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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obama Brings 'Change' To the White House

Beyond words.  Obama has the likeness of a communist who killed 70 million human beings adorning the people's Christmas tree.

For the love of God.  When will this nightmare end?

A 'True Believer' Becomes a Believer

This from a reporter who was, not long ago, in the tank for Al Gore:
From Global Warming Believer To Skeptic
By Bradley Fikes, North County Times

A few years ago, I accepted global warming theory with few doubts. I wrote several columns for this paper condemning what I thought were unfair attacks by skeptics and defending the climate scientists.

Boy, was I naive.

Since the Climategate emails and documents revealed active collusion to thwart skeptics and even outright fraud, I’ve been trying to correct the record of my earlier foolishness.

My mistake was assuming only the purest of motives of the global warming alarmists, while assuming the worst of the skeptics. In fact, the soi-disant moralists of the global warming movement can also exploit their agenda for profit.

Climategate jolted me into confronting the massive fraud and deception by top global warming scientists, who were in a position to twist the peer-review process in their favor, and did so shamelessly. [link]
Fikes goes on to point out that others in his profession have intentionally (he uses the word "desperately") tried to ignore the Climategate scandal.

But honest, rational people can't ignore it.  It goes to the heart of "climate science," making it circumspect and removing from it all vestiges of objectivity, openness, and fairness.

Climate science has proven itself - with the release of these damning emails - to be nothing more than junk science.

When you can't tell the difference between Miss Cleo and a Harvard PhD, there is a big, big problem.

Look On The Bright Side

Obamacare has its pluses:

To laugh.  To cry.

Opposed To Abortion?


You're going to be paying for it anyway.

And if you refuse?

You will be imprisoned.

In the United States of America. 

Like a Bullet

Is it even possible that Barack Obama has disappointed so many people so quickly?

Apparently so.  Rasmussen reports:

So many broken promises.  So many dreams became nightmares.  And he has three years to make matters worse.

- - -

Gateway Pundit puts Obama's popularity - or lack thereof - into perspective:
At the end of his second term President George W. Bush had a 43% disapproval rating. [Mr. Hope&Change now stands at 46% disapproval]

In less than one year Barack Obama managed to pi$$ off more people than George W. Bush.

Nice work, Barack.
To think, except for a massive jump in tobacco taxes, we haven't even seen that big across-the-board tax increase yet.  But it's coming.  It's coming.

Expect Obama's disapproval numbers, at that point, to be right up there with Osama's.

Bluff Called

Remember when candidate Obama blamed Iran's militancy on George W. Bush?

Remember all the tough talk back then from the man whose previous experience in global politics came from his checking out National Geographic at the Chicago Public Library?

Remember that line drawn in the sand? If Iran doesn't come around by December, we're going to have to get tough.  Nasty tough.  George Bush tough.

It's December.
Ahmadinejad dismisses US deadline for nuclear deal
By Nasser Karimi, AP

Tehran, Iran (AP) - Iran's president on Tuesday dismissed a year-end deadline set by the Obama administration and the West for Tehran to accept a U.N.-drafted deal to swap enriched uranium for nuclear fuel. The United States warned Iran to take the deadline seriously.

President Barack Obama has set a rough deadline of the end of this year for Iran to respond to an offer of dialogue on the nuclear issue. Washington and its allies are warning of new, tougher sanctions on Iran if it doesn't respond. [link]
The man is laughing at you, Barry.  And at your tough talk.  What now?

If your efforts to block sanctions against Iran are any indication, your plan is to send out some more tough talk and nothing more.

Here's my prediction: Expect a June deadline for Iran to come around.  Or baaaaad things are going to happen.

Ahmadinejad must be shaking in his boots.

- - -

Ed Morrissey:

It's come to this.

More Guns, Less Crime

There are now some 270 million guns in the hands of private citizens in this country.  That's an average - nearly - of one per man, woman, and child.  Everyone is armed.  Now even the good guys.

And it shows.  Crime was down dramatically again last year:

 Newspaper editorialists are too stupid to make the connection between gun ownership and crime reduction, but the facts tell the story.  As gun purchases have skyrocketed - and the easing of gun restrictions has taken place across the country - crime has fallen precipitately.

From the FBI:
For the third year in a row, our Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report shows that violent crime, property crime, and arson have decreased. The latest report compares January-June 2009 figures with the same time period in 2008.

