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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Quickly They Change Their Tune

The Roanoke Times editorial page on Sunday:

"Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, who claims his office was shot at this week, nonsensically blames Democrats for "dangerously fanning the flames" by raising concerns about violent incidents and threats.

"No. It is Republicans who have been dangerously fanning the flames ..

Three days later, after it was revealed that Rep. Eric Cantor's life had been threatened by a moron with a video camera and a link to YouTube, that same Roanoke Times has this to say this morning:

"Disagreement and even hostility come with being an elected official, especially a high-profile one like Cantor, who is the House Republican whip. Nevertheless, there are limits to what is appropriate even in a nation that prizes free speech. Death threats cross that line."

Where that line was, just days ago, drawn at the GOP's doorstep, today it becomes more expansive to include nutcases of all stripes.

This requires an answer to the question: Where were you guys on Sunday? Sniffing each other's armpits?  Heads buried in Daily Kos?  Distracted by the latest musings coming from "The View"?  "Days of Our Lives?"

This takes self-discipline, fellas.  And rational, persistent, consistent thought.

Bouncing off the walls like you do is so unbecoming.