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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obama's Plan To Bankrupt the Coal Industry ...

... kicks into high gear:

Here's the short-hand version of the article:

Obama's Interior Department will soon be rolling out regulations that will make it impossible for any proposed surface mine to ever receive the necessary permit again.

Think run-off.

He vowed to do it.

He's doing it.

You coal miners over in Dickenson County who voted for Obama ought to be mighty proud of yourselves about now.

Oh, you don't care about those surface mines up the road?

Well, don't get too complacent. He's coming after you next.

'I Am Stupid'

"So Philip Morris owes me $300 million."

Only in America, 2009:
Ex-Smoker Wins Against Philip Morris
By Duff Wilson, New York Times

Legal experts predict that thousands of tobacco lawsuits could gain momentum in Florida after a Fort Lauderdale jury ordered Philip Morris USA to pay $300 million to a former smoker who says she needs a lung transplant.

Lucinda Naugle, the 61-year-old sister of a former Fort Lauderdale mayor, was awarded $56 million in compensatory damages and $244 million in punitive damages Thursday after a three-week trial and three hours of jury deliberation in Broward County Circuit Court.

Ms. Naugle, an office manager, had started smoking when she was 20 and quit when she was 45 years old, her lawyer, Robert W. Kelley of Fort Lauderdale, said in a telephone interview Friday. She now has severe emphysema and needs a lung transplant she cannot afford, he said. [link]
Lucinda Naugle smoked her first cigarette in 1968 (assuming she was born in1948).  On that first pack of cigarettes she purchased she would have been confronted with this warning:

Caution: Cigarette Smoking May be Hazardous to Your Health

She chose to ignore the warning and proceeded to smoke for twenty-five years.

At three packs a day, she would have been warned 27,325 times (each time she made another purchase) that what she was doing might kill her (or, beginning in 1975, that it would kill her).

27,325 warnings to stop her risky behavior.

She persisted.

And now she blames someone else because her decision - make that 27,325 decisions - to live at risk caught up with her.

She sued Philip Morris.

And won.

For the love of God.

Spin 101

The New York Times this morning:

"A variety of economists say that stimulus legislation is helping an economy in free fall a year ago to grow again and shed fewer jobs than it otherwise would."

Like Obama's "jobs saved or created" chimera, this cynical "fewer shed" jobs ploy is unquantifiable.  Unverifiable.  Ungrounded.  Unfounded.

Intentionally so.

What can be quantified is this:


So what is quantifiable?

This: Four states last month reported record unemployment.

Fewer jobs were lost?  Where's that data to be found?

This Is News?

About an hour ago, a pack of coyotes was howling and yipping like crazy in the pitch darkness that enshrouded the forest just beyond my barn.  Like they do every morning.

It's an every-night/morning occurrence.

That's why this doesn't startle me:

Stop the presses.

Say What?

So I'm perusing a list of endangered sites in the Roanoke region as provided to the Roanoke Times by the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation, and, mixed in with the not-surprising homesteads and abandoned factory buildings, I came across this on the list:
Several mountainsides that are undergoing logging operations, including 12 O'Clock Knob, the Dixie Caverns area, Fort Lewis Mountain, Stewart's Knob and Buck Mountain near Clearbrook.
    Mountainsides being groomed by loggers are "endangered" mountainsides?

    If that's the case, shouldn't the area's hay fields be included on the endangered list?

    Titan In Running Shorts

    They've tried their best to destroy her.

    They have failed.

    She shoulders on.

    Palin-Hating 101
    By S.E. Cupp, Town Hall

    Her influence and allure are practically unprecedented among failed vice presidential candidates. (Can anyone imagine Lloyd Bentsen, Jack Kemp or Joe Lieberman selling People magazine covers or sitting down for an hour with Oprah?) Even though she was skewered by the liberal media, lambasted by the self-loathing feminists, and slaughtered by the oh-so-cool "30 Rock" and "SNL" glitterati, Palin remains incredibly popular among conservatives.

    Not only that, she's got real power. President Obama's been trying to sell the country on health care reform for months, but she managed to change policy overnight with a pointed note...on Facebook.

    And, she's still someone people want to know about. Her book "Going Rogue: An American Life," was a best seller before it even hit the shelves.

    And for these very reasons, her detractors are absolutely apoplectic right now.

    Anyone witnessing the spin job being furiously whipped up against Palin in a desperate effort to stanch her book sales and cauterize her acclaim is in for a real treat. It is a truly acrobatic and dizzying display of agility -- but unlike the Flying Wallendas, these stunt men and women of the liberal media aren't fooling or wowing anyone. Their cheap sideshow parlor tricks are so transparent we should all demand our money back.

