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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Should Get a Cut of the Action

What was it I told you just the other day?
The Endorsement From Hell

The Washington Post this a.m. predictably endorses the Democratic candidate for governor here in Virginia. Did the sun rise this morning?

See "Mr. Deeds for Governor."

The why is the only earth-shaking part.

Why does the Washington Post consider Creigh Deeds to be the better candidate?

In part because Mr. Deeds is expected to raise our taxes.

As best I can tell, the really shrewd editorialists thought this endorsement would actually help poor Creigh.
It appears the McDonnell camp is monitoring this weblog very closely.

Check out the latest ad attacking Creigh Deeds:

It's all about the Washington Post, Creigh Deeds, and taxes, taxes, and taxes.

Somebody made a bundle off that idea.

Of course, that somebody won't be me.

Another Day, Another Global Cooling Study

There seems to be a pattern here:
Study: model in good agreement with satellite temperature data – suggest cooling
Craig Loehle, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc.

Global satellite data is analyzed for temperature trends for the period January 1979 through June 2009. Beginning and ending segments show a cooling trend, while the middle segment evinces a warming trend. The past 12 to 13 years show cooling using both satellite data sets, with lower confidence limits that do not exclude a negative trend until 16 to 22 years. It is shown that several published studies have predicted cooling in this time frame. One of these models is extrapolated from its 2000 calibration end date and shows a good match to the satellite data, with a projection of continued cooling for several more decades. [link]
Data?  We don' need no steenking data. 

Not as long as we have Al Gore.  And those wonderfully ductile computer models.  We all know that the planet is warming.  So shut up.

Henry VIII Must Be Rolling Over In His Grave

This strikes me as being profound:
Vatican creates new structure for Anglicans
By Nicole Winfield, Forbes

Vatican City -- Pope Benedict XVI has created a new church structure for Anglicans who want to join the Catholic Church, responding to the disillusionment of some Anglicans over the ordination of women and the election of openly gay bishops.

The new provision will allow Anglicans to join the Catholic Church while maintaining their Anglican identity and many of their liturgical traditions, Cardinal William Levada, the Vatican's chief doctrinal official, told a news conference.

"Those Anglicans who have approached the Holy See have made clear their desire for full, visible unity in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church," Levada said. "At the same time, they have told us of the importance of their Anglican traditions of spirituality and worship for their faith journey." [link]
Don't think of this as the merging of two faiths so much as the prodigal son returning home, chastened and bowed.

Quite surprising.  I like it.

For What Purpose?

How much does it cost to put 16 markers at 16 locations here in Virginia to commemorate something called a "slave trail"?

$100 million to $150 million.

Okay, there's more involved.

But a ... slave trail?

It's a good thing the economy is booming and we're at full employment. 

You Can Easily Pedict This These Days

I knew when I read the laughable Washington Post headline the other day - "Public option gains support, CLEAR MAJORITY NOW BACKS PLAN," that the accompanying poll data had to have been skewed to achieve the desired results.

The poll data was skewed to achieve the desired results.

See "WaPo/ABC poll uses skewed sample to show public-option support."

"Lies.  Damn lies.  Statistics."

Did they think we wouldn't look behind the curtain?

Quote of the Day

From Shannon Love:
Listening to the contemporary American left’s views of the rest of us is increasingly like listening to a paranoid schizophrenic slip farther into delusions that they are surrounded by malevolent people. Just as we have to worry that the schizophrenic might act on their delusional beliefs and strike out violently against the evils they imagine, we have to be increasingly worried that leftists will strike out against the rest of us based on their delusional fantasies about what we non-leftists believe.

And make no mistake about it, leftists do harbor dark delusions about non-leftists. The fact that so many leftists fell completely for the Limbaugh quote hoax proves it.

Watching so many serious journalists and leftist political figures fall for the fake Rush Limbaugh quotes tells us something very frightening about what leftists believe true about non-leftist America.

Given this, what does it portend for American non-leftists that a wide and powerful swath of the American left apparently believes it quite credible that a major media figure with an audience in the tens of millions looks back fondly on slavery and approves of political assassination? What draconian methods could those leftists rationalize using if they really believe they are fighting people with such values?

As I have written before, immersion in fantasy is a defining aspect of leftism. As they move progressively towards the left pole of the political spectrum, the realities become more and more immersive while becoming more and more detached from reality.

So we have to ask: Just how seriously deluded is the mainstream American left that they believed it credible that Limbaugh actually said the things attributed to him in the fake quotes?
"What the Limbaugh Quote Hoax Really Tells Us," October 20, 2009

Another Lefty Apologizes To Rush

Better late than never.

But it is much too late.

Judge a Man By The Friends He Keeps

I'm not sure how Creigh Deeds ever thought this was a good idea.  This being Virginia.  But I suppose what must have ricocheted around that brain cavity of his was the notion that it worked well for Kaine and Warner, so what the heck?

Unfortunately ...
Creigh Deeds's Union Label
By Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal

'When I'm governor, you won't just have a friend in Richmond—you'll have a partner." So said Virginia gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds to union supporters on Oct. 3, 2008.

The question for Mr. Deeds these days isn't when, but if. And if, as polls suggest, he fails to become governor of Virginia, that loss is shaping up to be as big a judgment on Big Labor as it is on the Democrat.

Last year's Democratic victories marked a high in the political fortunes for unions.

Target No. 1: Virginia. A Virginia victory would be a tactical and symbolic triumph, and pave the way into other union-skeptical states.

It hasn't turned out that way. Virginia is instead offering evidence that the unions, in one short year, have overreached. Voters are growing uneasy, even angry, over the growing list of political favors showered on labor, and news of its unsavory connections with outfits like Acorn. Mr. Deeds's union ties are, if anything, proving a liability in his race against Republican Bob McDonnell. [link]
Who knows?  Maybe Deeds thought union bucks = votes.  And make no mistake, sometimes that's so.

But it takes more than a few rah rah and placard waving sessions with union thugs to stir the masses.  It takes a message.

And the message America's unions are peddling these days goes against everything Virginians hold dear.

So Creigh Deeds has union endorsements galore.  Poor guy.