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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Challenge To Tom Perriello

In response to one of my posts the other day that took 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello - Democrat - to task for having voted Washington's interests rather than those of his Southside district, subject ObamaCare, I received the following press release from one of his potential opponents in the 2010 race for that vital seat.  A conservative Republican by the name of Laurence Verga:

Gadsden FlagLV3CD05 BannerLaurence Verga


November 15, 2009

Contact:  Laurence Verga

Government Report: Perriello Voted to Reduce Health Care for Seniors
Verga: Real Medicare Reform involves Reducing Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

Charlottesville, VA

November 16, 2009

The Washington Post reported today that a government evaluation of the House health care bill (H.R. 3962)--which Congressman Tom Perriello (VA-05) voted for--revealed that the bill's more than $500 billion in Medicare cuts "would sharply reduce benefits for some senior citizens and could jeopardize access to care for millions of others."

Further, the bill would cause enrollment in the Medicare Advantage plans used by almost 25% of seniors to drop from 13.2 million to 4.7 million because of less generous benefit packages. Both of these provisions violate President Obama's promise thatthose who like their current medical coverage may keep it.

As seniors across the country struggle to pay their bills, there could not be a worse time to cut their health care coverage.

Another government report released last week projected that the government paid more than $47 billion in questionable Medicare claims last fiscal year.  Instead of cutting health care for seniors, our government should be focused on eliminating this atrocious waste of the taxpayer's hard earned money through common-sense reforms.

Congressman Perriello owes the seniors of the 5th District an explanation and an apology for his vote.



Paid for by the Verga for Congress Committee

From Verga's Facebook page, we learn this:
My name is Laurence Verga and I'm running for Virginia's 5th Congressional District seat in 2010. I am proud to be a conservative Republican.

I have been blessed with a wonderful life: an extraordinary wife, four beautiful children, and a career I enjoy. Although I am passionate about my conservative beliefs, I'd never contemplated entering politics—until now. In considering our national predicament, I've concluded that I can no longer observe from the sidelines given our country's current state of decline.

Like many Americans I am concerned about the direction in which the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress are steering us. I am worried that my children will not have the same opportunities that my wife and I, my parents, and my immigrant grandfather had.

I will not outsource the fight for America's freedom; I have a calling to take it up myself.

I believe that the United States of America is the greatest country in the world, and that the freedom given to us by our Creator has made the United States a shining example of Liberty to the entire world.

I thank you for caring about this country, and I welcome your support. Let us march forward together.

Big News

Senator James Webb came out Monday in opposition to that egregious cap-and-tax bill that Representative Boucher and so many other Democrats in the House voted for a few months ago.  This is great news for the coalfields of Virginia. Perhaps the legislation is truly dead.

The report:
Jim Webb bails on cap-and-trade
By Lisa Lerer, Politico

Virginia Democratic Sen. Jim Webb said on Monday he would not back the cap-and-trade legislation sponsored by Sens. John Kerry, (D-Mass.) and Barbara Boxer, (D-Calif.), another blow to the troubled Senate climate change bill.

“In its present form I would not vote for it,” he said. “I have some real questions about the real complexities on cap and trade.”

Webb is the latest in a series of Democratic moderates to raise significant concerns with the climate bill, which has floundered since passing the House in late June.

“That piece of legislation right now is something that is going to cause a lot of people a lot of concern,” he said. [link]
He may be wrong on many issues critical to the well-being of the citizens of our great state but he's right on this one.

Let's just hope he doesn't pull a Perriello and, in the end, vote in favor after expressing doubts about the bill.

Here's to Mr. Webb.

And They Criticized Bush's Foreign Policy

What a mess we've gotten ourselves into:
Hit the Reset Button on Obama's Foreign Policy Agenda
By Lauri B. Regan, American Thinker

To Barack Obama, human rights abuses only occur in Guantanamo Bay and by CIA interrogators, not in the gulags of North Korea or work camps across China. To Barack Obama, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad earns the respect of an open hand without preconditions, yet Bibi Netanyahu must make concessions that may risk the survival of his country's people prior to being permitted a face-to-face with the US President.

On the one hand, Barack Obama views the illegal and fraudulent elections in Iran as fair and legitimate. Yet incomprehensively, he views the lawful and constitutional removal of the Honduran president as criminal. The will of the people of free nations is of no concern to Barack Obama, as right becomes wrong and the world is turned upside down based on the opinion of a community organizer who happened to have been in the right place at the right time in history.

People are starting to notice that what Barack Obama touches does not turn to gold; it turns to rust and quickly fades away. When Barack Obama determines that he will instill peace in the Mideast on his own very naïve, uneducated terms, what will be the result? A prolonged conflict, greater levels of violence, and disruption to the elected government of Israel (perhaps his goal).

When Barack Obama determines that he will support the illegally elected government in Iran at the expense of the freedom loving citizens of that nation, the result is the death and imprisonment of innocent civilians and popular resentment rather than support of America. The further result is the continued unhindered development of nuclear weapons, the abduction of United States tourists to be used as negotiating tools, and the continued shipment of weapons of mass destruction to terrorist organizations across the globe.

When Barack Obama sends his minions into our peaceful ally in Central America in order to influence its sovereign constitutional determination to oust a power-grabbing dictatorial president, the result is an extended conflict and complete disarray lasting months longer than had we not meddled in the country's domestic affairs. The further result is the increased confidence of dictators Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro to continue to oppress their people with full support of the United States.

When Barack Obama decides to renege on missile defense agreements with America's Eastern European allies in the Czech Republic and Poland, which were agreed to by the predecessor administration, the result is a lack of trust in America's word across the globe and the risk of further aggression by neighboring Russia.

One of the biggest complaints of the left during the Bush administration was that the world did not like us. President Bush snubbed the UN, France, and Germany, and made decisions based on his determination of what was in the best interests of the United States of America. Yet George W. Bush understood his role as leader of the world's only superpower and freest country on the globe and he stood by our allies. He also stood by the values on which this country was founded and aimed to further those goals throughout his presidency.

It is time for Barack Obama to stop exporting failure and to recognize that his place in history only begins with becoming the first African American President. I hope it will end with successes in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Mideast, as well as ensuring human rights and freedoms across the globe. But that means shedding the baggage that he brought to the job and starting anew -- it is not too late to push the reset button. [link]
This was predictable, by the way.

And predicted.

This Seems To Be Par For The Course

News headline:

Big deal.

With each passing day, we're learning that the jobs "saved or created" don't exist either. So I ask you: Why should the congressional districts that they weren't saved or created in exist?

It all makes perfect sense in ObamaLand.

Ya Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do

Want to protect yourself from swine flu?

Retail stores all out of face masks?

Try Fruit-of-the-Loom!

Try not to use someone else's.