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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boucher To Be Challenged

Griffith officially running for Congress?
By Julian Walker, Virginian Pilot

It sure sounds like it from the tone of a statement House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith's office released Tuesday featuring testimonials from fellow legislators about his apparent congressional candidacy.

Our Roanoke Times colleague Mike Sluss last weekend reported that Griffith, R-Salem, is lining up support to challenge incumbent U.S. Rep Rick Boucher in the 9th Congressional District.

Not surprisingly, some of the support announced today comes from Griffith's colleagues in the House of Delegates.

And though Griffith clearly is positioning himself to run this November, he appears to be hedging his bets ever so slightly in the release which refers to his "possible candidacy." [link]
There won't come a better time for it.  Boucher is wounded (see cap-and-trade; see Obama agenda).  It will be a tough slog, but it is doable.

A helpful suggestion to Mr. Griffith: When you announce your candidacy, Boucher is going to welcome you to the arena and announce his intention to make it a clean and friendly campaign.  Bullshit.  Go for the jugular.  The electorate is unnerved by what's going on in this country.  Playing this as a fraternity competition will get you nowhere.  Bring thunder.  Throw hand grenades.  Or lose.