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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Classic Media Spin

How do you take the contradictory - and, by anyone's standards, embarrassing - words and actions of a favored political candidate and turn them into a positive?

Well, here's how the Washington Post does it (or attempts to do it ...):
At 51, Deeds frequently describes himself as a "work in progress" -- the product of growing up on a farm, on the hard side of a mountain where the unexpected was the norm and where anyone who couldn't compromise was inviting failure.

To supporters, his capacity for change suggests the promise of his leadership: that, never having been wed to ideology, he is capable of responding even-handedly to the array of economic and social challenges facing Virginia. To his skeptics, the trait merely evinces Deeds's habit of trying to appeal to different constituencies by saying "yes" and "no" to the same question.

Deeds's climb up the ladder of the House of Delegates, the state Senate and a successful Democratic primary run represents the triumph of political malleability over ideology. He has spent a career trimming and finessing positions to win votes in the General Assembly and expand his coalition by building a statewide profile as a somewhat conservative and unpredictable Democrat.
"Trimming and finessing."  That's how the Post describes Deeds's being for tax increases but opposed to them.  And being for gay marriage amendments while at the same time being opposed to them.  Being against gun control before he was for it before he was against it.

Trimming and finessing.

I don't know.

Down here in Southwest Virginia, where "finessing" is something we do with a post hole digger and woven wire farm finesse, we prefer to think that Deeds's words and actions exemplify the fact that he either has his head buried up his ass and hasn't the first clue as to what he believes, or he's just another two-bit, lying northern (forget where he once called home) liberal politician who doesn't believe in anything beyond getting elected.

In either case, his "trimming and finessing" need to be trimmed and finessed outta here.

And as for the Post's feeble attempt at spinning Deeds's flip-flops into something not so damaging, may I humbly suggest that the geniuses there get someone else to to the ... deed.  This effort didn't cut it.  Why not give James Carville a call?  I hear he's looking for gainful employment.

Why Not?

As might be expected:

It's easier than actually creating conditions such that jobs in this country are NO LONGER BEING LOST.

Global Warmists Aren't Just Wrong

They're manipulators and racketeers.

So we're going to alter our way of life based on evidence provided by these snakes?
The great global warming scam
By Melanie Phillips, The Spectator

Yet another scientific scandal has come to light which knocks another whopping crater in the already shattered theory of anthropogenic global warming. Eight peer-reviewed studies, which for years have played a significant supporting role behind the IPPC’s claims of AGW, have been shown to be fraudulent. [link]
It is based upon this fraud that the House of Representatives - including my congressman - voted to tax America into oblivion.

Madness.  Absolute madness.

The Last Word

On Obama's miserable failure in Copenhagen, Don Surber:
Danes explain why Obama failed

It comes down to respect.

President Obama showed none.

And in the end, the Olympics committee returned the favor by humiliating the president of the United States, according to stories in the Berlingske Tidende newspaper in Copenhagen.

Obama showed dumb diplomacy. He was ill-prepared and his staff failed to lay the foundation for his appearance. He came off as an ugly American who knew nothing about the territory and who felt the world somehow owed him something.

Lesson learned? I doubt it.

Meanwhile, Pele and President Lula of Brazil wept. They played the game right. They actually learned the rules and worked to earn it, rather than flying in and demanding it. [link]

This isn't the first time Obama has been accused of coming across like that arrogant, vainglorious "Ugly American."  It won't be the last.

Lesson learned? I doubt it.

The Obligatory David Letterman Post

I should write something pithy about Letterman having sex with his employees.  But I'll be honest, the subject - Letterman - has never risen to the level of being interesting enough to deserve comment.  He has always bored me.  Extraordinarily so.

Because, I suppose, east coast types seem to like his ... humor (?), his is an east coast story.  I'll let them deal with him.  I have absolutely no interest.