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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here's To America's Veterans

Past ...

And present ...

And to their spouses, who have to put up with endless stretches of time during which their loved ones are off taking America's fight to its enemies so that those enemies don't bring it here.  Again.

Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome To Our New World

A Canadian talks about her plight - excruciating and debilitating pain exacerbated by government indifference, long waiting lists, and prioritizing of treatment based on age and on ... the degree of suffering.

A window unto our soon-to-be world of ObamaNation:

Five months wait for an MRI.

A referral to an orthopedic surgeon took a year to get the appointment.

Three surgeons: "They all told me I was too young, that I wasn't old enough, and one of them told me that I hadn't suffered long enough, I had not been on the wait list long enough, that there were people older than me who had been on the wait list longer than me that would get the surgery first."

"It was very degrading, very humiliating."

That which we take for granted today is unheard of in Canada. Ask Lin Gilbert.

What are we doing to ourselves?

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

Sorry, Jews

I think this decision has already been made:

If I were an Israeli, I'd be locking and loading about now. There'll be no help coming from this side of the world. Not as long as Mr. Appeasement is in charge.

Mark Warner, Fiscal Conservative?

Consider me skeptical.  But it sounds nice:
Warner: Obama misplayed health care debate
By Joseph Weber, Washington Times

Freshman Sen. Mark Warner, Virginia Democrat, said Tuesday that President Obama has misplayed his attempt to reform U.S. heath care by focusing on insurance coverage instead of explaining that the current system is headed toward a financial meltdown.

"I wish the president would have started the debate by explaining to the American people that our current health care system is not financially sustainable, for even another decade," Mr. Warner said. "Driving down health care costs should have been the focus of the debate."

Mr. Warner also said Tuesday that he, along with some Republicans and fellow Democrats in Congress, think the economy will never fully recover from the recession unless the roughly $1.4 trillion federal deficit is brought under control.

"I'm a new senator, but I don't see how we're going to get the deficit under control if we do it through the regular order in the Senate in which people can add and protect their own programs." [link]
I'd like to believe all this.  But I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut that Warner will say YEA to ObamaCare when it is put to a vote, no matter how monstrous the cost.  I invite him to embarrass me and prove me wrong.

And I'm trying to find the spending bill that Mr. Conservative Democrat has voted against thus far in his Senate career.

No luck so far.

I'll keep looking.

But it sounds good.

Though talk, Mark, something you're good at, is cheap.

A Lesson For Keynesians

It's as simple as this:

"Countries that refused to adopt big stimulus packages have fared better than those that imitated President Obama. And the biggest-spending countries have suffered worst in the recession."

Not that it'll change anything in Washington.

Quote of the Day

On Muslims, Ft. Hood, and guns, here's, arguably, the least intelligent mayor in America:

Unfortunately, America loves Guns. We love guns to a point where that uh we see devastation on a daily basis. You don’t blame a group.”

"You don’t blame a group."  Didn't he just blame one in the preceding sentence?

Real genius there.

A Different Perspective

Immediately following the massacre at Ft. Hood we saw the obligatory newspaper/website columns about fanatical Muslim jihadists guns (See the AP story that dubs the Muslim's choice of weapons a "cop killer"; see the ABC report, "'Cop Killer' Gun Used In Ft. Hood Shooting, Officials Said"; see the Huffington Post piece, "Fort Hood Reminds Us: Our Gun Laws Are a National Disgrace").

Well, let me take that last headline and turn it on those of you who think easy access to guns and lax provisions in the law in this country are the real issue:

Fort Hood Reminds Us: All the gun laws in the world won't stop a crazed Islamist from killing innocent Americans.

From Randy Alcorn, writing in the Daily Sound:
So much for gun control

There is little to salvage from last week’s mass murder at Fort Hood, Texas, but there are some stark realizations this heartbreaking horror exposes. One is the wishful but mistaken notion that such incidents can be prevented by laws prohibiting or strictly restricting access to firearms. The Second Amendment notwithstanding, U.S. military bases prohibit unauthorized personnel from carrying firearms on base. Access to military weapons is carefully restricted and weapons are secured in armories.

Nevertheless, even within the well regulated conditions of a military base, a man was able to acquire and conceal two powerful personal handguns which he used to murder 13 people and wound dozens of others. [link]
In response to the killings at Ft. Hood there are people calling for more gun laws.

10,000 gun laws didn't stop this Muslim madman.  10,001 will make all the difference?

Get a life.

Another Environmentalist Dream Goes Poof

Remember when George W. Bush, in a State-of-the-Union speech several years ago, in an effort to throw a bone to the powerful environmental movement, extolled the virtues of something called switchgrass as a wonderful and exciting alternative to fossil fuels?  Remember when then-Congressman Virgil Goode from Southside jumped on that same bandwagon and started funneling federal tax dollars to his district, dollars earmarked for the development of that same switchgrass fuel?

Well, I'm sorry to report to you folks who thought you could squeeze blood from a turnip and spin gold from straw that it ain't workin' out as planned:
A Lesson in Biofuels from Tennessee
By Jeffrey Folks, American Thinker

According to figures from the U. S. Department of Energy, a biofuels facility of the sort envisioned would not be feasible unless it produced five million gallons per year. But, according to a report by the executive director of the Fiscal Review Committee of the Tennessee state legislature, it appears certain that the Biofuels Initiative will not be "self-sufficient," as promised, within five years. Having initially promised that the plant would produce five million gallons with the goal of demonstrating the feasibility of switchgrass, the project director now seems to regard the initiative as a "research project." The feasibility issue will have to wait until sometime in the future.

The project has cost the state $55 million, not counting additional federal funding and state subsidies to farmers growing switchgrass. Now members of the legislature are quoted as saying that the project is "not good stewardship of taxpayer dollars" and that continued funding "may need re-evaluation." The director of the project insists that the State Building Commission approved changes, but it appears that the legislature at large was not aware of them. Whether the legislature will continue funding the Biofuels Initiative, and at what level, will be determined after November 15.

Altogether, more than $90 million has been spent on the University of Tennessee Biofuels Initiative with no end in sight. On the national scale, tens of billions of dollars are being spent on similar alternative energy subsidies and research with little to show for it. [link]
First ethanol and now this.  And as for wind and solar, let's not even go there.

It seems there is just no viable alternative to good old coal, petroleum, and nuclear. 

Not that the politicians won't keep looking - with your money - for one.

This Is Funny

You'd think the mainstream press would get a clue at some point.

From Iowahawk:

Heaping helpings of ridicule ...

Definitions That Make You Go Hmmm

James Taranto on the Ft. Hood massacre:
In fact, this was not a terrorist attack. By definition, terrorism targets noncombatants. When an irregular force like al Qaeda attacks a military target, such as the bombing of the USS Cole, that is more accurately termed guerrilla warfare.
That makes the Muslim gunman an enemy combatant.

Any bets on whether he'll ever see the sunny environs of Gitmo?

Headlines That Make You Go Hmmm