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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lighting a Candle In The Dark

I suppose, since Congressman Rick Boucher is hinting that he may support "health care co-ops" rather than Obama's government health care plan, you should know what he's talking about. What is a co-op?

First, Boucher. We got this bit of news from the Roanoke Times report about his town hall meeting that took place in Abingdon the other day:

"Throughout the three-hour town hall, Boucher repeatedly touted co-ops as a better solution to the public option. Boucher said 'It simply isn't feasible,' for a public plan to pass the Senate and that he believes the debate is shifting toward embracing the co-op alternative."

So what are co-ops?

Government health care.

Here's Michael O. Leavitt, a man who, as a former Secretary of Health and Human Services, ought to know something about that which he writes:
Health 'Co-ops' Are Government Care
Wall Street Journal

Responding to a building wave of opposition to the "public option," the Obama administration is now signaling that it may dress up government health care in yet another set of clothes. This time, it will be called a health insurance "co-op."

The Democrats are insisting that their version of a "co-op" wouldn't be government-run health care, but I ran Medicare and Medicaid as secretary of Health and Human Services, and I know this isn't true. When Washington provides the money, names the directors and ultimately pays the bills, government controls health care. Lobbyists will lobby, Congress will respond, and bureaucrats will decide who gets care, what drugs are prescribed, what procedures are covered, and how much money providers can charge. This is true for Medicare, it's true for Medicaid, and it would be true of Mr. Conrad's "co-ops."

Every American needs to have access to affordable health insurance. But we don't need a "public option" that would jeopardize the employer-provided insurance of millions—an option that employers would be able to choose at their employees' expense. And we don't need the government running a bunch of so-called "co-ops," rationing care at taxpayers' expense.

The Democrats are getting worried that the Trojan Horse they have offered in the form of a "public option" has been spotted for what it is. So now they are looking for a new way to get government-run health care through the gates.

Let none of us be co-opted by their latest ploy. [link]
Don't be co-opted.

Refuse to be co-opted.

Tell Boucher NO.

Hell, no.

Taxes To Go Up?

Well, Creigh Deeds tried to use the abortion thingie and that didn't go anywhere. So now he's trying a new ploy. The Democratic candidate for governor wants people to believe he's Mark Warner.

Or something ...
Deeds focuses on Mark Warner ties in Va. gov race
By Matthew Barakat, Associated Press Writer

Fairfax, Va. (AP) -- Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds sought Friday to link his campaign for governor to Virginia's most popular politician, promising to govern in the mold of Sen. Mark Warner and seek bipartisan solutions for transportation and economic development.

In a speech Friday dubbed by his campaign as a "defining moment," Deeds told nearly 200 supporters at George Mason University that his record as a legislator is proof that he will seek practical solutions to the biggest problems confronting the state. [link]

I thought his abortion speech delineated his "defining moment."

Guess not.

Now his "Hey, look at me; I'm wearing the same 'ties' Mark Warner wears" speech is his defining moment.*

Uh, I don't think so. Got a Defining Moment III in the works, there, Deedsy?

- - -

* Get it? "Deeds focuses on Mark Warner ties in Va. gov race." Oh, never mind.

But That's Not Fair

What's this? Monogamous homosexuals can now serve as clergy in the (very liberal) Evangelical Lutheran Church?

Why be so neanderthal? Why discriminate against promiscuous homosexual preachers?

Bigots ...

A Question. An Answer.

Why is it, you suppose, that Obama's invocation of the name of the Lord God Almighty when he gave a talk about health care the other day fell so flat?

Did America find his religious fervor to be less than believable?

Here you have a man who sat in the pews of Trinity United Methodist Church for twenty years but never listened to what his preacher was saying.

Religious conviction? Please. Take it somewhere else.

This Was So Predicted

Let's get this out of the way quickly. You're all racists.

And in today's news ...
Desperate Measures
By Jonah Goldberg, New York Post

What if America transcended race, and Barack Obama wasn't invited?

The question comes to mind as cries of racism grow ever louder from Obama's supporters.

No one should be surprised. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, liberal Democrats have to accuse their opponents of racism. Indeed, somewhat to their credit, fighting racism -- alas, even where it doesn't exist -- is one reason they became liberal Democrats in the first place.

And that's the great irony of the Obama presidency. It was Obama's supporters who hinted, teased, promised or prophesied that Obama would help America "transcend race." But now, it is they who shrink from their own promised land.

Suddenly, if conservatives want to transcend race, we have to agree to massive increases in the size of government and socialized medicine.

That's not transcending race, it's using Obama's race to bully the opposition into acquiescence. Actually transcending race would require treating Obama like any other president. [link]

And that's why I treat Obama like any other two-bit, lowlife, liberal politician. I've transcended race. I don't care about the color of his skin.

Which drives the real racists in this country - those who need for racism to exist in this country - completely nuts.

Too bad. Live with it.

Time Out

Sorry. I had to get up from my morning reading (and writing) to go outside and check out the noise. A pack of coyotes was yipping and howling out in the darkness some 100 yards to the north of the house. I never see them, but they certainly make their presence known.

Maybe they're celebrating a catch. Breakfast. One of Paula's cats.

Okay, the cacophony has stopped. Back to the newspapers.

Why We Now Call It 'Climate Change'

Because if we continued to call it global warming, we couldn't write deceptive shit like this:
Climate change: intense cold front has killed 20,000 alpaca in Puno so far this year
Peruvian Times

Climate change continues to wreck [sic] havoc in Peru’s southern Altiplano, where the arrival of freezing temperatures since March — almost three months earlier than usual — have killed at least 20,000 alpaca, reported Peru’s National Agriculture and Sanitation Service, or Senasa.

Since January, approximately 20,000 alpaca – a number that still remains within normal limits – have died, and 73,000 others have suffered from various illnesses due to the cold, said Senasa Director Reinaldo Llano Flores. [link]
Climate change killed a bunch of alpaca. A true statement.

Now you understand.

We're Surrounded By Nitwits

Here's a quote from California's most intelligent United States Senator:

“The real culprit in my mind is global warming."

What's Democrat Dianne Feinstein referring to?

"The degradation of Lake Tahoe."

For the love of God.

Out of Control

Understand: No one in government today is trying to stop this:
Obama to raise 10-year deficit to $9 trillion
By Jeff Mason, Reuters

Washington (Reuters) - The Obama administration will raise its 10-year budget deficit projection to approximately $9 trillion from $7.108 trillion in a report next week, a senior administration official told Reuters on Friday.

The higher deficit figure, based on updated economic data, brings the White House budget office into line with outside estimates and gives further fuel to President Barack Obama's opponents, who say his spending plans are too expensive in light of budget shortfalls.

Record-breaking deficits have raised concerns about America's ability to finance its debt and whether the United States can maintain its top-tier AAA credit rating. [link]
This can't sit well with the Chinese, who own three-quarters of a trillion of our debt. I wonder what they think of Obama's fiscal train wreck?


Obama Claims We're 'All Wee-Weed Up'

Nation scratches it collective head.