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Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Waste Of Taxpayer Money

I drove past one of those plug-in hybrid vehicles the other day as I was heading down the highway and thought:  Boy, I hope he's either not going far or he has plug-in capability when he gets to his final destination.

My other thoughts were: What a waste of good money and what a pain in the ass that has to be.

And that's not taking into account its intended purpose:
Plug-in hybrid subsidies are a bad deal for taxpayers
Washington Post editorial

Vice President Biden brought tidings on Wednesday of a new Obama administration push to more than triple an existing $2.4 billion tax credit for the manufacture of advanced energy technologies, including batteries for use in plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.

Yet even as Mr. Biden was making his latest visit to Detroit, new data emerged showing that plug-in hybrids, which promise to run for dozens of miles on battery power before needing help from a gas engine, are anything but the wave of the future.

An Energy Department-funded analysis by the National Research Council, a congressionally chartered body, has concluded that plug-in electric hybrid vehicles probably will not produce significant savings in either greenhouse gas emissions or fuel consumption for at least another two decades -- even with massive government subsidies. The key problem is the high cost of batteries. Mr. Biden's new program is designed to address this challenge, but according to the study, "the potential for dramatic reductions appears limited" because lithium-ion batteries "are already being produced in great numbers and are well along their learning curves."

Therefore, plug-in hybrid vehicles will remain extremely expensive -- the gas savings more than canceled out by their sticker price. They'll probably account for only about 13 million of the 300 million vehicles on the road in the United States by 2030. Not until 2047 is it probable that the fuel savings of the entire fleet of plug-in hybrids would balance out the subsidies necessary to make them cost-competitive with conventional vehicles. And the government will have to spend $303 billion to get to that point. [link] [emphasis mine]

Couldn't we just buy every taxpayer an environmentally friendly helicopter?

The world has truly gone mad.

Look To The Neo-Nazis ...

... for suspects.

Sign at Auschwitz Memorial Is Stolen
By Judy Dempsey, New York Times

Berlin — Polish police said Friday that the iron sign over the gate to the Auschwitz memorial with the infamous phrase “arbeit macht frei” — “work sets you free” — has been stolen.

Katarzyna Padlo, a police spokeswoman, said the police believe it was stolen between 3:30 a.m. and 5 a.m. Friday.

The sign was erected soon after Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi extermination camp, was built in May 1940 and more than a million people died during the four-and-a-half years of Auschwitz’s existence. The victims were mainly Jewish men, women and children but included Polish political prisoners, Soviet prisoners of war, Roma families, homosexuals, people with disabilities and prisoners of conscience. [link]
This is one of the most famous signs to have ever been erected:

It's also the last gate that tens of thousands of human beings ever walked through.

You can just bet who stole this invaluable piece of history.

- - -

Not meaning to take away from the story or to get too technical, but for the sake of accuracy, there's a distinction that should be made.  The Times reporter above refers to the complex as "Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi extermination camp, ... built in May 1940."  In fact the entrance gate in the photo above led into the Auschwitz concentration camp (as opposed to it being an "extermination camp"), which was indeed constructed beginning that year.  People sometimes refer to it as being Auschwitz I.  Birkenau, or Auschwitz II, was constructed nearby beginning October, 1941.  It was, in fact, an extermination camp in all its horror.  Both the Nazis and modern-day historians recognized the distinction.

For more information on that distinction and on the history of Auschwitz-Birkenau, go here.

Putting Lipstick On a Pig

The really smart editorialists at the New York Times want you to believe that Gitmo is a bad, bad place.  Because inmates there - Muslim terrorists all - are being held "extra-legally," and because our reputation has been harmed by its presence.

So they applaud Obama's decision to move the Islamist swine to Gitmo II in Illinois, where most of the inmates will still be held "extra-legally" but our reputation will have, in the eyes of the world of the world's other murderers and thugs, improved.

Pay close attention:
Guantánamo Must Be Closed

The White House defied all the chest pounding and announced this week that the federal government would acquire a maximum-security prison in Illinois and use part of it to house inmates from the Guantánamo Bay detention camp. Moving the prisoners is an indispensable step toward closing an extra-legal offshore lockup that has stained this nation’s reputation and become a recruitment tool for terrorists.

There are about 210 inmates in Guantánamo. The administration has said it plans to prosecute 40 in civilian or military courts, including 5 who will be tried in federal court in New York. Some of the others should be tried. Some, perhaps, once posed a threat but no longer do so and should go to other countries under supervision. Some should go free. [link] [emphasis mine]
Got that?

