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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where Are His Priorities?

On the same morning that I read about Obama wanting to make the United States military more "inclusive," by inviting homosexuals to participate in their group activities, I read this from an Obama supporter (in "Obama's Nobel and His Obligation to Afghanistan"):
There is surely a strong temptation to conform his better judgment to popular opinion. If he chooses this politically safe route and does not give his military commander on the ground the resources needed to win, history will judge him harshly. Great American leaders of our past have ignored popular sentiment and pressed on during the darkest hours, even when setbacks give rhetorical ammunition to the skeptics. [Thank you, President Bush]

[O]ur leaders must remain focused on the fact that success in Afghanistan bolsters our national security and yes, our moral reputation. This war is not Vietnam. The Taliban are not popular and have very little support other than what they secure through terror.

Afghanistan is also not Iraq. No serious leader in Kabul is asking us to leave. Instead we are being asked to withdraw by American leaders who begin their analysis with the presumption that victory is not possible. They seem to want to ensure defeat by leaving at the very moment when our military leader on the ground has laid out a coherent and compelling strategy for victory.

When it comes to foreign policy, almost nothing matters more then [sic] your friends and your enemies knowing you will keep your word and follow through on your commitments. This is the real test of presidential leadership. I hope that President Obama - soon to be a Nobel laureate - passes with flying colors.
While mentioning Obama abandoning our friends and allies, former Senator Bob Kerrey might also have mentioned the abandonment of the men and women who valiantly serve this country and who were sent to Afghanistan to achieve ... something.  Who are fighting and dying on his orders.

But Obama doesn't give a damn about them.

He's more concerned about the military meeting its obligation to perform as a social club.  One where "human rights" violations won't be tolerated.  Where homosexuals are to welcomed with open arms.  Or else.

Absolutely shameful.

That 'Hope' Thing Again

Liberals are such suckers.  Use the word "hope" in conversation with them, and they'll throw themselves at your feet.

Take for example your typical Washington Post journalist:
Obama’s Nobel might help U.S., journalist tells audience at Virginia Intermont
By Roger Brown, Bristol Herald Courier

Bristol, Va. – While it is surprising that President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize just nine months into his presidency, the honor might help America’s efforts to end conflicts and win support around the world, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist said Saturday while visiting Bristol.

“It’s a little surprising he got this already, because he has hasn’t ended any conflicts,” said author and Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, who specializes in military and national-security affairs. “But I think it represents [a belief] on the part of the Nobel committee that he is giving people hope that he will.” [link]
He is giving people ... hope.

Loyalty comes cheap these days.

Regarding That Nobel Peace Prize

I wonder why they didn't award it - posthumously - to the man who saved hundreds of millions of lives.

Instead, they tossed it to someone who reads from a teleprompter with proficiency.


Bill Ayres Smiles

There is a part of me that wonders some days if Obama isn't intentionally trying to wreck this country.

Today is one of those days:
U.S. Blocks Oil Drilling at 60 Sites in Utah
By John M. Broder, New York Times

Washington — The Department of the Interior has frozen oil and gas development on 60 of 77 contested drilling sites in Utah, saying the process of leasing the land was rushed and badly flawed.

The 77 government-owned parcels, covering some 100,000 acres in eastern and southern Utah, were leased in the last weeks of the Bush administration. But the leases were immediately challenged by conservation groups, and in January a federal judge blocked drilling on the ground that the Interior Department had failed to follow its own procedures for reviewing the appropriateness of lands designated for oil and gas extraction.

An Interior Department review team then presented Secretary Ken Salazar with a recommendation that drilling be allowed to proceed on 17 of the 77 parcels. But it also said that the leases on eight parcels should be withdrawn and that 52 should be subjected to further study because of potential threats to wildlife and air and water quality. [link]
That couples well with this:

There are probably millions of Americans who are reading this news and saying, "Good. We need to be more mindful of bunny rabbits and tree toads when we're thinking about drilling for oil or mining for coal."

Fine. I hope you are able to stay warm this winter. I hope you're able to find gas for your SUV.

And I hope you get your head someday out of the sand you've got it buried in.

- - -

Here's something that might give everyone pause.  The coalfields of Southwest Virginia are shipping increasing amounts of raw material to China.  Where they don't give two squirts about how caterpillars and weeds will fare when homes need to be heated.

We Still Have Work To Do

I know I should be encouraged by this Gallup poll.  The latest survey data show the country to be more pro-gun than at any time in the last two decades.  But it also shows how far we have yet to go to really feel secure about our right to keep and bear arms without the heavy hand of government succeeding at infringing on that right.

The details:
In U.S., Record-Low Support for Stricter Gun Laws
Forty-four percent favor stricter laws on firearm sales
by Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup

Princeton, NJ -- Gallup finds a new low of 44% of Americans saying the laws covering firearm sales should be made more strict. That is down 5 points in the last year and 34 points from the high of 78% recorded the first time the question was asked, in 1990.
The supporting graph:

The trend is encouraging.

But here's the downer:
Today, Americans are as likely to say the laws governing gun sales should be kept as they are now (43%) as to say they should be made more strict. Until this year, Gallup had always found a significantly higher percentage advocating stricter laws. At the same time, 12% of Americans believe the laws should be less strict, which is low in an absolute sense but ties the highest Gallup has measured for this response.
In addition to the 44% of us who think we need more laws restricting our right to bear arms, another 43% seem to think the ten thousand laws on the books today are just swell.

That is still not acceptable.

The only encouraging part of this survey is found in the fact that the 12% figure - representing those who recognize the fact that we are burdened with far too many gun laws - has grown from 2%.  That's a positive.

But it's still only 12%.

Roll up your sleeves, fellas.  We still have lots of work to do.

Graph courtesy of Gallup.
Click on the image to enlarge it.

As Each Day Goes By ...

... more and more global warming enthusiasts are facing the facts.

The planet is not doing what their experts had predicted.

Now, even the BBC acknowledges the undeniable:
What happened to global warming?
By Paul Hudson, Climate correspondent, BBC News

This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.

But it is true. For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures.

And our climate models did not forecast it, even though man-made carbon dioxide, the gas thought to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued to rise.

So what on Earth is going on? [link]
"What on Earth is going on" will be debated by scientists for years.  What isn't going on is that which climate "scientists," almost to a man, had predicted would be going on.

There are still some holdouts out there.  Next time you hear one whine about carbon footprints and cite "An Inconvenient Truth" as proof of global catastrophe, you would do well to throw this inconvenient truth in his face.