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Thursday, October 08, 2009

When Newspapers Become Fax Machines

You must admit, it's a whole lot easier and cost-effective to simply reprint memos that come across the fax than to pay reporters to go out and dig up stories.

That's how you end up reading non-stories like this:
Seniors walk 25 miles to fight mountaintop mining
Associated Press

Charleston, W.Va. (AP) -- Nine environmental activists over age 55 are starting a five-day, 25-mile march to protest mountaintop removal mining in southern West Virginia.

Led by 81-year-old military veteran Roland Micklem of Richmond, Va., the group will depart Thursday morning after a rally at the Capitol in Charleston.

Other supporters will join them periodically as they make their way to Massey Energy's Mammoth mine in eastern Kanawha County by Monday afternoon.

There, they plan to engage in an unspecified act of civil disobedience.

Climate Ground Zero is organizing the march with Mountain Justice, Intergenerational Justice and Christians for the Mountains. [link]
Any bets on who sent the fax to the AP?

Nine old farts taking a five-day walk in the mountains.  Nine.  Stop the presses.

In fact, if you guys at the AP can't do better than this, please stop the presses.

What Did You Expect?

So you know, unemployment in Montgomery County is up 49% from a year ago ( 4.9% in 2008, 7.2% in 2009).

But do the folks in Christiansburg care?

Not even:
Christiansburg council vetoes concrete plant
By Sharla Bardin, Roanoke Times

Christiansburg -- Town council denied Tuesday a request to locate a concrete plant in the town's Industrial Park.

Boxley, a customer-directed supplier of concrete mixes, had requested a zoning permit for property on the southern side of Prospect Drive for a concrete-ready mix-batch plant in the general industrial district.

However, residents and some tenants in the Industrial Park expressed concerns about the dust and noise generated by the plant, the additional traffic on an already congested Roanoke Street and worries about Boxley oversaturating the concrete market. [?] [link]
Aw, it was only jobs. What the heck.

All those unemployed Volvo workers will just have to get used to Obama's handouts.  There'll be no smelly concrete plant in THE INDUSTRIAL PARK IN CHRISTIANSBURG THAT DOESN'T ALLOW INDUSTRY on its premises.

Good grief.  It's an industrial park!  What did you all think it was going to be used for?  A brothel?  A library?  An unemployment office?  A museum devoted to all the industries that once thrived in the area but are now gone because of small-minded citizens who don't give a damn if their neighbors have jobs or not and are more concerned about possible smells and noisy dump trucks than the future of their very own children and grandchildren?

Christiansburg bans industry from its industrial park.  Beam me up, Scotty.

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave

I ask you: Is this marker at Bobby Kennedy's grave in Arlington National Cemetery against the law?

How about these that can be found at the American cemetery in Normandy, France?

If the hate-consumed reactionaries in this country get their way, all crosses on federal land will disappear.  By government edict.

Here's where it all starts:
Supreme Court Hears Mojave Cross Case
By Ariane de Vogue, ABC News

Deep in the heart of the Mojave National Preserve in California stands a five foot cross carefully disguised in a plywood box.

The U.S. Park Service was forced to cover the cross until the Supreme Court decides whether the cross can remain in its place as a monument to fallen soldiers during World War I, or whether it must come down because its presence violates the Constitution.

The case is the latest in a recent flurry of challenges to religious symbols placed on public property.
The cross was constructed more than 70 years ago by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

It stood peacefully for over 60 years the Park Service was asked if a Buddhist Shrine could also be built near the cross. [link]
All this over the phrase, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion ..."

I've always been perplexed by the notion that those who follow one belief system - atheism - and it is a belief system - are allowed to hold sway in the eyes of the law over those who hold a different belief system.  Doesn't the next part of that same 1st Amendment to the Constitution read "... or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ..."?

It seems to me the proper reading of that phrase requires that the United States government be prohibited from prohibiting the free exercise of religion regardless where it takes place.

Let the Christian cross stand.  Let the Buddhists have their shrine.  Let us celebrate our heritage.  Let us honor those who made this nation great.  And let us worship without fear of federal marshals arresting us for praying on forbidden land.  Land that WE own.  Federal marshals that WE employ.  A government that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.

We The People.

- - -

By the way, here's what that cross in the desert looks like right now:

It's covered with plywood.  To please those of the atheist faith.

For the love of God.  How did it come to this?

That $780 Billion 'Stimulus'? We Want It Back!

As was predicted by much smarter people than those who control the purse strings in Washington:
Obama plan stirs little
By Donald Lambro, Washington Times

The idea is pure, long-discredited Keynesian economics, the economic equivalent of 18th-century bloodletting. First you bleed the patient - i.e., economy, by taking capital out of it through increased debt, then you begin returning the money a little at a time by turning it over to lawmakers, bureaucrats, governors and mayors to spend on a wish list of pork-barrel and income-redistribution projects.