Bush was bad because he held 210 terrorists "extra-legally."

Obama is good because he's going to hold 170 (or so) terrorists extra-legally - or without trial.

And all will be love.

Get the impression that it's still all about Bush?

When are they going to give it up?

'Lies, fibs, fabrications and exaggerations'

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, spoke in Copehagen yesterday.  And Lord Monckton was there.  And reports.

Read about all the "lies, fibs, fabrications and exaggerations" in Pachauri's speech here.
Would he use the bogus graph in his lecture? I had seen him do so when he received an honorary doctorate from the University of New South Wales. I watched and waited.

Sure enough, he used the bogus graph.
Obama is at Comedy Central (otherwise known as the Copenhagen climate change conference) right now (6:45am eastern) making his speech.  He'll no doubt cite over the next several minutes many of the same lies, fibs, fabrications and exaggerations in support of the myth that the planet is warming and that humans are causing it to do so.

Will they ever be held to account for their deceit?

The frightening answer is: Maybe not.

What a Spectacle!

This is better entertainment than a scantily-clad Swedish Bikini Team mud wrestling contest:
The Crackup In Copenhagen
By Myron Ebell, writing in FOXNews.com

The eagerly anticipated arrival of President Obama and over one hundred other heads of state in Copenhagen for a photo op at the U.N. climate change aka global warming conference has buried the really big story here. No, it's not the fact that no agreement will be reached on a new international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. -- That outcome was foreseen months ago.

The big news is that the grand alliance pushing global warming alarmism and energy-rationing policies has started to break apart here in a spectacular way. The official United Nations global warming bureaucracy has thrown out the twenty to thirty thousand environmentalists who traveled to Copenhagen to attend the meeting as officially-accredited delegates of non-governmental organizations (or NGOs). The environmentalists are extremely angry and have every justification for being angry.

This is potentially momentous because the two wings of alarmism are totally dependent on one another.

The real news is that there is now a tremendous amount of animosity and distrust between the U.N. establishment and the environmental establishment. They know that they need each other, which is why the mainstream environmental NGOs have not made a stink and why the establishment press hasn't made it a front page story. But the fissure arising out of the U.N.'s incompetence is going to take a long time to heal and could easily grow much wider.

That is the very good news coming out of Hopenchangen. [link]
You're probably wondering what humankind will do if the delegates to the "Hopenchangen"  conference fail in their mission.  Well, you'll have to go elsewhere to amuse yourself, that's for sure.

But you may be able to hang on to the grandkids' college fund a bit longer as well.  Till Obama comes knockin' and seizes it to pay for "jobs"  anyway.

Personally, I'd rather lose it to the climate scaremongers.  Like the Swedish Bikini Team, they're more fun to watch and provide greater entertainment.

Friends & Enemies

For the forsaken people in the coalfields, there are fewer and fewer of the former in Washington and far too many of the latter.  Because to get along in the Magic Kingdom, one has to be down on coal and up on the environment, whatever that may mean at the moment. 

To show how far removed politicians in Washington are from their constituents back home (one of many, many examples) when it comes to their everyday lives, we can find no better example than this:
Byrd's coal comments rock W.Va.
By Alex Isenstadt, Politico

An extraordinary recent statement by Sen. Robert Byrd has stunned his coal-dependent home state and left West Virginia politicians and business leaders scrambling to understand the timing and motivation behind his unexpected discourse on the future of the coal industry.

In an early December op-ed piece released by his office — also recorded on audio by the frail 92-year-old senator — Byrd argued that resistance to constraints on mountaintop-removal coal mining and a failure to acknowledge that “the truth is that some form of climate legislation will likely become public policy” represent the real threat to the future of coal.

“Change has been a constant throughout the history of our coal industry,” Byrd said in the 1,161-word statement. “West Virginians can choose to anticipate change and adapt to it or resist and be overrun by it. One thing is clear: The time has arrived for the people of the Mountain State to think long and hard about which course they want to choose.” [link]
To Robert Byrd, the environmentalists in Washington are more important than are those back home who depend on him for protection.

I don't blame this entirely on the doddering old fool.  I blame those voters in West Virginia who reelected the life-long Democrat despite a lifetime of evidence that he was a true-blue Democrat.  This is just another example of who the Dems are and what they do.  And those voters knew it all along.

They'll tell you they are very proud of their senior senator.  Fine.  Now they have to live with him.