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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You're All a Bunch Of Racists

So says your congressman. And a clueless Washington Post reporter.

I get so tired of this.

From "Va. Democrat from Appalachia hopes to quell anger among voters," reporter Amy Gardner sees wickedly nefarious attitudes lurking behind every criticism that might come Barack Obama's way from voters down here in hilljack country. Regarding Rick Boucher's fading chances for reelection, she writes:

"Race is also a factor. Sometimes it's subtle, such as when Obama is described as un-Christian or un-American. Other times, slurs directed at Obama are part of the normal conversation."

I defy anyone, including this pinhead, to make a connection - "subtle" or otherwise - between Obama's skin color and criticism of him for being "un-Christian or un-American." Heck, nearly everyone here in Southwest Virginia considers every Washington Democrat to be un-Christian and un-American. Even the white ones. How is that racist, you ditze?

Then there's Boucher. He agrees with the Washington reporter:
Race adds another challenge for Boucher, who enthusiastically endorsed Obama early in the 2008 Democratic primary. In a year when defining himself apart from Washington is crucial to his survival, Boucher has chosen to align himself with a president whom some of his constituents will never support.

"Candidly, yes, I think some people are motivated by these more traditional attitudes," Boucher said. "It's unfortunate, but it's a fact."
"Candidly, yes, I think some people are motivated by these more traditional attitudes.  It's unfortunate, but it's a fact."

Candidly, yes, Boucher thinks some of you are  racists.  

That's your elected representative talking about you. You the people who have kept him in his marvelously swanky gig up in D.C. all these years.

Boucher's been living in Washington way too long.  He's now one of them.  It's high time he packed it in and left us - racists - alone.

For the love of god, do these people even have a clue?