Crimes reported to our Uniform Crime Program are down collectively: violent crime overall decreased 4.4 percent, property crime is down 6.1 percent, and arson fell 8.2 percent.
Here's to the Second Amendment!   It's the one sure thing that keeps the wolves from the door.

Graphic courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Angry Voters, Disinterested Politicians

Why "the mob" has taken to the streets, by Wendi Lynn G:
I, like many, have had those heart-pounding dreams where I'm battling evil. When trying to cry out, I cannot utter a sound. I try to get away, but my legs won't move. At the height of fear, I wake up, relieved that it was only a dream. I wake up every day realizing that the America in which I am currently living is this nightmare, and I wish it were only a bad dream.

Yes, yes, call us names like "astroturfer," "teabagger," and "angry mob." Such is the motif of our accusers in government who seem to think that we're angry because "our party" isn't in power, all the while neglecting the log within their own eyes that blocks their view of the truth. This hypocrisy and ignorance exemplify the reality behind why we're angry.

From day one of Obama's presidency, the dismantling commenced. We have continued to call and write to our elected officials. "We don't want the bailouts, spending, cap-and-trade, ObamaCare," etc. On April 15, 2009, I joined thousands across the country in attending our first protest. We wanted to be heard by our representatives. We believed that in addition to reading letters and fielding calls -- if they even did that -- perhaps our visibility would finally capture their attention. Then, at a town hall, the president un-presidentially and mockingly dismissed us, saying we were "waving tea bags around" like we're just a joke! As our disapproval and disagreement with the Obama agenda has grown ever louder, we have essentially asked, "can you hear us now?!" And the answer has been further dismissal, lack of acknowledgment, and blatant media attacks ...

We're trying in every way legally and officially possible to make clear that we don't want the radical meal we're being forced to eat. We fervently do not want to "fundamentally transform" America. But there is such a huge disconnect from our world to our representatives'. It's as if we are ghosts whom they can't see or hear! When someone refuses to listen, going so far as to ignore you, don't you shout louder? Doesn't it anger you? When you're attacked and belittled because you have to shout to be heard and you're still ignored, doesn't that infuriate you? These people miss that we passionately don't want what they want. The more they refuse to hear us, the more we try to make them. We are not going away.
Liberals from the northeast and from California, having "transformed" their own corners of this once great country into the cesspools they've become, are now trying to do to the USA what they have done to New York and New Jersey - and California.  Does it surprise anyone that Americans who love their country are alarmed - and angered - by such a prospect?

Yet Obama and his liberal ilk pound away.  And send this nation hurtling toward the abyss.

Wendi Lynn G says "We are not going away."  Let's hope she and patriots like her never lose heart.

Or we're truly doomed to the fate that Obama has in store for us.

Can Boucher Be Far Behind?

This comes as a surprise, and yet shouldn't:
A Democrat Defects
Wall Street Journal editorial

News from the Obama re-alignment watch: Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith announced yesterday that he plans to switch parties and become a Republican. At a press conference, the oncologist-turned-politician said he could not continue to align himself with a Democratic Party pushing a health-care bill that is "bad for our doctors . . . bad for our patients, and . . . bad for the young men and women who are considering going into the health-care field."

Our own view is that Mr. Griffith is the first Blue Dog casualty of this year's hard-left Democratic policy turn, but he decided to switch rather than fight next year. Many other Blue Dogs who voted for the stimulus, cap and tax, and health care are likely to experience a different kind of exit from the majority. [link]
Griffith's district went overwhelmingly for John McCain in 2008.  He denies the fact that that had anything to do with his decision to switch parties.  That may be, but in any case, the move can only help his chances for reelection.

Other southern Democrats are looking at similar demographic shifts and political realignments.  Like Congressman Rick Boucher of Virginia's 9th District.  Each election year the 9th (which has always been made up of of conservative voters) goes ever more Republican and Boucher knows that he is soon to be the odd man out.

Couple the shifting political winds with the fact that he really has no particular political ideology (he's big on guns and on abortion, coal and the environment, big government and unions; it's no accident - the NRA, the AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, and NARAL, along with AARP, have the big bucks and don't hesitate to shower him with it), and you can see him switching parties too.

Because Boucher's primary driving force is to get reelected.

Southwest Virginia has gone Republican.  So goes Rick Boucher?