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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Higher Ed Being Starved of Funding?

You might remember Virginia Tech's Center for Creative Technologies in the Arts next time some politician or the Roanoke Times whines about the woeful plight of Virginia's colleges and universities.

Just what Joe Sixpack needs to be paying for right now.  A $42 million funhouse.

For the love of God.

Now There's a Leap

Eugene Robinson, a less than gifted columnist for the Washington Post, goes after Republicans for ...

... hating America?

This, in "Obama's High Bar," is both hilarious and eye-opening:
Somebody explain this to me: The president of the United States wins the Nobel Peace Prize and Rush Limbaugh joins with the Taliban in bitterly denouncing the award? Glenn Beck has a conniption fit and demands that the president not accept what may be the world's most prestigious honor? The Republican National Committee issues a statement sarcastically mocking our nation's leader -- elected, you will recall, by a healthy majority -- as unworthy of such recognition?

Why, oh why, do conservatives hate America so?
Rush "denounced the award" (actually he denounced the committee that issued the award - Norwegians all), and the GOP (along with most of the western world) made mention of the fact that Obama has done nothing - NOTHING - to have earned it, and, because of that, conservatives ... hate America?

Did some editor eliminate a paragraph or two from Eugene's column?  How did it jump from criticism of the committee and mention of Obama's less-than-stellar record (just ask the Saturday Night Live crowd) to hatred of our country?

My guess is, this has nothing to do with editing.  And everything to do with wishful thinking.

Does the Washington Post pay this guy for such tripe?

In Truth

The new darling of the left in this country, now that George Bush is no longer president and the left no longer needs that goofy Cindy Sheehan around, is that really insipid congressman from Florida - Alan Grayson. (See MSNBC's Chris Matthews attach his lips to Grayson's butt here).

You may remember Grayson.  He's the one who made headlines not long ago by declaring, "If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly."

Well, guess who said the following:

"By the way, we are going to have to, if you're very old, we're not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you going, maybe, for another couple of months.  It's too expensive.  So we're going to let you die."

Some crazed, heartless Republican?

No.  It was former Clinton Labor Secretary and current Obama adviser - and stalwart Democrat - Robert Reich.

Don't believe it?  Here's the audio:

"It's too expensive. So we're going to let you die."  Does anyone doubt that this is part of the Obama plan?

Hat tip to The Humble Libertarian.

Major Newspapers Are Falling In Line

First it was the very liberal New York Times admitting to the realities of global cooling.  Now it's the just-as-liberal Christian Science Monitor:
Biggest news you’ve never heard: Earth isn’t warming
By Patrik Jonsson

How do you reconcile the early snow in Minneapolis, ski resorts already opening in Nevada, and that August chill in North Dakota with expert warnings about a warming climate?

You don’t. Why? The Earth isn’t warming right now, is why. It may even be cooling down somewhat.

Five major climate centers around the world agree that average global temperatures have not risen in the past 11 years, according to the BBC. In fact, in eight of those years, global average temperatures dipped a tad.

[T]he warming stall, some experts say, is giving at least some credence to the contrarian (and not always scientifically sound) notion that it may be natural and solar forces contributing as much, or more, than man-made CO2. At the very least, a delay in warming even as total CO2 emissions increase, throws some doubt on the cause-and-effect relationship between mankind’s activities and mean global temperatures. [link]
Al Gore and his ilk had a good thing going for themselves as long as they could base their predictions of future global catastrophe on computer modeling.  But it was inevitable that they would eventually have to answer for the here and now.  The truth.  Cold, hard data.

That time has arrived.  The atmosphere is not doing what these guys predicted.  At all.  Not even close.

So let them be shamed by the same science that they used to promote themselves and to make their outlandish prognostications.

The science is sound.  It was the scoundrels who manipulated it who deserve our scorn.

The Sad Truth

The Democratic governor of the heavily taxed and economically destitute state of Michigan:

"I just don't know what to do for people."

Truer words were never spoken.

Let me give her some simple advice.  She might start by removing her foot from their throats and her hand from their wallets. 

But that'll never happen.  She's a Democrat.

So expect Jennifer Granholm to "do for people" the only thing she knows.  She'll raise their taxes and blather about "creating" jobs.

The people of Michigan didn't deserve this.

Business Is Booming

Well, if your business is weaponry and you conduct business in the most liberal state in the nation, it's certainly booming:
Gun sales skyrocket in N.Y.
By Jon Campbell, Ithaca Journal

Albany -- For many small business owners in New York, the current economic state has led to poor sales and dwindling profits.

But that's not the case for Kordell Jackson, Charlie Morris and Chuck Sherwood, each of whom owns a gun store in the state. All three have seen their sales skyrocket since last November.

After the election last year of President Barack Obama, a Democrat, gun sales and pistol-permit applications have increased dramatically in New York and across the country, state records show and experts said.

"The continued increase in demand for firearms and ammunition throughout the entire United States is clear and is largely being driven by the political concerns of gun owners," said Ted Novin, spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, based in Newtown, Conn.

In New York, fingerprints processed for gun applications are up about 50 percent over last year, though the state Division of Criminal Justice Services expects the rate to level to a 30 percent increase when the year is finished. [link]
Much was made by the mainstream press of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recent stunt in which he had taxpayers there pay for 40 investigators to go across the country looking for (ostensibly) illegal gun transactions, with his assumption being that those guns will find their way to the most restrictive and gun-unfriendly state in the nation.

Little did Bloomberg know, he didn't have to send a team all the way down to Alabama to find gun transactions taking place.  They're exploding (pardon the use of the word) right down the road.  In New York

Ah, the sweet smell of liberty.

To the people of New York: You guys rock.

Health Insurance Rates To Skyrocket?

That's what respected auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers says will happen if the ObamaCare bill that is being voted on today is enacted.

What does skyrocket mean?

We're talking thousands of dollars a year.

Here - Potential Impact of Health Reform on the Cost of Private Health Insurance Coverage - is the exhaustive analysis (in .pdf format).

Don't forget, Obama's original intention (besides getting his likeness on Mt. Rushmore) was to reduce everyone's health care costs.  Now his legislation will send those costs through the roof.

In dollars and cents:
The increases in private health insurance coverage described above would be on top of the underlying growth in medical costs over the coming period.

This analysis shows that the cost of the average family coverage is approximately $12,300 today and could be expected to increase to approximately:

  • $15,500 in 2013 under current law and to $17,200 if these provisions are implemented.

  • $18,400 in 2016 under current law and to $21,300 if these provisions are implemented.

  • $21,900 in 2019 under current law and to $25,900 if these provisions are implemented.

This analysis shows that the cost of the average single coverage is $4,600 today and could be expected to increase to:

  • $5,800 in 2013 under current law and to $6,400 if these provisions are implemented.

  • $6,900 in 2016 under current law and to $7,900 if these provisions are implemented.

  • $8,200 in 2019 under current law and to $9,700 if these provisions are implemented.
Why is Obama doing this for us again?

- - -

For a wonderful analysis of the Baucus plan, see "Dumb 'Reform.'"