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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Babe Alert!

Pack a lunch.  Expect a crowd.  Take your camera.

A legend is coming to Southwest Virginia:
Palin bringing book tour to Roanoke
By Katelyn Polantz, Roanoke Times

The self-described "pit bull with lipstick" is coming back to the Roanoke Valley.

Sarah Palin will promote "Going Rogue: An American Life," her memoir, at the Barnes & Noble bookstore at Valley View Mall on Nov. 22.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate's appearance tentatively is scheduled for noon, a HarperCollins spokeswoman said. To handle expected crowds, the store will hand out wristbands to fans starting at 6 a.m., said Deanna Lemburg, Barnes & Noble's regional community relations manager.

Palin's last visit to the Roanoke Valley, for a presidential campaign rally in October 2008, drew a crowd estimated at 16,000 to Salem Stadium. [link]
I don't know if it's fair to expect 16,000 to attend the book-signing.  But you can bet there'll be more Americans there than showed up for our revered vice president's visit to Watertown, New York the other day. (Hint: It was a throng that the McDonald's in Wytheville could have easily accommodated).

The shy housewife from Wasilla, Alaska is comin' to town.

 Southwest Virginia will never be the same.

A Land Blessed By Government

In fact, it's a land that sits so close to the USA's seat of government, George Washington, with a brisk southerly breeze behind him, could have launched a rock from its shoreline and hit the Lincoln Memorial (Okay, if the memorial had been where that swamp was at the time).

Arlington County, Virginia is, then, close to the nation's capital.

In more ways than one.

Everyone in Arlington works across the river for Big Brutha.  Where Big Brutha provides Arlington residents with a median household income, in 2007, of $92,345.

Election returns from the People's Republic of Arlington show us that the largesse is appreciated.

How they do love government there.

On a night when Bob McDonnell crushed Creigh Deeds by a margin of nearly two to one, in Arlington County ...

Here's the frightening part of this: With each passing day, the United States government grows.  And grows.  And ...

Chart courtesy of the Virginia State Board of Elections

Boucher, Hear Those Footsteps?

It's the people of Southwest Virginia coming for you next.

See "Even safe Democrats feeling at risk"

If liberal Democrats representing conservative regions of the country weren't feeling vulnerable before Tuesday night, they certainly are now.

And, with that climate tax they're working on (the one that will bankrupt the coalfields) and the monstrous health care bill coming down the pike, they have good reason to be scared to death.

We the People have a message for you: Vote in favor of either bill and watch that lavish lifestyle you lead come to a halt.  We will send you packing in a heartbeat.

Under Other Circumstances, I'd Buy Him a Beer

Now that it's over, I have to tell you, I feel sorry for Creigh Deeds.

By all accounts, he's a nice guy. 

The kind of guy you regret having crushed on the field of competition. 


Unfortunately Deeds decided to involve himself in Democratic politics.

That, in another era, wouldn't have been a bad decision.  But in this decade it meant he had to adopt Democratic (yes, liberal) positions on the issues of the day.

For that he was doomed when he went up against a gifted, principled opponent who held to positions that were more in line with those cherished by the people of the commonwealth.

Had he only kept to his conservative roots ...

Here's hoping he gets past all this quickly.

Creigh Deeds is a nice guy ...

Photo courtesy of the Virginian Review.

Well, They Made It Fit

I looked at the photo below on the "News" page of the Bristol Herald Courier this morning and asked, "What in the heck is that?"

Click on the image to enlarge it.

It's either a picture of a tractor trailer on the highway to heaven or the photo has, for some weird reason, been turned sideways.

Beats me ...

Boucher? Ambassador to Upper Slobbovia?

We can live with that.

What the people of Southwest Virginia can't live with is a radical big-government, anti-business, pro-abortion, pro-union, pro-tax, anti-coal environmentalist representing us in Washington any longer.

Upper Slobbovia.  Lilliput.  Brigadoon.


Don't laugh.  There is a distinct possibility that the offer is forthcoming:
Will the Left Try a Kamikaze Rush?
By James Lewis, American Thinker

Dick Morris thinks Mob-O-Care is dead after the Democrat electoral fiascos in the last week. I sincerely hope that Morris is right, but I'm not so sure.

