr. Obama tried to tamp down concern on the left by emphasizing Monday that the president still supported the idea of a public plan and had not decided whether to drop it.

Some lawmakers said the White House had sent mixed signals, confusing friend and foe alike on Capitol Hill. [link]
What does this say?

The problem seems to be that, despite the fact that Joe Klein fully understands what ObamaCare is all about, nobody else - nobody else - does. Including the really smart people at the New York Times.

And Klein is chagrined that people go to town hall meetings, shouting their disdain for, and anger directed at, a process that has brought about "ignorance and misinformation" America hasn't experienced since Bill Clinton tried to explain to us what the word is is and isn't.

Who's the boob here, Joe?

Quote of the Day

From Ed Morrissey:
[T]he big question: if the federal government can’t run a program designed to kill a few hundred thousand cars, how can we expect them to run a program to keep hundreds of millions of Americans alive and in good health?
"Cash for Clunkers a screwed-up bureaucracy, says … a liberal Democrat?," Hot Air, August 17, 2009

Opposition Voices Speak Out

Environmental ruin is soon to descend upon the planet? "Climate change" is on the rise?

Predictions based on ... computer models ... and not on empirical data?

You gotta do better than that.

So says famed aviator (and first-class engineer and researcher) Burt Rutan.

If you have PowerPoint on your machine, check out ...

... Burt Rutan on Climate Change, Oshkosh 2009

If you're a true believer, go elsewhere. This'll do nothing to reinforce your belief system and will only give you an upset stomach.

We Win

When we bring our ideas, and our solutions to the world's many problems, and our relentless exposés of the left's treachery into the arena, the outcome can never be in doubt:

Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States, Says Gallup Poll By Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief, CNS News

(CNSNews.com) - Self-identified conservatives outnumber self-identified liberals in all 50 states of the union, according to the Gallup Poll.

At the same time, more Americans nationwide are saying this year that they are conservative than have made that claim in any of the last four years.

Only 21% have told Gallup they are liberal, including 16% who say they are “liberal” and 5% who say they are “very liberal. [link]
I'm surprised the percentage of people who are willing to admit to being liberal is that high.

But, considering these numbers, I'm not surprised that Obama is now in the mess he's in. He misjudged the attitudes and inclinations of the American people. Big time. And now he's rapidly becoming the most reviled man in America because of that misjudgment. He is - who would have guessed- far more liberal than they are or are willing to accept.

Had he only listened ...

So Sad, So True

A hat tip to Day by Day cartoonist Chris Muir:


Click on the image to enlarge it.

Seemed Odd To Me Too

It was one of those "scratch my head" moments yesterday when I read the Washington Post editorial that called upon Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell to engage his opponent on the abortion debate. A snippet from "Abortion and the Virginia Race: Mr. McDonnell would rather not talk about it. Why not?":

"It's a fair and pressing topic debate."


Amid the discussions about health care and unemployment and the mortgage crisis and the banking crisis, these guys think McDonnell should drop everything and engage Creigh Deeds in a debate about abortion?

I don't think it's fair to even suggest there's an ulterior motive involved here. These guys clearly want to divert discussion onto topics they deem more favorable to Deeds. It's so blatant that it gives off an odor.

As it turns out, I'm not the only one who noticed the peculiar attempt to change the subject:

WaPo Ignores Itself, Prods McDonnell to Be More Vocally Pro-Life
By Mike Sargent, News Busters

The Washington Post editorial page threw itself today into quite an odd political position.

The Post seems to think that Bob McDonnell, the GOP candidate for Virginia governor, should be more vocal about his opposition to abortion. His opponent, Creigh Deeds, recently attempted to make a campaign issue out of his (somewhat newfound) support for abortion rights – a strategy that the Post called “risky.” Today’s editorial, however, backed Deeds’ strategy:

"Mr. Deeds's strategy of stressing abortion may work or backfire; time will tell. But to suggest, as the McDonnell campaign has, that a campaign discussion about abortion "is engaging in the politics of division" is disingenuous and wrong. Thousands of Virginians have abortions every year, a decision that touches on families and futures. It's a fair and pressing topic of debate."

That is a somewhat perplexing position. On its face, that appears to be gently pushing McDonnell to engage on an issue critical to winning over Virginia voters. The problem is, the Post’s position would throw the current debate among Virginia voters wildly off-topic, according to no less a source than a recent Washington Post poll.

In a survey of 1,002 Virginia adults, the Post found that two percent of voters cited abortion as their primary concern in casting their vote. As a secondary concern, abortion was a much more pressing concern, weighing in at a hefty three percent.

In a survey of 1,002 Virginia adults, the Post found that two percent of voters cited abortion as their primary concern in casting their vote. As a secondary concern, abortion was a much more pressing concern, weighing in at a hefty three percent. [link]
Bait being the operative word.

Devious little worms, aren't they?