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Thursday, November 26, 2009

And To All Of You ...

... have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Indianapolis Colts Look Out

In  local news:
New public safety football team snaps to it
A newly formed minor league football team is made up of firefighters, police officers and sheriff's deputies from the Roanoke and New River valleys.
By Amanda Codispoti, Roanoke Times

Monday was the third time that the Roanoke Rampage, a newly formed, minor league football team, has practiced.

The players are all firefighters, police officers and sheriff's deputies throughout the Roanoke and New River valleys, and the team is one of 25 in the National Public Safety Football League, which was established 12 years ago.

The Rampage's season begins in April.

The team would like to play their games at Patrick Henry High School's new stadium but have yet to work out an arrangement, Stone said.

Another issue still in the works: funding. The team has raised $4,200 but is looking for more sponsors to help pay for travel expenses, equipment and other costs. And, they estimate that they'll need at least $3,000 for their two home games because the league requires the home team to provide lodging and a meal for the visiting team.

Proceeds from admission, merchandise and raffles will go to a charity of the team's choosing. Players also plan to donate their time at summer football camps organized by Roanoke's parks and recreation department.

The Rampage's 2010 schedule includes a home game against the DC Generals from Washington and away games against the Orlando Guardians in Florida and Charlotte Cobras in North Carolina.

Their first game is at home April 3 against South Carolina's Commanders. [link]
Could be a hoot.  Count me in.

Oh, by the way, that hunk who's lined up at quarterback in the photo above who bears a startling resemblance to Brett Favre is my son, Jarrod.

Don't hurt him, fellas.  He has mouths to feed.  And his momma will kick your ass if you put a scratch on him.

- - -

P.S.  Want to sponsor the team?  Email me.  fromonhigh@embarqmail.com.

Photo courtesy of Sam Dean and the Roanoke Times

Quote of the Day

John Hinderaker in the prosecution of those union thugs out in St. Louis:
It occurs to me that if these union thugs had been Navy SEALS apprehending a terrorist mass murderer of Americans, rather than agents of the Democratic Party trying to suppress expression of a political view with which the Democratic Party disagrees, they would have been treated far more harshly. Why do you think that is?
I'm reminded of a story told by the late Ron Silver.  He was standing among the masses at President Clinton's first inaugural, enjoying the moment, when suddenly a formation of Air Force jets flew over the Capitol.  His initial reaction was to curse the imperialist war machine that those evil Republicans had foisted upon an innocent world, when he abruptly had a different thought.. His Democrats had taken charge:

"Wait a minute.  Those are OUR planes now!"

Too bad Obama and his administration can't get it in their heads that the Navy is part of HIS administration now.

As for those union thugs, expect them to be made White House czars before long.

Subheader of the Day

The Devil In The Details

As experts pore over those Climategate emails, more damning proof of subterfuge comes to light.

This wasn't a matter of naïveté.  Nor of chums communicating colloquially about the data they had accumulated.

It was FRAUD.  From start to finish.
CRU's Source Code: Climategate Uncovered
By Marc Sheppard, American Thinker

As the evidence of fraud at the University of East Anglia's prestigious Climactic Research Unit (CRU) continues to mount, those who've been caught green-handed continue to parry their due opprobrium and comeuppance, thanks primarily to a dead-silent mainstream media. But should the hubris and duplicity evident in the e-mails of those whose millennial temperature charts literally fuel the warming alarmism movement somehow fail to convince the world of the scam that's been perpetrated, certainly these revelations of the fraud cooked into the computer programs that create such charts will.

Indeed, miners of the CRU folder have unearthed dozens of e-mail threads and supporting documents revealing much to loathe about this cadre of hucksters and their vile intentions. This veritable goldmine has given us tales ranging from evidence destruction to spitting on the Freedom of Information Act on both sides of the Atlantic. But the now-irrefutable evidence that alarmists have indeed been cooking the data for at least a decade may be the most important strike in human history. [link] [my emphasis]
Here's the smoking gun, as provided by Mr. Sheppard:
Skimming through the often spaghetti-like code, the number of programs which subject the data to a mixed-bag of transformative and filtering routines is simply staggering. Granted, many of these "alterations" run from benign smoothing algorithms (e.g., omitting rogue outliers) to moderate infilling mechanisms (e.g., estimating missing station data from that of those closely surrounding). But many others fall into the precarious range between highly questionable (removing MXD data which demonstrate poor correlations with local temperature) to downright fraudulent (replacing MXD data entirely with measured data to reverse a disorderly trend-line).

In fact, workarounds for the post-1960 "divergence problem," as described by both RealClimate and Climate Audit, can be found throughout the source code. So much so that perhaps the most ubiquitous programmer's comment (REM) I ran across warns that the particular module "Uses 'corrected' MXD - but shouldn't usually plot past 1960 because these will be artificially adjusted to look closer to the real temperatures." [emphasis in the original]
This is why those infernal computer models that we've heard and read so much about - and that Al Gore relies so much on to make his billions - have been so inaccurate when predicting the past. As well as the present.  The data had to be ... massaged ... adjusted ... distorted ... so much in order to achieve the desired result - global warming - that it became useless as a predictor.

So why come up with the computer models at all, you ask?  Good question.  But they ain't talkin'.  Except to their lawyers.

