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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Out of the Frying Pan ...

... and into the fire:
Investors gird for post-recession inflation
By Patrice Hill, Washington Times

Brushing aside statistics that show an annual inflation rate of less than zero, investors already are selling off dollars and driving up the price of gold in anticipation of a surge in prices as soon as the economy recovers from its deep recession.

Many economists think deflation is still a greater worry, but the fear of inflation has prompted a reprise of last year's speculative interest in oil and other commodities, which this decade have proved to be good hedges against inflation. That, in turn, can be a self-fulfilling strategy, as pouring money into commodities drives up prices.

Energy prices rose sharply this spring and summer, driven by the revived speculative interest and expectations of a global recovery, but recently have leveled off to about $70 a barrel. [link]
These are strange times. The experts are worried about deflation and inflation at the same time. What's someone not in the know supposed to do?


He Is Legend

While the mainstream press did its best to demonize the guy, Joe Wilson becomes a celebrity in the eyes of the voting public. And with celebrity comes cash:
No lie! Obama heckler aids Va. House GOP cash bid
By Bob Lewis, AP Political Writer

Richmond, Va. (AP) -- The South Carolina congressman who heckled President Barack Obama during his health reform speech is helping Virginia Republican legislative candidates raise money.

No lie!

Rep. Joe Wilson, who yelled "You lie!" at Obama during the televised address e-mailed a fundraising solicitation for Virginia Speaker Bill Howell's Dominion Leadership Trust.

Wilson begins by saying he's "learned what it's like to be the No. 1 target of liberal Democrats."

Those same Democrats, he wrote in his donor appeal, want to overtake a six-seat GOP majority in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Howell aide Paul Nardo said with Virginia House Republicans under attack from Democrats, big labor and others, the speaker needs the money and Wilson knows how to raise it. [link]
I think part of the winning strategy has to do with the fact that, when it comes to you Democrats in Washington, all America knows YOU LIE!

What a Bunch Of Hooey

I can't believe these fools even consider this to be anything other than laughable:
U.N. Sets an Example by Offsetting Its Carbon Emissions
By Elisabeth Rosenthal, New York Times

Like most large international conferences, the United Nations climate summit meeting in New York this week generated a hefty dose of greenhouse gas emissions.

Hundreds of presidents, prime ministers and officials from across the globe this week took airplanes to the United Nations meeting, some accompanied by dozens of people. Limousines and motorcades ferried the dignitaries from airports to meetings to hotels and back, often getting stuck in Midtown Manhattan gridlock.

But since the goal of this meeting was to reduce the global emissions that have been linked to global warming, the United Nations decided to try to do something about all the carbon dioxide produced by the delegates: it bought carbon offsets.

Under a new and expanding program for offsetting emissions, United Nations administrators calculated that the meeting would generate the equivalent of 461 tons of carbon dioxide, with air travel being the single largest component. They offset those emissions by directing money to a power project in rural Andhra Pradesh, India, through which agricultural leftovers like rice husks and sunflower stalks are turned into electricity for the local grid. [link]
I can't keep from smiling. These jokers are still polluting the planet. But they "offset" that pollution by giving taxpayer money to some faraway organization that turns rice husks into electricity? And that gets them off the hook?

Do they think we're all that stupid?

Quote of the Day

From Ken Shepherd:
"It's the most explosive moment for the soda industry since the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment," CBS's Katie Couric quipped of a proposed federal soda tax in her September 18 Notebook video on CBSNews.com (embedded at right).

While careful not to explicitly endorse a proposed one-cent-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks, Couric hinted that taxing sodas could help curb obesity, because, after all, "some lawmakers say taxes on cigarettes have reduced smoking and raised revenues."

Pledging to help soda-drinking Americans lose weight while simultaneously thinning their wallets -- and fattening Uncle Sam's coffers -- certainly appeals to the self-appointed food police and tax-hiking liberals, but it's likely to cause average Americans to gripe about having to pay taxes for the harmless guilty pleasure of cracking open an ice-cold soda pop.

Yet Couric sees only a downside to that dastardly profitable soft drink industry, not average Americans tired of government intrusion into their personal choices.
She, like all her friends, lives in a land far, far away.

The Slide Continues

And it's a long way to the bottom.

Of course, we have plenty of time to watch the descent:
Poll Reflects Afghan War Doubts
By Jonathan Weisman, Wall Street Journal

President Barack Obama faces significant doubts from the American public about the war in Afghanistan and his handling of foreign policy, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. At the same time, he has shored up support for his top domestic priority following this month's health-care speech to Congress.

e poll of more than 1,000 adults, taken within the past week, shows growing optimism that the economy has begun to turn around. And the president's overall approval rating has held steady at 51% since August, as his message on health care has clearly begun to penetrate.

But the survey also has some strong warnings for Mr. Obama.

For the first time, independent voters -- who delivered Mr. Obama the White House and Democrats control of Congress -- disapprove of the job he is doing, by 46% compared with the 41% who approve. In July, 49% of independents approved of the president, against 38% who disapproved.

New doubts about the president have coincided with new hopes for Republicans, who appeared flattened by the election nearly a year ago. [link]
Maybe he should do himself a favor and go back to writing books about himself.

He had all the answers to the questions he was asking himself back then. Alas.

Seniors, Listen Up

I think it's high time Barack Obama read some of the health care bills working their way through Congress. In doing so, he wouldn't look like such a moron when his own people have to correct him:
Budget chief contradicts Obama on Medicare costs
By Erica Werner, Associated Press

Washington — Congress' chief budget officer is contradicting President Barack Obama's oft-stated claim that seniors wouldn't see their Medicare benefits cut under a health care overhaul.

The head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Elmendorf, told senators Tuesday that seniors in Medicare's managed care plans would see reduced benefits under a bill in the Finance Committee.

The bill would cut payments to the Medicare Advantage plans by more than $100 billion over 10 years.

Elmendorf said the changes would reduce the extra benefits that would be made available to beneficiaries.

Obama says cuts to Medicare providers won't reduce seniors' benefits. [link]
He's probably going to try and tell us that Medicare benefits won't be cut because he's going to offset rising costs with waste, fraud, and abuse control. Which is the first and last refuge of political scoundrels.

But if this passes, Medicare Advantage will be slashed. Pure and simple.

But to the point. Obama doesn't know what he's talking about. So why should anyone listen?