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Thursday, September 03, 2009


Get out pen and paper and take notes. This is how you refute a boneheaded Washington Post article (written by one Andrew Freedman) having to do with the mysticism we've come to know as global warming theory. Line by jack-hammered line.

My favorite hammer blow from the incomparable Marc Morano:
How is the “climate system run amok?” Where is the evidence for this, Mr. Freedman? You claim it has run amok particularly in the developing world, but you do not provide evidence beyond what could, might, may, happen based on computer models that violate the basic principles of forecasting and that even the UN does not call “predictions.”

If you would open your mind and allow journalistic objectivity and balance to slip in about global warming, you would find that man-made climate change is not killing the developing world's poor -- poverty is!
Ouch. That had to hurt.

Truth. Pain. Joy. Thanks, Marc.

OK, This Isn't Funny

But I must confess that I chuckled heartily when I read the news that Hillary Clinton has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to men being men. In the news:
Afghan U.S. Embassy patrol in 'deviant' parties with booze, hookers - report
By Richard Sisk, New York Daily News

Washington - Secretary of State Clinton ordered an investigation on Tuesday into the Animal House revels of private guards at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan - including booze, hookers and other "deviant behavior."

The investigation by the State Department's inspector general follows a shocking report to Clinton by the nonprofit Project on Government Oversight detailing a "Lord of the Flies environment" at the Camp Sullivan compound a few miles from the embassy in Kabul. Prostitutes allegedly were brought in for birthday parties, drunken guards engaged in brawls and boozy lawn parties turned into naked affairs where guests urinated on one another, according to photos and videos obtained by the nonprofit group.

Clinton has "zero tolerance" for the behavior described and has directed a "review of the whole system" for farming out security to private contractors that may have threatened the safety of embassy personnel, Kelly said. [link]
First, I'm not sure what business it is of Mrs. Busybody what these private contractors do on their own time. But she does hand out the paychecks.

Second, I don't condone "booze, hookers and other 'deviant behavior.'" Except on the weekends.

Third, and this is why I chuckle, take a trip down memory lane with me into Clinton's "zero-tolerance" land of make-believe:

In Jan. 1994, The American Spectator published an article detailing claims by two Arkansas state troopers who facilitated extramarital affairs and claimed to have seen then-Gov. Bill Clinton in compromising positions with dozens of women. Trooper Larry Patterson stated that since 1987, there were numerous long-term liaisons with women including the now well-known relationship with Gennifer Flowers. These included a staffer in Clinton's office; an Arkansas lawyer who was a Clinton appointee to a judgeship; the wife of a prominent judge; a local reporter; an employee at Arkansas Power and Light, and a cosmetic sales clerk at a Little Rock department store.

There were also many brief affairs and one-time encounters involving Clinton and numerous women. The Arkansas state troopers said they were often called upon to act as intermediaries to arrange and conceal Clinton's extramarital encounters. They said they frequently picked up and delivered gifts from Clinton to various women, and often drove Clinton to meetings with women. "We were more than bodyguards. We had to lie, cheat and cover up for that man," said Larry Patterson. [Los Angeles Times, Dec. 21, 1993] [source: Clinton Memorial Library.com]

No word on whether Wild Bill ever got drunk and urinated on anyone, of course. Hillary drew the line there. That would have been ... deviant.

Not With a Bang ...

... but a whimper.

This would once have been big news.

Now it's greeted with a whatever:

Diane Sawyer to Replace Charles Gibson As 'World News' Anchor

I haven't watched this program in years. And I won't be watching it for years to come. I get my fill of lefty propaganda each day long before the evening news comes on the telly. I couldn't stomach any more.

But I do wish Sawyer and her handful of loyal viewers well.

What We Have To Look Forward To

... if ObamaCare passes:

Patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help end their lives, leading doctors have warned.

This, of course. is happening in Britain. But it's Britain's system that the Democrats in this country are wanting to pattern our health care delivery (and non-delivery) after.

With leftists Obama supporters now openly calling for ObamaCare to include rationing, and with the preponderance of our dollars currently going toward keeping the elderly alive and healthy, can "The British Way" be too far behind?

I fear for Granny.

- - -

* In the article cited above, entitled "Health-Care Rationing: Bring it On," in Newsweek, the point we're all getting tired of refuting is made once again. That is: Health care is already being rationed in this country - by insurance companies. But unlike Britain, where the NHS is the only provider to choose from, and where rationing is now a way of life, people in this country are not locked into buying insurance from a particular provider. In fact, they're not forced by government to buy insurance at all. Yet.