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Monday, November 09, 2009

The Fight Against ObamaCare ...

... now moves to the United States Senate where we Virginians have to pin our hopes on Messrs. Warner and Webb to ...


Never mind.  America is doomed.

This Shows How Much You Matter

This, involving our woefully underperforming senior United States senator, is absolutely laughable.

And yet despicable at the same time:
Those are the wrong pirates, senator
By Darren Todd, writing in the Roanoke Times

I now have a clear understanding of where Sen. Jim Webb stands on the issue of pirates in Somalia. The problem is I never asked him about Somali pirates.

When the issue of net neutrality was again before Congress back in August, I wrote to Webb and Sen. Mark Warner to express my fervent opposition to ending net neutrality, which would constrict bandwidth usage and tier Internet pricing under the guise of fighting digital piracy.

It seems that just as there are few books on digital piracy compared to piracy on the high seas, Webb's keyword program, used to reply with pre-fab statements about popular issues, must have thought I was expressing concern over swashbucklers thousands of miles away and not profiteering by Internet service providers here at home. [link]
Todd writes to Webb about internet pirates.  Webb "responds" with his thoughts on Somali pirates.


But standard operating procedure. He does what they all do.  They ignore you and anything you have to say.

If you've never written to people in Congress, you might be surprised by this.  But it's par for the course.  A non-response to your specific queries is always the case.  You expect - and get - the proverbial form letter.

Webb doesn't look at your mail.  To him, it's not important.  You're not important.

Maybe this helps explain why American citizens feel the need to shout at their elected representatives at town hall meetings.  It's an attempt to get through to the arrogant numbskulls.

Pause & Give Thought

Jeffrey Goldberg, writing in The Atlantic, poses the following regarding the Ft. Hood assassin and what influence his religion has on those who make light of his actions:
Here's a simple test: If Nidal Malik Hasan had been a devout Christian with pronounced anti-abortion views, and had he attacked, say, a Planned Parenthood office, would his religion have been considered relevant as we tried to understand the motivation and meaning of the attack? Of course. Elite opinion makers do not, as a rule, try to protect Christians and Christian belief from investigation and criticism. Quite the opposite. It would be useful to apply the same standards of inquiry and criticism to all religions.
"Who care what his religion was?"  This is the question asked by liberal enablers after every terrorist attack.  Every one perpetrated by a Muslim fanatic.

Who cares?  They certainly don't.

Forget The Big Picture

The New York Times:


But who cares ...

All I Can Say Is ...

... really?

There is at least some redeeming value in the fact that the people who are unable to find common ground with the mad mullahs are the same geniuses who criticized Bush for failing to reach common ground with the mad mullahs.

Hey, Hillary.  What's shakin'?

Laugher of the Day

The Roanoke Times editorial team hasn't gotten the news.

The globe is cooling.

See "Inexcusable inaction on climate change."

Based on past history, I give it a few years before the news gets through to these dim bulbs.

Priorities. Priorities.

In this order:

Nationalize health care.

Crush Wall Street.

The climate.

Get whitey.

Grow government.

Electric cars.

Say good things about Muslims.

Protect snail darters.


Fat people!

Get Fox News.

Kill Rush.

Save the bluefin ...

A Good Point

Obama chose not to participate in the commemoration and celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

That seems fitting:
Mr. Obama, stay away from this wall
Democrats tried to thwart Reagan's Cold War vision
Washington Times editorial

Some have criticized President Obama for not visiting Berlin to commemorate this historic moment, but he made the right choice. When Sen. Barack Obama wanted to speak at the venue during the 2008 presidential campaign, German Chancellor Angela Merkel thought the request "a bit odd." It still is. Mr. Obama was on the other side of the policy divide during the Reagan years, and if his party had remained in power, we have no doubt the Soviet Union would have lasted longer as a going concern. Mr. Obama should not attempt to associate himself with that historic moment, when a man with vision had the ability to see the future and the courage to realize it. [link]
Democrats in those years were perfectly accepting of the fact that the communists in East Germany were walling their people off from the free world.  Had they their way, the Wall would exist today.

It does seem proper that Democrats - particularly our apologist-in-chief - be kept as far away from today's celebration of the fall of communism as possible.  They weren't there when it counted.

Quote of the Day

From the Telegraph of London:

"I never thought I'd hear myself say it," one Democrat told me. "But Obama makes you feel that at least with Bush you knew where he was on something."

Expect to read more of this as time - and dither - go by.

I Have a Better Idea

Why don't you start doing your job and protect the American people from terrorist attack?
Homeland chief warns against anti-Muslim backlash
Associated Press

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates — The U.S. Homeland Security secretary says she is working to prevent a possible wave of anti-Muslim sentiment after the shootings at Fort Hood in Texas.

Janet Napolitano says her agency is working with groups across the United States to try to deflect any backlash against American Muslims following Thursday's rampage by Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim who reportedly expressed growing dismay over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The shootings left 13 people dead and 29 wounded.

Napolitano was in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday for talks with security officials and a meeting with women university students in Abu Dhabi. [link] [my emphasis]
 "Napolitano was in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday for ... a meeting with women university students in Abu Dhabi."  This woman isn't in charge of our security.  She's a diplomat spreading good cheer.

Napolitano worries that someone's car might get keyed as a result of "backlash."

How about you get your fat ass back here to the USA and do the job the American people pay you to be doingA terrorist attack has taken place on American soil, an act you are responsible for defending against, and you're nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile thirteen American families are burying their loved ones murdered by a Muslim shouting "Allahuh Akbar!" as he was pulling the trigger.  A Muslim who, it is being reported, learned to hate in the mosque he regularly attended in Maryland.

How 'bout you start investigating that?

Backlash.  Where are your priorities, woman?

- - -

Mark Steyn labels her misguided and dangerous attitude "Better screwed than rude."  When the bodies of Americans litter the countryside and the person responsible for our safety - the person charged with preventing such acts - worries that Muslims might be offended by name-calling as a result, who can argue with that assessment?

He also provides this chilling assessment:

"Anwar al-Awlaki and his chums have bet that such a society is too sick to survive. Watch the nothing-to-see-here media driveling on about pre-post-traumatic stress disorder like gibbering lunatics in a padded cell , and then think whether you'd really want to take that bet."

It's come to this.

- - -

Time magazine posts an article that attributes the Muslim's actions to "secondary trauma."  The mass murderer had to endure gruesome stories being told by his war-weary patients and that's what caused him to go nuts and slaughter his fellow Americans.  Trauma induced by listening.

Good God.

- - -

From the front page of today's New York Post:

But let's not check that out.  Let's have Napolitano give speeches to foreign students and fret that an American Muslim might get his feelings hurt.