Nine months and 2.7 million lost jobs later, the unemployment rate is at nearly 10 percent - much higher if you count millions of people who have given up looking for work ...

Stanford economists John Cogan and John Taylor recently went over the stimulus plan with a fine tooth comb in search of its results. "Simply put, there is no evidence that the stimulus package has helped the economy. Virtually all of the improvement in the economy's growth from the first to the second quarter is the result of private investment in plant, equipment and inventories that are unrelated to anything in the stimulus package," Mr. Cogan told me.

[L]ast Friday's Labor Department report said 263,000 jobs were lost last month, following 201,000 jobs lost in August. All told, more than 15.1 million Americans were without work in September. U.S. factory orders tumbled, auto sales sank, credit was tight and foreclosures were still rising. [link]
Obama was told his misguided stimulus plan wouldn't work.  He ignored the warning and proceeded to blow $780,000,000,000 of our grandchildrens' money on the silly scheme anyway.

Well, we want that money back, Barry.

And don't even think about trying it again.


I have to tell you, I love these ad links that the McDonnell campaign is putting in strategic locations on-line.  Without even going to the linked site, the damage to Creigh Deeds is done.

Check out the facial expression and the tag line.  They are devastating:

I don't know who's doing McDonnell's creative marketing work, but I love the guy.  Or gal.  And the ad placement.

If I were Bob, I might start worrying about building a sympathy vote bloc out there.  Deeds looks that defeated.

When Amateurs Become Decision-Makers ...

... you get decision-makers who have no idea what decisions to make.

And we have the Amateur-in-Chief now running the war on terror.

The money quote from "Civilian, Military Officials at Odds Over Resources Needed for Afghan Mission" in this morning's Washington Post:
The failure to reach a shared understanding of the resources required to execute the strategy has complicated the White House's response to the grim assessment of the war by the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan, forcing the president to decide, in effect, what his administration really meant when it endorsed a counterinsurgency plan.
The president has to decide what he meant.

For the love of God.

Congress May HURT The Environment?

You know that dastardly carbon footprint that you're leaving wherever you go?  Well, it may be contributing to a HEALTHIER planet:
Scientist: Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Global Warming
By Paul Bedard, U.S. News & World Report

A noted geologist who coauthored the New York Times bestseller Sugar Busters has turned his attention to convincing Congress that carbon dioxide emissions are good for Earth and don't cause global warming. Leighton Steward is on Capitol Hill this week armed with studies and his book Fire, Ice and Paradise in a bid to show senators working on the energy bill that the carbon dioxide cap-and-trade scheme could actually hurt the environment by reducing CO2 levels.

"I'm trying to kill the whole thing," he says. "We are tilting at windmills." He is meeting with several GOP lawmakers and has plans to meet with some Democrats later this week.

Much of the global warming debate has focused on reducing CO2 emissions because it is thought that the greenhouse gas produced mostly from fossil fuels is warming the planet. But Steward, who once believed CO2 caused global warming, is trying to fight that with a mountain of studies and scientific evidence that suggest CO2 is not the cause for warming. What's more, he says CO2 levels are so low that more, not less, is needed to sustain and expand plant growth.

Trying to debunk theories that higher CO2 levels cause warming, he cites studies that show CO2 levels following temperature spikes, prompting him to back other scientists who say that global warming is caused by solar activity. [link]
"Global warming is caused by solar activity."

And unless we can figure out a way to control the Sun, we will never control the warming - and the cooling - of the planet.

Control the Sun?  For that we need Al Gore.

Well, This Can't Be Good

How's Al Gore going to make a living going forward if the planet continues to cool and that much-discussed Arctic ice melt has reversed itself?

Why, he'll have to get a job for the first time in his life.

The troubling (to him) news:
Over the Summer, a Spread of Thicker Arctic Ice
By Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times

The National Snow and Ice Data Center released its summary of summer sea-ice conditions in the Arctic on Tuesday, noting a substantial expansion of the extent of “second-year ice” — floes thick enough to have persisted through two summers of melting. The result could be a reprieve, at least for a while, from the recent stretch of remarkable summer meltdowns.

According to the center, second-year ice this summer made up 32 percent of the total ice cover on the Arctic Ocean, compared with 21 percent in 2007 and 9 percent in 2008. The percentage of ice that was many years old, forming thick pancaked expanses, was at its lowest since satellite observations began 30 years ago. But that could change next year as the second-year ice adds mass through the long winter freeze. [link]
So all the alarmism and diaper wetting prove to be based on nothing more than hysteria. Coupled with the desire, in some cases, to profit off of the weaknesses of others.  The age old flimflam.

So scratch another argument that had been used by the global warming crackpots.  The Arctic isn't melting after all.

We will live another day.