    Newsweek, in advance of Palin's book release, obviously went for subtlety. Their headline read, "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sarah? She's bad news for the GOP -- and everybody else, too." Accompanying it was a photo of her in running shorts used in a June 2009 Runner's World spread. Newsweek's message was clear: You are not to take this woman seriously. Never mind that Runner's Week told me that the photos from that shoot are still under a one-year embargo, and that Newsweek ran the photo without Runner's World's knowledge or permission. No biggie.

    On "Hardball," Chris Matthews, who's still recovering from that bizarre bout of restless leg syndrome that suddenly befell him last year, actually had the audacity to say of the attention Palin is getting for her book release, "I've never seen hype like this." Apparently, the overwrought sensationalism of the Denver Democratic National Convention, where Obama stood amidst faux White House columns, under fireworks, next to Sheryl Crow and Will.i.am -- or "Hype and Change 2008" -- is but a distant memory to Matthews. [link]
    Someday this phenomenon - this unexplainable, incomprehensible loathing - will be the stuff of some psychology class at Stanford.

    In the meantime, she continues her tour.  She continues to smile.  She continues to attract crowds wherever she goes.

    Maybe it's time the mainstream press and the other elitists in this country reconciled themselves with mainstream America.

    Obama Is Known To Say Just About Anything

    As he stood atop the Great Wall, amiring its "majesty":

    Whatever you say, Barry.

    Lest We Forget

    There are those we become accustomed to ignoring.

    Those who never ignored us.

    I think I'll call my mother this afternoon.

    Solutions To All Our Problems

    From the desk of former Delegate Barnie Day:
    Solving The Budget Crisis

    Forget the $3-per-ton tax credit we give Virginia’s billion-dollar-profit utilities for burning Virginia coal. Forget the billion-dollar rebate we send to localities for taxes they impose. Forget the hundred million dollar fee we pay retailers just for collecting the sales tax. There is a better way.

    --Unleash market forces into the legislative process—let the lobbyists simply bid on what they want. When a bill comes up, the high bidder will determine whether it becomes law, is amended, or killed—buyer’s choice. The current sneak-around-and-flash-the-cash system is inefficient in the extreme. And there is an added benefit: this will shut up all those “open government” sob sisters.

    --Encourage absenteeism off-session. Bill Bolling caught all that hell for missing meetings. He should have been applauded. Pay the legislators to stay at home. The more meetings they miss, the better off we are—and in the long run it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

    --Don’t close the liquor stores—mandate patronage. Make consumption compulsory, especially on Election Day. Replace photo-ID with a breathalyzer—you’ve got to be legally intoxicated to vote. You see what happened during the last election? We’ve tried sober government. Let’s try it drunk.

    --Remove all the chairs from the Capitol and the General Assembly Building. Make everybody stand up. This move alone would cut the ‘long’ sessions from 60 days to 10, and the ‘short’ ones from 45 to 4—basically, a long weekend. Plus, we could sell all those chairs.

    --Institute a bonus system for the introduction of bad bills. Folks will pay good money to see them passed. Double the bonus for good bills. Lobbyists will ante up real cash getting them killed.

    --Don’t cut legislator’s pay—triple it. It’ll be cheaper in the long run if we incent them to eschew part time gigs. Where do you think William and Mary gets $160,000 to pay Tommy Norment to teach two classes? You got it. Phil Hamilton? Pfft! Hamilton succumbed to chicken feed.

    --Exhume the ‘T’ word. No, not taxes, for God’s sake, tithes! Impose a 50% ‘tithe’ on all campaign contributions—half to the candidate, half to the state. The state would have picked up a cool $20 million just on the governor’s race. Calling it a ‘tithe’ should help with the religious…ahh…contingent. They’d freak out on ‘tax.’ They’re freaky enough as it is.

    --And K-12? What a waste! Why not eliminate the even-numbered grades? Let kids start drawing unemployment when they’re 12. There are no jobs in Virginia. Why make a kid wait until he or she is 22, and facing all that college debt, before breaking the news to them? Get’em early—teach them responsible unemployment while they’re still malleable.

    --And finally, we must recognize that we’re all in this together and work collectively to banish the real scourge of Virginia government. We must root out common sense!
    Voting drunk. What could it hurt?

    Thanks, Barnie. You've given us lots to ... ponder.

    If anyone would like to submit a letter for publication, please send it to me in "Word" format, your name included (no anonymouses here), and I'll look to publishing it.  No "F" words please.

    It has to be interesting though.  This is a high-standards blog site.

    It Isn't Funny Any More

    I always got the biggest kick out of ridiculing those "scientists" who believed - despite all evidence to the contrary - that the globe is warming.

    This goes beyond fun.  And deserves far more than ridicule in response.

    Exile is appropriate.  If not the lash.

    As it turns out, they weren't misguided fools.  They were plotting, conniving racketeers.

    Science is dealt a blow from which it won't recover for years.

    - - -

    For additional insight, go to "The Evidence of Climate Fraud."

    - - - 

    It's worse than imaginable. See Andrew Bolt's analysis in the Australian Herald Sun.