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Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's About As Bad As I've Ever Seen It

Update 6:39pm:  I've added a few photos from today's events.  The first one is of my tractor:

When I bury them, I bury them. 

Fortunately, I have a neighbor with an even bigger tractor.  And a chain.

Oh, and just after this happened, our electricity went out.

What a fun day.

By the way, want to know the best way to measure snowfall?

Collect it on a tabletop!

Yup.  18".

- - -

We've gotten about a foot and a half of snow thus far here in Bland.  So we're pretty much stranded until further notice.  But we prepared and will be fine.

Chaos ensued elsewhere though.

I was driving down I-77 last night and the mess was about as bad as I've ever seen (and I drove Michigan roads for years).  The worst was in southern West Virginia where cars were off the highway by the dozens and trucks were jackknifed up and down the stretch from Princeton to the state line.

And not a plow in sight the whole journey.

I felt sorry for all those stranded motorists.

My SUV (all wheel drive) is now buried in snow at the bottom of my drive way after failing to make the climb when I got home.  I'll go to work plowing it out this morning.  Wish me luck.

- - -

I got a call from my boss this morning.  He's been stranded on I-77 (the West Virginia Turnpike) south of Beckley since early yesterday evening.  15 hours?  He tells me there are hundreds of people there with him on a stretch of highway where there are no exits, no restaurants, no hotels, no refuge.

Will the national guard be called in before people start dying?

On The Copenhagen Deal

When the dust snow clears I think most rational people will agree that the many days those 30,000 participants to the climate change conference in Copenhagen wasted could have been better spent simply making copies of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol and distributing them to an eager and fawning press.

As much would have been accomplished, wondrous success would still be trumpeted, and a pile of hot air  would be saved.

Funny. And Yet Not.

Don't think for a minute that, had he the power, he wouldn't imprison all of us for thinking he's a freakin' moron:
Grayson threatens to imprison critic
By Josh Kraushaar, Politico

File this story under the pot calling the kettle black.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), prone for throwing his own political bombs at Republicans, has threatened a local critic with five years in jail for creating the website “mycongressmanisnuts.com,”

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Grayson wrote a letter this week to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that the federal government imprison Republican activist Angie Langley for five years because of her website criticizing him.

The website, designed to raise money against Grayson, catalogues videos and news clippings that portray the provocative congressman in an unfavorable light. It courts donors to donate money to help elect his Republican challenger next year – collecting $3,725 to date. [link]
I can just picture Holder rolling his eyes when Grayson demanded that a blogger be imprisoned.

You want me to what?   Uh, yeah, Big Al, we'll, uh, look into that.

(phone muffled) Susie, from now on I'm not here when this nitwit calls.

It's kinda funny. Yet his kind now rule the country. Frightening ... funny.

Sweet Irony

Of course, the significance will be lost on the twit:

Key word being lost.

They're Not On Your Side

Democrats have their narrow constituency.  And if your children get in the way of their well-being, God help them.

Case in point:
'Duplicitous and Shameful'
Wall Street Journal editorial

The waiting is finally over for some of the District of Columbia's most ambitious school children and their parents. Democrats in Congress voted to kill the District's Opportunity Scholarship Program, which provides 1,700 disadvantaged kids with vouchers worth up to $7,500 per year to attend a private school.

On Sunday the Senate approved a spending bill that phases out funding for the five-year-old program. Several prominent Senators this week sent a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid pleading for a reconsideration. Signed by Independent-Democrat Joe Lieberman, Democrats Robert Byrd and Dianne Feinstein, and Republicans Susan Collins and John Ensign, it asked to save a program that has "provided a lifeline to many low-income students in the District of Columbia." President Obama signed the bill Thursday.

The program's popularity has generated long waiting lists. A federal evaluation earlier this year said the mostly black and Hispanic participants are making significant academic gains and narrowing the achievement gap. But for the teachers unions, this just can't happen. The National Education Association instructed Democratic lawmakers to kill it. [link]
One really can't blame the teachers union for this.  After all, its only priority is the welfare of its membership, even if it means poor black schoolchildren get dumped on.

No, blame is reserved for those craven, shameful Democrats who let the union have its way, resulting in the permanent doom of thousands of poor D.C. children, children forced back into that god-awful public school system (the one that no Democrat will send his or her kids to).

Shameful.  Absolutely shameful.

Want To Make Matters Worse?

We are at a point in time when tax increases would crush any opportunity for a turnaround in the Obama economy here in Virginia.  Yet Tim Kaine - Democrat - suggests just that - a massive tax increase - in the budget proposal he just sent to the legislature.

He's leaving soon, right?

Here's Lt. Governor Bill Bolling's response (from a press release) that I think is spot on:
“In his budget the Governor has proposed spending reductions in almost every agency of state government. I know that these were not easy decisions to make, but in tough economic times the state must do what families and businesses have had to do, set spending priorities and make certain that we are not spending more money than we are taking in."

“Unfortunately, in addition to these spending reductions the Governor's budget also includes well over $1B a year in higher taxes on Virginia's families and businesses. This is the wrong approach. Families and businesses are already overburdened and they cannot afford to pay higher taxes."

“In last month’s elections, Virginia voters made clear that they do not support higher taxes. Governor-elect McDonnell and I have made clear that we do not support higher taxes. The House of Delegates has made clear that they do not support higher taxes. In fact, I seriously question whether or not the Governor can get the 21 Democrats in the State Senate to support higher taxes in these challenging economic times."

“By including these significant tax increases in his budget, the Governor has presented an unrealistic and politically unachievable budget that will not be supported by the General Assembly or the people of Virginia. I encourage the General Assembly to look for ways to remove these tax increases from the budget and make certain that the budget is balanced through additional spending reductions, not higher taxes.”

“We look forward to working with Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly to craft an acceptable budget that keeps faith with the people of Virginia and reflects the fiscal realities that confront not only state government, but families and businesses as well.”
Democrats never seem to take into account who it is that suffers when taxes are increased.  All they seem to care about is the preservation of the monolith - the government they hold dear.

e care for family first. And Virginia families are hurting. A situation Kaine and his bunch don't care at all about.

Here's to Bill Bolling and his victorious Virginia Republican Party. Long may they reign.