The trouble is that Obama and the Democrats have no other game plan -- their other ideas, like the suicidal Carbon Tax, are even more likely to get them tossed out of office. Obama's power has peaked -- and judging by the Clinton backlash of 1994, when the GOP won the House for the first time in forty years, it's downhill from here on out. Nothing in politics is certain, and Obama will certainly try to recover power, as Bill Clinton did in the '90s. But Obama and his dead-enders have to reckon with the likelihood that they will never have more power than right now.

So it's not out of the question that the Democrats in the House and Senate will go for a kamikaze rush to push MediCoup through Congress as quickly as possible. It would not be difficult. Normal Americans think we can defeat the "Blue Dog Democrats" at the polls, and that is true. But Obama just has to pick up the phone and tell the Dogs he will guarantee them jobs even if they are defeated. How about Ambassador to Upper Slobbovia? How about a nice job in the Soros Empire? Or in the case of Leon Panetta, how about a university center named after you, and funded by the Feds to study, umm...the art of politics? For the real high flyers like Rahm Emanuel, there's always a part-time job on the Board of Freddie Mac for several million bucks. [link]
If I were Rick Boucher, I'd take that call when the phone rings.  A nice gig in Upper Slobbovia has to be looking like the best of all worlds about now.  For he knows that a vote in favor of either ObamaCare or that climate tax that Obama has guaranteed will bankrupt the coal industry will send him into exile somewhere.

It's just a matter of where.

Upper Slobbovia.  Tatooine.  Anywhere far, far from here.

Oh, Yeah, The World Series

The major league baseball team owner who paid the most money for players (by far) had his team beat all the teams that cost less.

I guess that's news.

But should it be?

Quote of the Day

Ed Morrissey:
This could only come from people who never worked in the private sector.  Almost by definition, an employee in the private sector who gets raises does not face any danger of having their [sic] job eliminated.  However, according to the Obama administration, salary increases coming from Porkulus count as jobs "saved."
Only in Obamaland ...

A Winning Strategy

Bob McDonnell and his band of merry Republicans just won a sweeping victory.


The answer is in what he didn't do more than what he did.

He didn't snap up the Washington Post's bait and get involved in social issues.

On subjects ranging from homosexual marriage, "women's issues," even to illegal immigration (which always degenerates into a debate about race), Mr. McDonnell answered questions, stated his positions, and then pushed the discussion back to infrastructure, education, the economy, and an out-of-control federal behemoth.

And he won big.


Or nearly.

It was a foregone conclusion that Deeds didn't have a prayer in Southwest Virginia.  And he was expected to lose Southside.  But northern Virginia?

Look at Fairfax, Virginia's most populous county.

In 2008 - just twelve months ago - the results looked like this in the biggest race on the ballot:

And look at the results in Fairfax from Tuesday night:

Bob McDonnell received more votes in (what many consider to be an increasingly liberal ...) Fairfax County than he garnered in all of Southwest Virginia.

More importantly, a swing from +21 for the Democrat in 2008 to -2 for the leading Democrat on the ticket in 2009 is astounding.

A learning experience.

We hope.

Let the Democrats bring up social issues.  Let them try to raise the issue(s) homosexuals want addressed.  Let the feminists in their party talk about comparable worth and glass ceilings.  Let them go on about legalizing all those Mexicans in our midst.

Stick to the pocketbook issues and you win.


Charts courtesy of the Virginia State Board of Elections.

Take This To Its Logical Conclusion

In today's news:
Gore clears carbon dioxide of most blame
By Andrew Bolt, Australian Herald Sun

This is big. Al Gore is now saying carbon dioxide isn’t actually to blame for most of the warming we saw until 2001:

"Gore explored new studies - published only last week - that show methane and black carbon or soot had a far greater impact on global warming than previously thought. Carbon dioxide – while the focus of the politics of climate change – produces around 40% of the actual warming. Gore acknowledged to Newsweek that the findings could complicate efforts to build a political consensus around the need to limit carbon emissions."