Smart move, if you ask me.

So where do we go from here?  Besides lock their asses up?
Gotcha. We know they've been lying all along, and now we can prove it. It's time to bring sanity back to this debate.  

Bottom line:  CRU's evidence is now irrevocably tainted. As such, all assumptions based on that evidence must now be reevaluated and readjudicated. And all policy based on those counterfeit assumptions must also be reexamined. 
Oh, it should be mentioned, Obama is off to Copenhagen to sign a U.N. treaty the foundation for which - and the impetus for which - are the "findings" gathered by this gang of lowlifes.

If he goes through with it, with what the world now knows, he's no better than Jones and Mann and Briffa and ...

Ian Plimer:
Something is seriously wrong. To argue that humans change climate requires abandoning all we know about history, archaeology, geology, astronomy, and solar physics. This is exactly what has been done.

The answer to this enigma was revealed last week. It is fraud.

Files from the UK Climatic Research Unit were hacked. They show that data was massaged, numbers were fudged, diagrams were biased, there was destruction of data after freedom of information requests, and there was refusal to submit taxpayer-funded data for independent examination.

Data were manipulated to show that the Medieval Warming didn’t occur, and that we are not in a period of cooling. Furthermore, the warming of the 20th century was artificially inflated.

This behavior is that of criminals and all the data from the UK Hadley Centre and the US GISS must now be rejected. These crooks perpetrated these crimes at the expense of the British and U.S. taxpayers.

The same crooks control the IPCC and the fraudulent data in IPCC reports. The same crooks meet in Copenhagen next week and want 0.7% of the Western world’s GDP to pass through an unelected UN government, and then on to sticky fingers in the developing world.

You should be angry. Very angry.
They must be stopped.


Along with the appropriate shock and anger that have flowed from the Climategate revelations, we now have - thanks to the wonderful nature of the internet - a heaping dose of ridicule and scorn directed at those "scientists" who have been pushing the global warming hoax.

Before viewing this hilarious video, it would do you well to know who Michael Mann is.  According to Wikipedia:

"He has attained public prominence as lead author of a number of articles on paleoclimate and as one of the originators of a graph of temperature trends dubbed the 'hockey stick graph' for the shape of the graph. The graph received both praise and criticism after its publication in an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report."

He's also the primary target of contempt in the funniest video I've seen all year:

To think: They almost got away with it.

The Corruption May Be Widespread

Anthony Watts reports that those CRU "scientists" may not have been alone in manipulating climate data in order to achieve a desired result:
Uh, oh – raw data in New Zealand tells a different story than the “official” one.

The New Zealand Government’s chief climate advisory unit NIWA is under fire for allegedly massaging raw climate data to show a global warming trend that wasn’t there.

The scandal breaks as fears grow worldwide that corruption of climate science is not confined to just Britain’s CRU climate research centre.

In New Zealand’s case, the figures published on NIWA’s [the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research] website suggest a strong warming trend in New Zealand over the past century:

But analysis of the raw climate data from the same temperature stations has just turned up a very different result:

Gone is the relentless rising temperature trend, and instead there appears to have been a much smaller growth in warming, consistent with the warming up of the planet after the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850.

Why does NIWA’s graph show strong warming, but graphing their own raw data looks completely different? Their graph shows warming, but the actual temperature readings show none whatsoever!

Have the readings in the official NIWA graph been adjusted?
The short answer is YES.

But the bigger question:  Why are they doing this?

Here's Why It Matters

The New York Times this morning, front page:
Businesses in U.S. Brace for New Rules on Emissions
By Jad Mouawad

The nation’s corporations have long been bracing for the day when they would be required to carry out sharp cuts in the emissions that cause global warming. That day seemed to move a bit closer on Wednesday, when President Obama outlined a national target for such reductions.

Until now, the United States had been the only industrialized economy to shun hard targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The nation has been overtaken by China as the top emitter of carbon dioxide, but Americans are bigger carbon polluters per person than citizens of other countries.

The White House said on Wednesday that the president would present a provisional target at the Copenhagen summit meeting on climate next month to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will be “in the range” of 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020, and 83 percent below by 2050, the White House said. [link]
Earth to Mouawad: You're getting too much of your news from newspapers, man.  The ground has shifted.  The global warming craze has ended.  Those foisting it will soon be in prison. It's one Big Lie.

To everyone else:  See how the news that those global warming studies were all faked makes a huge difference in our lives?  If the planet isn't warming, then those emissions that have "caused it" but didn't become of far lesser importance.  Which means Copenhagen becomes nothing more than a gasbag convention.  And there's no need for that one-world government that Obama and his ilk intend to jam down our throats. And there's no reason to tax-and-regulate us back into the Stone Age.  And there's no reason to stop construction of coal-fired power plants.  And there's no legitimate reason for us to have to endure those god-awful curlicue light bulbs.  And cars with a range of 40 miles.


That's why you can expect the deniers to (a) pretend that the science still favors their cause despite all the mounting evidence and (b) continue to push for taxes and regulation that will stop global warming.

Will they succeed?  Guess we'll soon find out.

Here It Comes

On the lighter side this morning, "One Single Payer System," the musical.

Turn up the volume.  Bend over:

Shouldn't we at least get a kiss first, Barry?