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Monday, December 14, 2009

The More Things Change

Remember when the editorialists at the New York Times were whining about George W. Bush - the cowboy - trying to go it alone in the war on terror?

Well, GW is gone.

And the New York Times is whining about the president going it alone in the war on terror.

Only now it's everyone's fault but the president's.  France.  Germany.  Britain. Climate change ...

Suppose these geniuses read their own stuff from one day to the next?

Ya Think?

This is humorous.  Yet not:
Utah Mom Missing for Week; Clues Are Few
Associated Press

Salt Lake City (AP) -- Utah police plan a second interview with the husband of a woman who went missing a week ago without taking her purse or cell phone.

Susan Powell, 28, the mother of two young children, was reported missing Dec. 6 from a Salt Lake City suburb in a case that police call suspicious. [link]
I wonder what kind of training and professional consideration went into that determination.  A woman went missing from her two small children.  Her purse and cell phone were left behind.  She disappeared a week ago.

And the police consider the circumstances ... suspicious.

Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

I Wonder If Nancy Pelosi Will Call Them Nazis

Somehow I doubt it.  That term she reserved for those Tea Party participants who vocalized (loudly) their opposition to government control of their lives.  These worms were protesting the opposite.  The California government isn't handing them everything for free (any longer).  So they do what commies have traditionally done.  They break things and threaten lives:
8 arrested in vandalism of UC chancellor's home
Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle

Berkeley -- Eight people were in custody Saturday after a crowd of angry protesters broke windows and threw burning torches at UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau's campus residence in protest of fee hikes and budget cuts, authorities said.

As many as 75 people - some of them carrying torches - surrounded the mansion, known as University House, on the north side of campus off Hearst Avenue at about 11:15 p.m. Friday, police said.

The crowd, including a man taken into custody in a university protest a day earlier, chanted, "No justice, no peace," and began smashing planters, windows and lights. Several hurled their torches at the building, said campus spokesman Dan Mogulof. [link]
Interestingly, this was ostensibly a protest of higher university costs being passed on to Berkeley students who couldn't bear the burden.  But  2/3rds of those arrested weren't students.  They were commies doing what commies do. 

As of last report all eight are still in jail.  Hopefully they'll be there for a long, long time.

Hope&Change Comes Up Against Reality

I still can't believe that there are millions of Americans (most of them seemingly working in Washington) who believed Obama when he said he was going to provide everyone with health coverage, that it would be much improved, and that it would cost everyone less.  A person with any kind of smarts would have voted against him just for that.  Because it was an empty promise.  And a cruel one at that.

So now he and all the other geniuses (in Washington) are discovering that the dream was really a belch and the plan was nothing more than the stuff reserved for the nearest commode.

Cold, cold reality has set in:
The 'Cost Control' Bill of Goods
Wall Street Journal

ObamaCare's core promise—better quality care for everyone at lower costs—is being exposed as an illusion as it degenerates into the raw exercise of political power. Naturally, the White House and its media booster club are working furiously to prop up this fiasco, especially on cost control.

A field as dynamic and innovative as U.S. medicine, in which costs are largely driven by new technologies and better ways of caring for patients, is rife with complexities and uncertainties. But no one bothered to strike that note of caution when Washington was hopped up on a cost-control gambit that was too painless to be true.

The new cost-control apologists concede that there isn't any actual plan for controlling costs: Throw enough speculative policies against the wall, they say, and some breakthrough will stick.

No doubt there are efficiencies to be had in health care, and maybe [Obama budget director Peter] Orszag has even identified some of them. But all of his bright ideas could be taken for a whirl without adding trillions of new liabilities to the federal balance sheet. And the bad faith of the White House and its acolytes is breathtaking.

The White House hawked a permanent entitlement expansion on flimsy and speculative theories that its own partisans now admit—albeit when it is nearly too late—aren't more substantive than the triumph of hope over experience, while simultaneously writing off the one policy that has been effective in the real world. The cost control mantra of ObamaCare was always a political bill of goods, and its result will be the opposite of its claims: poorer quality care at higher costs. [link]
Poorer quality care at higher costs.

Poorer quality care at higher costs.


You were warned.

That Sinking Feeling

To think: Obama has, thus far, done nothing to deserve this:

Or has he?

Chart courtesy of Rasmussen.