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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Giving Definition

What do you call a self-proclaimed foe of abortion who is willing to forego his strongly held belief in exchange for cash?

A Democrat.

Why Are They Doing This Again?

On ObamaCare (version 3.2), here's Bill Kristol (in "CBO: Real 10-Year Cost of Senate Bill Still $2.5 Trillion"):
With Obamacare, you get the good, the bad, and the ugly -- except for the first part.

The Congressional Budget Office's score is in for the final Senate health bill, and it's amazing how little Americans would get for so much.

In those real first 10 years (2014 to 2023), Americans would have to pay over $1 trillion in additional taxes, over $1 trillion would be siphoned out of Medicare (over $200 billion out of Medicare Advantage alone) and spent on Obamacare, and deficits would rise by over $200 billion. They would rise, that is, unless Congress follows through on the bill's pledge to cut doctors' payments under Medicare by 21 percent next year and never raise them back up -- which would reduce doctors' enthusiasm for seeing Medicare patients dramatically.

And what would Americans get in return for this staggering sum? Well, the CBO says that health care premiums would rise, and the Chief Actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says that the percentage of the Gross Domestic Product spent on health care would rise from 17 percent today to 21 percent by the end of 2019. Nationwide health care costs would be $234 billion higher than under current law. How's that for "reform"?
Any more "reform" and our health care system will be completely ruined and the American people will be utterly bankrupted.  Reform?  Please kiss me first.

Who put these nitwits in charge? That's what I want to know.

Quotes of the Day

From Club for Growth President Chris Chocola:
"Like most Americans, I feared President Obama went to Copenhagen to sign a binding, job-killing, economic suicide pact.

“I am greatly relieved that the last-minute agreement President Obama negotiated is being widely described as ‘meaningful.’  When politicians call something ‘meaningful,’ that means it isn’t.

“Without even reading the accord, pro-growth, limited government conservatives today can celebrate the word, ‘meaningful.’  Today that adjective probably saved thirty million jobs.” [link]
I'd like to celebrate.  But then I remember that this farce that took place in Copenhagen cost millions.  And then I'm not quite in the mood.

Still ...

- - -

From Andrew Bolt:

"Nothing is real in Copenhagen – not the temperature record, not the predictions, not the agenda, not the 'solution'."

Copenhagen, land of illusion.


The king is dead!  Long live the king!

It never made sense until someone explained it to me.

Well, Copenhagen is dead!  Long live Copenhagen!

Yeah, the mind-bogglingly wasteful and meaningless climate conference is ending.

Only to resume in June in Bonn.

And in Mexico City in November.

The conference goes on ... and on ... and on ... and ...

Suppose all 45,000 attendees charter the same airline?   Get group rates on hotels?  Offer its members a retirement package?  Inbreed?

This is beyond parody.

Headline of the Day

On the just-ended climate wealth redistribution conference in Copenhagen:

Even though millions of precious dollars were blown on this silly get-together, I can't tell you how happy I am at its outcome.

God - the Father of the Heavens and the Earth - is good.

It's Come To This

Suppose they realize they've become the objects of ridicule?

For the love of God.

The Most Ethical Congress Ever

Nancy Pelosi, with the wave of her magic wand, decrees it so:
House Ethics Office Ends Probe of Murtha, 2 Others
By Brody Mullins, Wall Street Journal

A key House investigating body has dropped its probe of Rep. John Murtha (D., Pa.) and two other members of the House’s defense-spending committee, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Office of Congressional Ethics has informed aides to Murtha as well as Reps. Norm Dicks (D., Wash.) and Jim Moran (D., Va.) that it is no longer looking into allegations that they traded government funding earmarks for campaign donations.

Dicks was told that the body “found no basis for further action and the matter was closed,” Behan said. [link]
Little did anyone realize, when Pelosi made the vow, "This leadership team will create the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history," that she'd simply redefine the term "ethical" to include acts of bribery, tax evasion, receiving kickbacks, and conspiracy.

Why didn't the Republicans think of that?

Murtha's behavior is ethical.  What a joke.

Doofus In Chief?

A lot of people are wondering: What was he thinking?
Obama does it again
New York Post editorial

President Obama reportedly was re luctant to attend the final day of the UN's Copenhagen climate-change summit unless it was front-end wired to be a major political success.

But he went anyway, was twice humiliated in public by the Chinese premier and then finally settled for what the White House hailed as a "meaningful agreement."

Really? A top aide admitted that the deal was basically just "an important first step" that was "not sufficient to combat the threat of climate change."

Then Obama himself dropped the other shoe: The agreement contains no specific commitments on carbon emissions, only pledges that "will not be legally binding."

So what the hell was the point? [link]
Maybe he is still in community organizer mode.

Maybe he just wanted to hang with the bruthas.

Or maybe he isn't as captivating and imposing a personality as Oprah tells him he is.

In any case, our president has opened himself up to global scorn.  Sigh. Again.