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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Memo To Tom Perriello:

You're walking the plank, pal. And for what? Party loyalty?

Have you thought about what you're going to do after you get bounced?
Freshmen Dems Torn by Party, Voters on Health Care
By the Associated Press

Fork Union, Va. (AP) -- By his ninth town hall meeting this week -- in a sweltering Virginia middle school auditorium -- freshman Rep. Tom Perriello is no longer fazed by angry crowds mobilized for and against health care reform.

He and other backbencher Democrats thrown into the front lines of the debate are caught in a crossfire between their congressional leaders to the left and conservative constituents to the right. These newcomers hold clout that could determine if health care legislation passes -- and in what form.

Perriello won by just 727 votes last year, and with re-election looming in just 15 months, he has no choice but face critics in town hall meetings around his rural swing district in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As his car rolled into an overflowing parking lot, he was greeted by protesters on both sides of the debate: ''Public Option or No Re-Election,'' read one sign. Another declared, ''No Obama Care.''

''I certainly catch it from both sides,'' Perriello said. [link]
Here's your problem as I see it, Tom. You vote for ObamaCare, in whatever form it ends up taking, and you'll have the undying support of Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.

But neither votes in your district.

The increasingly conservative - and increasingly angry - people of the 5th Congressional District do.

The decision is yours, big guy. Vote with the liberals up north and get a good write-up in the New York Times. And in a few short months begin looking for gainful employment.

Or do what this democratic republic of ours demands: Representation.

The Roanoke Times Solution

The problem:

College-Entrance Test Scores Flagging

The solution:

Quit testing.

The end of "rigidity." The end of flagging test scores. Everyone's happy.

You Were Warned

It don't get better than this. Even the rabidly liberal New York Times editorial page is wondering what the heck ObamaCare is these days:
The Public Plan

For the sake of a health care deal, President Obama is hinting that he may be willing to drop the idea of a government-run insurance plan to compete with private insurers and hold down premium costs. He should not give up without first getting a strong alternative to achieve the same goals — and so far there is nothing very strong on the political horizon.

If Mr. Obama wants to jettison the now-weakened public plan to dampen overheated opposition, he should say what he will insist on instead. [link]
Fat chance.

There is a saying in the fine art of euchre. "Never send a boy." Out of fear of being accused of being a racist, I can't use that saying in this context, but be it understood:

You were warned that Obama was an amateur. A no-experience lightweight. And now you are dismayed that The Man With The Plan, the Man Who Exudes Goodness and Light, Mr. Hope & Change, is irreversibly befuddled and flailing and has no plan at all.

Well, you wanted Mr. Sunshine. Now you're going to live with him.

- - -

Said a seasoned politician not that long ago:

"Let’s just get everybody together. Let’s get unified. The skies will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect."

The Democrats chose celestial choirs over her pragmatism. See what it got them. And us.

Why We'll Win This Fight

There's one very big reason. Those on the other side of the "climate change" debate are absolute morons:

McGuinty's home flooded during recent rains
By Patrick Dare, The Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa — Climate change is hitting home for Premier Dalton McGuinty this summer as his residence in Alta Vista has been flooded.

McGuinty told reporters at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference Tuesday that recent heavy rains in Ottawa have caused basement flooding in his home and he has called a contractor to repair the exterior foundation.

He said the flooding has not involved sewage and he isn’t certain when it began.

But he said the experience is a reminder that climate change is real and that it will mean more severe weather, rather than simply warmer weather.

The city has been instructed by Environment Minister John Gerretsen to examine the issue of climate change as part of the research being done in advance of controversial development in [a section of Ottawa]. [link]
There is actually some method to the madness. The city is catching all kinds of hell over the fact that homes have flooded and drainage systems put in place by local government have failed. Using "climate change" as a bogeyman to divert attention from their incompetence is a time-honored political ploy.

It's easier to pass laws - and ordinances - that require a change in the planet's climatic conditions than to create conditions that allow for storm drains to function well. Nobody'll ever be held accountable for that. That's government as we've come to know it.

To the point: Heavy rains hit Ottawa. For the first time in history. Global warming is the cause.

For the love of God.

Headline of the Day

It was a good story line for the mainstream press while it lasted.

Alas ...

White right-wing nut who created Obama Joker image neither white nor right-wing

Is this place great or what?

More From Boucher's Town Hall Meeting

"Salt Lick" was there:
“I have a problem with this government option plan,” Boucher said. “I’m troubled that the government-option plan could become very popular and if it became sufficiently popular it could begin to crowd out the other” private insurance companies.”

This is the kind of reporting that has long made me mistrust the Roanoke Times. I didn't carry a recorder, but I'm sure that statement was followed by something like "But, there are regulations and procedures that we can write into this bill, safeguards which will guarantee protection for your individual insurance. Charges that the public option will inevitably harm private insurance are mere scare tactics."

Boucher made it clear he considers the public option an essential part of any health care "reform." Despite his being a politician, as you write, Jerry, I do respect him for being up front about his sincere, though I think wrong, faith in big government as a way to solve our problems.
I'm sure he's sincere.

And I'm just as sure he's wrong.

Thanks, Salt Lick.

- - -

For those of you who are trying to sift through all this, the problem with the "public option" (government coverage), as it's being offered, is that it will allow employers to dump their private health insurance plans and force their employees to sign on to the government plan. Quickly. Before long, there'd be only a government health insurance plan. Not by mandate, but by business response to the government mandate.

You want the people who make you stand in line for a license plate overseeing your open-heart surgery? Neither do I.

This Makes My Day

It's about time that the assholes who have been most responsible for the mess America is in be called to account.

The arrogant and condescending - and very responsible - Barney Frank gets his:

Rep. Frank, Critics Face Off at Town Hall Event
By Fox News

It was a tough crowd Tuesday night at the senior center in Dartmouth, Mass. But neither Rep. Barney Frank nor his critics seemed to back down.

The often contentious town hall-style event with the Democratic congressman, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, drew more than 500 people, some shouting and booing as Frank spoke.

The topics ranged from health care reform to financial issues, such as the federal bank bailouts. Big government policies fueled much of the outrage expressed at the forum, as has been the case at other town hall events attended this month by members of Congress.

At least two dozen protesters gathered in small groups outside, handing out pamphlets and holding signs criticizing the overhaul, Obama and Frank. Some of the posters read: "It's the economy stupid, stop the spending" and "Healthcare reform yes, government takeover, no. Tort Reform Now."

Audrey Steele, 82, from New Bedford, said she does not want the government to get involved with health care because "they just make a mess of everything," referring to the $700 billion bailout of financial institutions that was used to pay for lavish conferences and hefty executive compensation. [link]
I don't care if Frank didn't back down. He got some heat. It's about time. The press never do it, so it's up to the people of Massachusetts to hold politicians like him accountable.

Thanks, Massachusetts.