Which suggests not only that was Gore wrong to claim the science was “settled”, but that the hugely expensive schemes to “stop” warming by slashing carbon dixoide emissions will be less than half as effective as claimed.

Tim Blair isn’t surprised that Gore now says he’s switching from appealing to facts to appealing to faith. Well, actually, Tim is surprised, since facts actually have never been Gore’s thing.[link]
Let me get this straight:

1) CO2 is now thought to NOT be the (primary) cause of "global warming."

2) If that's the case, then all the focus on "carbon footprints" (CO2 being CARBON dioxide) is now off the table.

3) If that's the case, then talk about the harmful effects of CARBON emissions is now obsolete.

4) If that's the case, then there is no need to bankrupt the coal industry just to ameliorate a situation that doesn't exist.

5) If that's the case, then why in the hell is Congress poised to pass a cap-and-trade bill, the primary purpose of which is (supposedly) to reduce the CO2 content in the atmosphere?

Obama Nominated THIS Guy?

News from the Washington Post:
U.N. point-man nominee seeks to assure lawmakers
By Colum Lynch, Washington Post Staff Writer

Jide J. Zeitlin, a former Goldman Sachs executive nominated to be the U.S. point man on financial reform at the United Nations, told a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee Wednesday that financial and legal troubles he faced as a private investor would have no bearing on his ability to impose fiscal discipline at the international organization.

Zeitlin owns a wireless company in India that is being sued for not paying its bills, and a pharmaceutical firm he helped finance went bankrupt. [link]
Why on earth would Obama nominate this loser to an important post at the U.N.?


Arise! Raise The Flag High.

Be proud of your beliefs and all that you hold dear:
Conservatives, End the Apology Tour
By Mary Grabar, American Thinker

Ever since the left wing captured the universities and media, putative conservatives desiring media favor and intellectual respectability have been apologizing for conservatism's most popular and effective figures. These days, they want to distance themselves from the "anger" and "extremism" of such personalities as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

What they ought to be doing instead is taking lessons from Beck as he lectures in front of a blackboard, a fitting symbol for what has gone wrong. Conservatism is rising, and we have the intellectual and historical high ground.

Beck ... is not excoriated for his funny faces and jokes, but for exposing the radical and communist backgrounds of Obama's inner circle. [link]
They can't deal with the message.  So they go after the messenger.

I judge Glenn Beck by the enemies he's made.  In doing so, it's clear that he's making a profound difference in the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans across this country.  Clear because the left is absolutely apoplectic over the simple words he speaks (in lieu of any actions he's taken) and the issues he raises.

You go, Glenn.  Continue to make us proud to be conservatives.

I'm Not Likin' This

Do you have any idea how profound this action on the part of the Indian central bank is?
Gold extends record high on India purchase
By Javier Blas and James Lamont, Financial Times

Gold prices continued to rise on Wednesday extending the all-time highs which followed India’s central bank bought 200 tonnes of the precious metal, swapping dollars for bullion as the country’s finance minister warned the economies of the US and Europe had “collapsed”.

India’s decision to exchange $6.7bn for gold equivalent to 8 per cent of world annual mine production sent the strongest signal yet that Asian countries were moving away from the US currency.

The purchase by New Delhi’s Reserve Bank from the International Monetary Fund pushed gold prices to a record $1,090.90 per troy ounce, up 2.6 per cent on the day, as traders bet that other central banks would also become buyers. [link]
You say, "What do I care if India bought gold?  It doesn't affect me."


They shed dollars in favor of the classic economic safe-haven - gold.

If other countries start dumping their dollars in favor of precious metals (or another currency), your dollars will become less than worthless.  Got a life savings?  A 401-K?  A stash in the basement?  Your granny on a fixed income?  Your government already reeling from two recent financial/monetary crises of its own making?

This is very serious stuff.

Where's the next station?  I want off this train.  Now.

A Party Of One

Was anyone surprised by this headline that related to election night?

The outcome didn't affect him. Why should he watch?

Revealing, I think.